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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Aug 12, 2019.

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  1. if your going to put a pvp event on , get rid of the botr's, its a joke they lock you from 3/4 's of the map away, emp, instant lock.
    if you cant get rid of the botters because of the loss of revenue,
    as a side note, have your developers thought of taking up pizza delivery? because they don't have any good idea's.
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  2. change Desruptor:
    375.000 Hp and nano Hull
    11 slots lasers
    1 lancher missels
    17 slots gerators
    275 speed
    2.000 cargo
    infinity extras
    no change skills
    the objectives reduced for death 75 ships emines from 4-x or 5-x.
    Reduced to lvl 10 for go super shild,retires super shield too be to damage base the clan or use pet.
  3. All just to give the cheaters/big money spenders happy...dont care about how the rest of us feel about these pathetic events you continually hold...sometimes I think you guys do these events just to make our lives miserable in this game. I guess its time to find other games to play
  4. so lose a fight = lose 90 points
    win vs the SAME DAMN PLAYER MEANS = gain 20

    are you serious bigpoint?
  5. i am forced into a 3v1 and when you kill them you loose points lol
  6. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    There really is no way to judge how the rep point system works - I got killed by 3 guys (at once) all with well over 1,000 points and lost 110 points. Yet when I killed all 3 of them later individually I only got 23 points for the 3 kills.

    * I had under 1,000 points when I got my revenge but it really wasn't sweet as i lost 87 points for getting killed once and getting 3 kills on the same players.
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  7. The 3 First players in event beber the i
    views in game.25.000.000 If damage in players?There bateries.Code if Premium duration 1 weekend very few.
  8. In Scratched and Fresh Wound, we have to allow our enemies to damage our ship. Well, I keep getting shot at and even killed, so why is it that I do not have any record of damage on my ship?
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  9. excaliber1

    excaliber1 User

    This event is the literal lowest point Bigpoint has ever reached. There are MAYBE 100 players on the server who want anything to do with it. ALL THE REST OF US HATE IT! I personally love PvP. I do it all the time. I had a great time for the first 3 or 4 days of the event. After that, I parked my ship and logged off. It's absolutely ridiculous. DON'T YOU GET THE PICTURE WHEN THE WHOLE SERVER GOES DEAD BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID EVENT? I'm literally a software developer as my day job. I can tell you as a developer, that the devs for DO are going against EVERY SINGLE THING THEY SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION TO! Seriously, what is your problem? 3 Weeks of all PvP all the time? Good way to kill your own game. You keep trying to hold on to the little community you haven't ran off over the years. Way to go. You just lost another 40% of them. Sometimes I think it is LITERALLY monkeys with typewriters when it comes to DO. LEARN SOMETHING FROM ANY OTHER GAME. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. BTW - I'm not just upset because I'm doing terrible in the event. Quite the opposite. I'm sitting in the top 50 in my server with about 1300 points. I just hate that unless I want that all to be gone, I can't even log in and play like I want, because the only people still left on my server, are the UFE triple boosted top players who are all auto lock suey in moth spam you with 500k damage before you can even react. THAT'S NOT A FUN GAME BIGPOINT YOU IGNORANT JERKS. Get a clue.
  10. this tbh.

    The positives of this event is that people that love to PvP can do it with a points system. I mean, I LIKE THE IDEA. But the way it was excecuted sucked. You basically denied the majority of the game players who like to PvP, and I hate to tell you Bigpoint, but this isn't 2011 anymore; not everyone can PvP or wants to, infact very few do now.

    The points is ridiculous, you lose 90 for dying once to 3 people just because it's been a bit of time since two shot you, but killing them all doesn't even give you half of it back. Where is that logic? I killed the guy on my server with the most points and gained 30 points when I'm not even top 30, I don't get how this works.

    You seriously need to cancel this event, I don't understand why you ran it for so long??? please can a mod explain why its such a long duration?

    I think the main issue is whoever is making these events have no idea how the game is actually being played, maybe login developers and actually experience this tragedy you created.
  11. Dnoronha

    Dnoronha User

    This event is literaly the worst i've ever seen.

    I had a clan with over 50 members, and very active, the most stronger player was lvl 22, it was a clan with many weak players but very active. Now i can tell that like only 20% of my clan is active, the rest literaly has left the game becouse they can't farm, they can't play, they were dying 24/7... Also new players that come to play leave after 1 day playing becouse the game is very hard, you can't keep yourself alive in the middle of a map for 5 minutes without dying.

