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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Dec 21, 2013.

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    VESPID User

    The chip I'm proposing offers ships the option of having the following changes to stats:

    15 gun slots
    15 generator slots
    Speed: 300
    Cargo: 1500
    Ship color: Company

    The chip will only be active in the Leonov ship outside the x-1 thru x-4 maps
  2. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    No thanks, if you want a better ship, people should just buy a better ship. Not buy a chip that gives them more fire power and generator slots.
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  3. So, make a Leo in a Goli with this new amazing chip! Why not just buy a goli in the first place ? Also, how would it work jumping between 1-4 and 4-1
  4. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    Why don't you tell me why then. Once you do, I will be able to explain why I disagree with everything you are saying.
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    VESPID User

    This will address the lack or absence of designs most other ships in game have.
    It makes it possible to allow any design available to be employed since it is a chip.
    It allows the pilot to better enjoy ANY ship they wish to employ.
    It allows most ships to carry more cargo than anything else offers.
    It will make most ships more effective in the upper maps.
    It will assist every pilot that wants it.
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  6. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    This idea is so confusing, you are talking about designs and a ship in the same thread. Still no.
  7. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    I apologise if my words are harsh in any way; This idea lacks originality and it is pointless.
    The stat changes are bizarre: a tiny ship somehow expands to have more slots available? Ok I agree that the game has many deficiencies and one would normally counter with 'what about extra slot cpu?' however, the point here isn't to pinpoint whats bad with the game already but rather whats bad with your suggestion. Small ships are meant to have smaller and largely insignificant capabilities. A simple 'chip' would be a total farce in the face of all the other ships primarily the Goliath.

    The reason this idea is pointless is simply because there ARE ships out there with such stats and even better in some aspects. Is it just too much to get a Goliath?
    The simple solution is to purchase a better ship.

    Ship designs are constantly being produced and introduced into darkorbit mainly for the Goliath-K2 hence one should purchase one as it has NO definitive attributes less than the smaller ships. (Excluding the Vengeance's speed but that too has a vast array of ship designs)

    Stronger pilots may choose to fly in smaller ships out of choice, and they do. I don't like to mention any vague testimony but I too have witnessed countless tough opponents flick between strong and weak ships and yes, even into a Phoenix starjet.
    It is entirely their choice, why they do so, I don't know as Goliaths and other stronger ships have better stats all around.

    Cargo space is strictly fixed per ship. There isn't a reason for a player to not want to collect cargo in a stronger ship. Using a smaller ship may mean less cargo and weaker defense but that's the way it is. Do yourself a favour and purchase a stronger ship. IT IS NOT EMBARRASSING TO COLLECT ORE IN A STRONGER SHIP! A stronger ship i.e the Goliath has much more cargo space than most other ships, couple that with a cargo bay expansion-x2 cpu and a special design to make a total of 3,200 cargo space. Want more? Well there are pilot points which can be spent on cargo bay expanding. There are pet cpu's which can be used to expand cargo space. That not enough? That IS enough but if you're not satisfied, the Aegis has much more cargo space than the Goliath, don't forget all the nifty upgrades to make a monster space for cargo. And if that isn't enough...purchase a Citadel which will totally maximise your cargo space. Just buy a stronger ship.

    Ships being effective in upper maps.... That really sucks. I cant believe you actually thought of such a ridiculous reason. What point is there to fly in a weak ship in upper maps? Buy a better ship, enough said.

    Pilots will not want this chip for very long I guarantee simply because as soon as they purchase a better ship, they will see how mistaken they were in delaying the matter.

    The only one reason to fly in a smaller, weaker ship is that one can level up their drones slightly faster by gaining a slight more drone EP from alien kills. However, the pro's of the stronger ships totally outweigh the con's and thus I conclude: "This idea is a complete joke."

    Again I apologise for any harsh words. Feel free to challenge my repudiation.
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  8. Sociopath

    Sociopath User

    Okay, I agree with seraphim, but I just have to point out the reason people hop into less powerful ship is for the lols and rolls. This sort of joke would be put to a stop as soon as this chip was implemented into the game, which I don't like, because whenever I get bored I hop into a piranah and hunt.
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  9. I am starting to see countless spam threads by you, VESPID, and with all the users disagreeing with your ideas. Think thoroughly with each idea. If there's already a different "thing" that can do the job your saying, it's already a bad idea, since you can acquire that "thing".

