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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ernest3203, Aug 5, 2014.

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  1. ernest3203

    ernest3203 User

    tried doing a search but couldn't find anything on gaining levels,im at level 11 now and want to find out how many points or whatever to reach level 12,and whats the quickest way to level up
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    You need 10,240,000 EP for level 12.

    The quickest way to go about doing it would probably be quests, or galaxy gates if you have a lot of uridium ... but it is best to go with doing quests for levels and using uridium to build up your ship equipment.

    Good luck.
  3. Just a heads up google dark orbit lvls. The first or second wiki will be a lvl guide. It always dbls. There is also a thread in the forums but i will save you alot of hunting and re-post it.
    Levels and map access
    • Level 1: Access to Maps X-1 and X-2 of same company
    • Level 2: 10.000 Exp, Access to X-3 of same company
    • Level 3: 20.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-3 to X-4 of same company
    • Level 4: 40.000 Exp
    • Level 5: 80.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-3 and X-4 of enemy maps
    • Level 6: 160.000 Exp,
    • Level 7: 320.000 Exp, Only 50% of cargo and resources is earned (such as bonus boxes and cargo drops) on company X-1 base map
    • Level 8: 640.000 Exp, Access to PvP maps 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, only 25% cargo is earned on company X-1 base map
    • Level 9: 1.280.000 Exp, Access to PvP map 4-4 only 13% cargo is earned on company X-1 base map
    • Level 10: 2.560.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-5 of same company, access to PvP map 4-5, and no cargo is now earned on company X-1 base map
    • Level 11: 5.120.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-6 and X-7 of same company
    • Level 12: 10.240.000 Exp, Access to Map X-8 of same company
    • Level 13: 20.480.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-2 of enemy maps
    • Level 14: 40.960.000 Exp, Access to Map X-5 of enemy maps
    • Level 15: 81.920.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-6 and X-7 of enemy maps
    • Level 16: 163.840.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-1 of enemy company
    • Level 17: 327,680,000 Exp, Access to all known maps so far
    • Level 18: 655,360,000 Exp
    • Level 19: 1.310.720.000 Exp
    • Level 20: 2.621.440.000 Exp
    • Level 21: 5.242.880.000 Exp
    • Level 22: 10.485.760.000 Exp
    • Level 23: 20.971.520.000 Exp
    • Level 24: 41.943.040.000 Exp
    • Level 25: 83.886.080.000 Exp
    • Level 26: 167.772.160.000 Exp
    • Level 27: 335.544.320.000 Exp
    • Level 28: 671.088.640.000 Exp
    • Level 29: 1.342.177.280.000 Exp
    • Level 30: 2.684.354.560.000 Exp
    • Level 31: 5.368.709.120.000 Exp
    • Level 32: 10.737.418.240.000 Exp
    • Level 33: 21.474.836.480.000 Exp
    • Level 34: 42.949.672.960.000 Exp
    • Level 35: 85.899.345.920.000 Exp
    • Level 36: 171.798.691.840.000 Exp
    • Level 37: 343.597.383.680.000 Exp
    • Level 38: 687.194.767.360.000 Exp
    • Level 39: 1.374.389.534.720.000 Exp
    • Level 40: 2.748.779.069.440.000 Exp

    And quests are the fastest way at lowest cost Use a leo in lowers and do all the lower map quests. Do not waste time in a goli you will just die often. As a leo has home bonus, speed and can be a very deadly ship!
  4. YourMum

    YourMum User

    If you use leo, remember to put your better weapons in your ship as it gives 2x damage
  5. ^ goli is faster than leo..just to point out...but yeah leo is great in lowers
  6. Hello ernest3203

    The answer given by Okapi32 is correct.

    Thank you all for assisting with this thread.

    Do you (the original poster) have any further questions or can we close?
  7. jackknife

    jackknife User

    a leo speed in lowers is 380 and then stack few speed gens and it will out run a goli. if it lasts
    it a great little ship
  8. Just as a side note, you can hover your mouse over your EP which is listed on the backpage, it will tell you how much EP you need for the next level.
  9. It is a great ship Jacknife....but not faster than a goli, you are wrong there. Please someone correct me if I am mistaken but the lowers bonus for a Leo is only shield and damage...not speed....Am I going crazy here ?

    EDIT : I checked +20 speed boost in home lowers...all be darned, never knew.
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  10. Enjoy the game.

    Closing as lack of response from OP.
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