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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -AdamantiumDragon-, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. Hello everyone... :)

    I am presenting you today seven P.E.T Desingns.

    These desingn's include 3 basic desingns,

    2 Buffering desingn's (Witch is completely new kind of design in Dark Orbit),

    1 Special Buffering design's.

    and 2 special design's.

    Before I start, there is little detail, witch I think makes it easier and, faster to implement this idea.

    -Your P.E.T must reach lvl 15 and, then pet can have design slot.
    -To open slot you have to purchase it with 50.000 U

    (This means, that Designs will be items, like drone designs)

    (Appearance's may change in time. See images.)

    (Available always)

    (These are probably already suggested in some point, but with slight difference)

    First basic design: KERBEROS

    Grant's +10% to pet's laser damage

    Colour: B
    lack and MMO Colors.

    Second basic design: ORTHOS

    Grant's +20% to pet's shields

    Colour: B
    lack and EIC Colors.

    Third basic design: KHIMAIRA

    Grant's +15% to pets current hitpoints

    Color: B
    lack and VRU Colors.

    NOTE: (Kerberos Orthos and Khimaira are beast brothers from greece mythology.)
    Images at post #37

    Price: 150.000U
    (Limited time item, or obtained from portal BP.decides.)

    NOTE: (These designs have special ability to grant their owner's ship atributes slight increase, when pet has been active atleast 30 second's. If pet is shutted down or destroyed, bffer starts to cool down (60 second's) If you activate pet before that time goes to zero, pet can maintain buffering.)

    First buffering design: DEVIL
    (Limited time item. Available during Halloween, if BP. agrees with this point in time.)
    Grant's +6% damage to owner after download time (30 Sec.)

    Grant's also to pet's lasers 12% boost.

    Appearance: Black, with Red burning "cracks" on its hull. (Masculin shaping.)
    and, red glow around it when buffer is on.

    Image at post #47

    NOTE: (6 because of "666" Hell's number)

    Second buffering design: ANGEL
    (Limited time. Available during Cristmas, if BP. agrees with this poin in time.)
    Grant's +7% boost to owner's shield,s and, hitpoint,s after download time. (30 Sec.)

    Grants also Pet's shields +14%

    Appearance: White, With golden frames around its wings and soft lines drawed on its hull. (Femine shaping.) and, light blue glow around it when buffer is on.

    Image at post #68 & #74

    NOTE: (7 bacause of "seven heavens" Heaven's number)

    Special buffering design's
    Price: 200.000U

    Golden P.E.T
    (Limited time design. Available during Easter, if BP. agrees with this poin in time.)
    Grants 3% bonus to owner Expoints & Honor after download time. (30 Sec.)

    Grants also +6% Expoints & Honor for each of normal buffering designs owned (Total of +9% Exp. & Hon.)

    Grants also +15% laser damage to Pet against alien's.

    Image at post #62

    Price: 125.000U
    (Limited time design's.)

    First special design: The nurse
    Grants +10% to all pet's repairing abilities and +25%faster repair. (Only pet)

    Grants pet also with +10% to its current hitpoint's.

    Appearance: White like with red stripe's and, red + mark's on its wing's.

    Second special design: The terrorist
    Grants Kamikaze with +10% damageboost (Now it hit's 82.500 dmg.)
    Decrease's Kami's cooldown 10% Grant's also pet with + 5% laser damage boost.

    Appearance: Metal grey and it has little bombs tied on it's hull and little red wires all around it.

    + Good things: (Pilots can personalize their pets.) :cool:
    + New and interesting abilities to pet, that can change result of battle.

    - Bad things: (You lose some Uridium there.) :eek:

    Thats about all... if i missed something, please give me feedback of it.

    I hope you like it. ;)
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  2. These are some amazing ideas but the prices may be a bit high but there are 100% great ideas iv been waiting for some one to make pet designs.
  3. Blah

    Blah User

    nice designs :) like sasuke said some might be a little overpriced. Will look forward to getting one if pet designs come out.
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  4. I have lowered the prices.

    I think it's little bit better now? :)

    Basic from 100K to 75K
    Buffering from 200K to 150K

    Special from 150K to 125K

    Thank's for your feed back, and likes. ;)
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2014
  5. More stuff to spend uridium on...but I did like the terrorist.
  6. Blah

    Blah User

    love the terrorist too :)
  7. CURVY

    CURVY User

    love the terrorist
  8. Good thing theres the terrorist design so we can kami sk with 1 hit only lol
  9. Nice i must say if the support let us get them i got to have the terrorist.
    but very nice ide. I see many ideas in forum but not many are that well explained and made so tumbs up from here. ;)
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  10. I like them, and out of those 3 beasts i heard of the first 2, never the 3rd :p
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  11. This is a great idea :D

    A bit expensive even still after you lowered it.

    50k uri just for the slot on PET ..plus plus

    I really like this idea can't wait to get them all ;)

    Peace :cool:
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  12. Definitely like the idea. +1 :) BP check this thread out.
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  13. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Very beautiful idea , but im sorry i cant agree with new DMGs or SHs boosters to owner , i dont like ufes which will shoot 20k more or will be more tougher


  14. First buffering design: DEVIL
    Grant's +6% damage to owner after download time (30 Sec.)

    Grant's also to pet's lasers 12% boost.

    Appearance: Black, with Red burning "cracks" on its hull. (Masculin shaping.)
    and, red glow around it when buffer is on.

    SauronL , is 6% extra damage really worth it? I don't think that will make a lot of difference on damage's.
  15. SauronL

    SauronL User

    if somebody shooting 80k x4 ---> 80k + 6% = around 85k
    about this damage to owner - no for me and 12% for 10k shooting pet is additional 1,4k

  16. That gave me very much trouble when i was thinking, what kind of bonus should i give to this design. I actually lost one night, because i couldn't sleep, when i thought this out.

    I first thought 10% to owner would be good, but soon i saw, that it's too much.

    6% is actually second lowest bonus i was considering.

    To make it harder to use, i invented to buffering designs download time and cool down time.
    But i am still wondering if cool down is too long?

    I designed also Angel, because, i wanted to stabilize Devil buffer with something.

    But i understand, if you think its too much, to me its just something very insignificant, but somewhat useful.

    Thanks to all for your feedback so far. :)

    I also modified The terrorist's laser damage boost from 10% to 5%, because i noticed small imbalance there between other designs.

    I hope you don't mind about that ?
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2014
  17. Nope, I don't mind :)
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  18. Jack

    Jack User

    Totally pointless and stupid additions. I wouldnt spend 100 uridium for any of them.

    The more useful thing to invent would be a design/module available on level 15 that would convert xenomite (or seprom) into PET fuel when equipped, but like I've said: no imagination :(
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  19. I see it like this : (You are angry, because i told your idea is bad.)

    And you are telling me that i don't have imagination...
    I just took something old and added to it something new... that's called imagination.

    And what it would help if you could add xenomit or seprom in to pet?
    To make it faster? It already has the 150% speed of the ship you are using.
    Its plently of speed.

    Or perhaps for saving fuel?
    We already have protocols for that.

  20. Whoa, big issue there. We can all see you don't like the idea. I've got a level 15 pet with 5 gears and 8 protocols. I have no issues with keeping pet fuel, nor do I have a problem with this idea. I don't see what your problem is, but you've shared your opinion so why don't you move on?
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