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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Aug 12, 2019.

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  1. You don't it's an event for top players so maybe you will have to wait for it to be over.
    Just cause a few players are not strong enough doesn't mean they shouldn't run a pvp event in a pvp game, and if your only lvl 15 then you have protection against these bigger players.
    In short the event isn't for lower players to win anything, right now with protection is the perfect time to work on missions to build that account.
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  2. Again, lost 80 points for dying once and got 12 when I killed the person back.

    The points system is unfair, needs to be based on skill of the players not just reputation and needs to be more forgiving for people with big point amounts, because gaining back is incredibly difficult when I need to kill less than 10 ships over 8 times to even have a chance of gaining my points back.

    EDIT: I just realised, it was 170 points, I hate this bloody event. How is that fair? I think this event is making me suicidal.
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  3. This event is busted, I can pop people all day and hardly gain any points. Regardless of player level and how many points they have.
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  4. Rawlinson

    Rawlinson User

    Your suicidal I can barely get out of 3.8 and as for player kill no chance.
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  5. Very hard objectives.Desruptor bad change ships for:375.000 Hp and nano Hull,11 slots lasers and 17 gerators and 275 speed,2000 cargo.
  6. olleH

    olleH User

    To gain much reputation, you need to focus on killing the top placed players which will have more points than you. This can boost you up fast.

    "Hunt the hunters"...
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  7. ******** dude! i got double teamed by two guys over 1400 points , i die and loose approx 100 , but when i kill those 2 players , i only get 5 points back! this whole event is for top50 only , and all they do is pushing each other even further so no-one can touch their ranking.
    points should be given like this : the stronger you are , the less you earn , and if a small player kills a high ranked , he should be getting at least 5 times the amount of points . now there 's nothing fair about it.
  8. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Here is an example of reputation points, we hope it helps to clear up some of the questions you've had regarding the points.

    • Player A has reputation 920 and Player B has rep 900 -> the reputation difference is 20
    • If A wins, A will gain 30 reputation and B will lose 30 reputation.
    • Player C has reputation 1000 and Player D has reputation 500 -> reputation difference is 500
    • If C wins, C will gain only 10 reputation ( a lot less compared to A's win) and D will lose 10 reputation.
    • Please note that numbers mentioned above are only an example to explain the system and are not accurate to the actual reputation awarded.
    If the reputation difference is too large, it is also possible to not gain any points (and it will still affect your Reputation per Kill rank! ).
    This is all assuming that all damage dealt are by players.

    Reputation gained also depends on actual damage dealt to players. If you only deal a small amount of damage to the player and kill them off while they're fighting an NPC or someone else, it is possible to not get any reputation as the damage dealt to your opponent was too low.

    Your Darkorbit Team
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  9. Okay so lets say playerA has 1,000 points. And they pop playerB with 1,500 points. Without interruption or stop in the fight playerA has popped playerB. Why does player A not get points then?
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  10. you just don't get it, its an event for the cheats so they can push points, [REMOVED]
    I wouldn't pay the developers in dirty washing.
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  11. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Sorry mate but this is NOT HOW IT WORKS.
    Player A has 400 points more than me, attacks me while I am shooting an NPC and at half shield - He wins, I lose 100 points.
    Not long after I kill the same player who now has 500 more points than me - I get 4 points, no-one else is involved in the fight, I catch him in the now deserted (since this event started) battlemaps on his way to 4-4.
    He respawns on 4-4 portal in 4-3, I kill him again - For a sweet total of 3 points.

    Died once to a player with far more points than me - Lost 100 points.
    Killed same player twice alone with no assistance - For a total of 7 points.

    **Again just now - guy has 1548 points, I have 1220, he dies in a 1v1 - I get no points.

    "Oddessey, I challenge you to back up your false claims above - the information you have provided is blatantly FALSE.
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  12. If you look he is only given the example of reputation points, these have nothing to do with the regular points that are awarded in the event.
  13. Sagturius

    Sagturius User

    I love this event. I like that it places limits on how much weaker ships are abused. I like that stronger ships are rewarded for fighting stronger ships. Personally, I think this feature should be a permanent part of the game. I also like that the damage objectives are for damage to any player which seems to lend its self better to how this game is played these days with multi-company clans. If multi-company clans are here to stay then all our kill missions should be for any player. I am reluctant to dump to much money into the game at this time because of the uncertainty of its future due to the end of flash player, so i did not buy the opportunity to do the other objectives. So I cannot comment on the usefulness of the new drone design - except I like that the letters are green.
  14. tibstar

    tibstar User

    Any comment on the new drone design? Better then havoc? Still not seeing many equipped

  16. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    The 'example' he gave is supposed to replicate how points are gained and lost - It should have EVERYTHING to do with how they are awarded in game.
    It is just a shame that representatives of the company are unable to post accurate information.

    All Oddessey did manage to do with his "example" was further confuse players and make them angry.,.

    Of course there is no-one at DO who does know because the "event" is a sham.
    Just another poorly written piece of code a 12 year old could have made a better job of.

    DO yet again rewarding those who bot 22 hours a day and play [push kills] for the other 2.
    In future i suggest DO just put 100 random names from each server in a hat and award the top event rewards in the order they are pulled out. It wouldn't piss everyone off as much as this sort of unprofessional rubbish does.
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  17. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    At least this part is accurate - Or is it?
    I earlier popped the guy in 3rd spot - He has over 2,000 reputation, I have just over 1,200. It was a solo kill, no other players were involved, he did fight back and nearly beat me but i got lucky.
    I got no points - He lost no points.
    It seems Oddessey was right about one thing - If you kill someone with nearly double your points - You get nothing for it.,.

    Shortly after this i found a player with 525 points in a ship type I need for a PVP quest I have going. I didn't expect to get points just one more off my quest - He did not fight back, just began to run to portal - I got 25 points from him.
    Hmmm, ok - Just how does this make ANY sense?

    I'd really appreciate someone from DO who knows how the point system works to come let us know - I won't hold my breath waiting.,.
  18. Not even gonna LIE.. Started out good.. after the 3rd day the Event became a whole Disappointment in itself. Conclusion; Logoff. Cheers
  19. what is the point of lieing to the players about how event works because what you said is obviously compleatly false to anyone who has been playing this event.
  20. It's absurd you gain no points for kills but lose 100s for one death even to your own company.

    Is it possible to actually maintain a position? I've jumped into the top 3 like 9 times, now I'm not even in top 20. When this event is over I'm gonna celebrate with some cider.

    I'm gonna quit if another event like this is done again, don't think I can take it again... I'm sure they did no testing before releasing it.

    EDIT: killed someone with 300 points more in a 2v1 against me, gained nothing, sweet.
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