    When you have to run to the portal cuz of a enemie, you cannot escape, cuz they are too fast and their damage is very over powered, i mean that you can't expect to be alive against someone who can hit like 200-300k dmg with MOTH, your shield is useless, your hitpoint goes down like water.

    RESUME: Weak and new players leaving the game. Strong players are getting bored cuz there isn't anybody to kill, only others strong ones, but is a very repetitive process so it's just boring.

    PS: MOTH + FULL PROMETHEUS + FULL DMG = VERY OP, 10 SECS BATTLE. Most part of the players are playing on suicide conf, it is a Shoot and Kill game.

    I had to express myself after 2 weeks losing friends that has left the game becouse of this stupid pvp event.
  12. DO won't change anything until the end of the event... so it's pointless to say "change this and change that, perhaps enhance these things...", no way, as any software release this the v 1.0 and this event will stay as is today.

    Now, for really the system points is a bit unbalanced due to the most points you have the most points you'll loose and in some point, like entropy, people won't gain points nor loose (no more work to do...) just because the points will be spread evenly across the server and with the pilots who are still playing.

    One thing more, will be good for the next version that pilots who will give very little or none points to the active (not autos) should take at least a "default" reward (say about 20, 10 or 5 but 0)

    and yes... Prometheus pilots are too OP :s
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  13. You've made the game unplayable. There's your feedback.
  14. USA|Czerka

    USA|Czerka User

    I swore to myself I would never fall into the money/time sink hole to get a set of Hercules... Spartans even more so out of reach. The ridiculously low percentage to obtain a Herc from a Kappa gate is insane. I've saved up thousands of free spins these past three years because I simply hate gates and never do them unless I'm forced to.

    Yet, with this AMAZING Battle Pass and its simple quests, I now have a full set of Hermes drones--which I feel are superior to Hercules in the sense that although I don't get more shield, I instead have reduced cool downs. This means I can spam out more slow mines, ice-rockets, PLDs, and my ship ability to avoid fights.

    In addition, the Hermes drones are far more useful to average players than the Hercules are. These drones are easily obtainable for the average player; i.e. those who have a small fortune of Uridium saved up to buy the battle pass (I hope players save Uridium for times like this... If you don't, then you should start saving now for the next big event!). Even the quests to get them are manageable, I've seen many newbie and average players, those with only like 4-8 havocs or 2 hercules, out in the battle maps trying to finish these quests. Great job on this Devs.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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  15. The top player bots become active at night and use all the rewards form gates and botting on anyone like a shark.
    Now very few lower level bots in pirates and lower maps because of the kill hunt.
    I have made a lot of points and killed but the level of points per kill should be changed.
    I am Uber Elite Full boosted and been killed 2-3 shots several times.
    The level of cheating however has been enormous from my side of the experience.
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  16. How are people gaining 400 points at night? I can't even gain 400 over several days of playing. I'm sure there's some kind of pushing abuse with this event, there's no way someone goes from ranked 13 on leaderboards for the event to rank 4 in one day without using some kind of abuse.

    It's so funny because someone I destroyed 3 or 4 times is now also ahead of me on the boards, what the hell are they using to achieve that? Almost every ship I destroy I get 0 points for so now I only shoot ones that got good points so I gain some, otherwise it's pointless to even risk losing any.

    To put it into a better perspective, I destroyed someone with 1,300 points and gained 3 points... Bit stupid no? How are my ever going to get higher on leaderboards when the top players don't even play, I haven't seen any of them in the map even once.
  17. Best thing about this event is all the zombie ships are now at zero points. I've seen several ships caught in loops jumping from 2-8 to 2BL today since early this morning just logged in again and they are still in the loop.
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  18. Rawlinson

    Rawlinson User

    And guess what they still wont listen, I think this game will go the way of Battlestar Galactic, they never listened to the players on there either.
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  19. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    All I can say is - Thank goodness this event is nearly over.

    1 week of this farce would have been more than enough.
    * Can't get points even killing guys with more points than me.
    * Too many under lvl17 players botting that have +-400 points.
    * Tired of watching top players in event pushing kills off alt accounts and clan mates alts.

    I've got numerous kills and died often over the last few days - Not lost any points but not getting any either.

    Event is so broken - No-one knows how you get or lose points anymore because the description in the FAQ is just not right.

    The only thing this event did was cause the bots to not login for a few days - They are all back now though (all with Zero points) as most realized the event wasn't worth doing so why not bot.,.
  20. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Only level 15 myself with over 300000 hit points top players always using cloak which they buy of auction, 2 shots and i'm gone what chance do you stand against that unless you spend thousands of pounds or cheat.
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