    Even Seraphim wrote an essay, AN ESSAY, saying all the negatives of your design
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  10. VESPID

    VESPID User

    I see it too, that is no reason to stop. I understand their reasons for opposition that goes even deeper than what they are saying, it also addresses the reasons some don't want to share.
    At the very least some out there openly admit that they want to stop any idea that threatens their ability to pop many weaker pilots with as little resistance as possible.
    To them a Monster I will ever be......lol.
  11. Full_force

    Full_force User



    Vespid i suggest reading over Seraphim's essay SLOWLY many times at least 200 times before posting anymore 2 second ideas.

    Man you are so lost you think people disagreeing with you all for you.

    No we welcome GOOD ideas that help players.

    BUT 100% of your other ideas are not good ideas.

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  12. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Right, so I am just expected to be satisfied with those two of five elite ships and do nothing to create ideas that not only expand the selection of ships to employ in the uppers but better arm ships that look better in MY eyes than the current Uri ships???
    Naw, that notion sucks eggs...lol.
  13. Full_force

    Full_force User

    Oh feel free to come up with ideas.

    But spend more then 2 seconds coming up with an "idea".
    Get over the credit ships "fetish".

    Write the idea down in notepad or here and use the preview post.

    Then sit down and read over them slowly many times.

    And ask yourself:

    How would this impact the game. Try to think about "other" players not just you and how they would use the idea.

    Would it hurt the overall game? Then don't post.
    If the good out weights the bad then post?

    I know i am wasting my time but i am trying to help you like many others have done and you choose to ignore them because it is easier to.
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  14. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Ignoring the rest of that comment...
    The purpose of my 'essay' was to point out that a Vengeance or a Goliath have far superior stats than that of the smaller-weaker ships. This doesn't necessarily narrow the game down to 2 ships. If you had read my 'essay', you would have noticed a point about the Aegis and Citadels larger cargo capacity.

    By all means a player may choose to fly in a smaller ship, it doesn't mean you HAVE to get an elite ship. Just be satisfied with the fact that weaker ships will be weaker, stronger ships will be stronger.

    My point was to show you a solution which does not require you to spend even 1 uridium. Both a Vengeance and Goliath as well as most of their designs are available from the AUCTION menu of the game where you can place a bid using credits to win items. If you lose the item to somebody else, you receive a full refund of your credits.

    I decided to avoid advertising the Spearhead, Aegis and the Citadel as much as I could in order to prevent the typical excuse: 'But they cost uridium'.
    (N.B. These ships may appear in weekly auctions in 2014 depending on the developers thoughts)

    I have to ask you; Did you not know about the Auction system in this game?
  15. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Yes I did, that is not the focus of this idea.
    Please refer to the ignored portion of that post you have copied to get to the real reason for this post.
    Thank you.
  16. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Excuse me? The leonov already gets a huge boost in the home maps. What you are basically stating is to make the leo get ANOTHER boost outside of the home maps. Which negates the idea of even having the Home map boost since you would get a quite reasonable boost from the chip. Also, why more gun slots??? The leo already hits double normal dmg in the home maps. Almost the same amount of dmg on the upper maps through the chip would defeat the purpose of even having the leo be bad at upper maps. If you want to get something like this, just let the leo boosts operate in ALL maps instead of only home maps (BTW, then it wouldn't be a "boost", since it would be the standard stats).
  17. From what I see, the stats match the Goliath K-2, and the name of this chip is the G-2. Does anyone else see it? (G)oliath K(2).

    Anyways, absolutely not.

    The Leonov has double hp, damage, and shield in the home maps, and you want it to have the same standards as a goliath. People already hit 214,000 easily, do you really want them to have the home bonus and hit 428,000?

    This idea is yet another lack of originality and meaning. There is no point.

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  18. VESPID

    VESPID User

    This idea isn't just for the Leo, it is for all the ships that meet it's qualifications and to only be active for the Leo outside of the x-1 thru x-4 maps when equipped.
  19. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    so what you are saying is that this basically gives ALL the ships a Leonov-like home map boost? Than this would defeat the purpose of even having the leonov boost.
    Also, the leo already gets a boost in the home map. Why make it even as powerful in the upper maps? As I've said before, this defeats the purpose of even having that boost just in the x-1 to x-4 maps in the first place. Just make the leo have 160k HP, 380 speed and 1k cargo as standard.

  20. I am in agreement with you. Vespid, we don't like your ideas because almost all of them come from the viewpoint of a noob ship, and they would ruin the game in our eyes. Perhaps a siesta from the Idea Pool would be nice.

    Your reply's act polite, but they are quite ignorant.

    P.S. Let's not make this a "fray" as you put it, but rather a lively discussion about a weird idea that doesn't need implementing.
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