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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by -AdamantiumDragon-, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. Jack

    Jack User

    problem? you see a friendly debate as a problem??

    lol, thats the whole point of having a forum, to exchange ideas, debate and compare them :)

    if you're not up to a small mind-exercise, perhaps you should move on? ;)
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  2. I do what I want :p I see arguing as a problem. You can sugarcoat it as a "debate" but it is what it is. What I saw back there was you raging against a perfectly good idea.
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  3. Jack

    Jack User

    I also do what I want, ;)

    and there's nothing you can do to stop me :D

    but you and dragon both helped in a way, because I confirmed what I long suspected - the idea (good or bad) really doesn't matter, it matters WHO posted it (and I can prove it in many cases)

    besides, I really dislike any new PET additions because it only means spending like half million uridium more, just to keep up and stay on top, because thats what it is with all small-bonus-high-price ideas ;)
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  4. I would definitely buy all of those designs, therefore i could more easily blast a way those fools, who try to claim they are useless.


    Go back to your own thread to advertise your ideas please.
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  5. Adamantium Dragon
    Great ideas, well thought out and presented.
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  6. Would you mind if you stop hijacking other people's forums?

    Thank you, Peace ;)
  7. Jack

    Jack User

    Yeah, it clutters up after some time...

    I would prefer a chat to debate ideas and stuff, but since there isnt one, I have no choice :(
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  8. It's not about who has posted the idea, what makes it liked or disliked.

    I have also posted few ideas in old forum, and this is actually first one, that is liked.

    Difference between us in this case is, that i was able to see, that my idea was not Darkorbit, unlike you, and moved on to new idea.

  9. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I've just posted the following in another updates thread but decided it is more appropriate here.

    I think an even better Idea is:-

    A NAPALM bomb that pops everything in the map so in x-6 you can pop all 4 cubes instantly. ( well I guess there need to be a pre bomb shock wave so all the prots are out also.)
    which will pop all enemies in the map instantly;
    which has an instant rep, so as you jump into the next map it is preped ready.
    Oh and a palli hover so as you enter 5-1 and 5-3 you collect all palli instantly.

  10. I hate when people answer like this... so vague answer, that its pretty hard to make any possibly constructive changes to my idea...

    After all i gave seven possible examples, what kind of pet designs this game could have in future, and this ain't helping me make it any better.

    Next time when you post something crappy like this to thread, that has multiple ideas in it, and as well explained as i did, think twice what to answer.
    I bet you can do better.
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  11. All pacman is saying is that he doesn't like the idea, but he does it in his usual smarty pants way. Btw, those suggestions are horrible.
  12. Hmm... You are confusing me...

    First you say, that someone is mocking perfectly good idea, and next you say idea is horrible ???

    See here>>>

  13. Talking about pacmans troll "ideas." I liked the designs you came up with, mostly the terrorist because I would love for kami to one shot sks and protegites.
  14. ♥♥♥

    ♥♥♥ User

    these are Brilliant ideas, would love to see them ingame and im sure many would (but too lazy to post lolz) blue pet borrrrrring
    +10% to pet's laser damage

    Original at left, and Color fixed at right.

    +20% to pet's shields

    Original at left, and Color fixed at right.

    +15% to pets current hitpoints

    (If you want one, like first message, in order to get's developers attention at this thread.)
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2014
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  16. Wow, more like Elite Pets o_O
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  17. ORTHOS

    Out of all those designs I'll choose this sexy design babe...
    Wow! This one I love!

    +1 :]
  18. me too, very beautiful
  19. I changed the title from
    Seven P.E.T Designs to Future P.E.T Designs,
    Because i am planning to create more of them :)
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