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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Aug 12, 2019.

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  1. I am level 23 and Uber Elite every booster imaginable and same.. 2 shots well over the limit.
    Also the new tick to the game is hitting a enemy at a PvP port with them not shedding the last small bit of HP and logging out while being shot.
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  2. Compared to the last events this one is way better, but only cause of the rewards, which are easier to receive. IMO the quests for the drones should be the non-PvP ones, so even non-Ufe can fulfill them.

    Other than that the PvP event content is awful as always. Newbies are massacred for the points and camping at the jump portals.
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  3. Again, killed someone with 60 points more than me and gained none. Everyone is running two speeds with centurion so unless you do the same, you simply aren't catching anyone and they will keep going out of range to try and P.E.T abuse so destroying them is impossible anyway.

    The best part is when you do the same they say you are running away XD

    Is a rather important link for this event as we have witnessed throughout this entire event from beginning to end. I do have to say that al-tho receiving the rewards on flight screen looks clean but i`m rather disappointed there isn't a "screening period" before rewards are dished out especially with all the mess that turned people off for this event.The clock starts now.
  5. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Glad this farce is finally over.
    As was predicted the top 10 was filled with known botters.
    Was interesting seeing how the top 5 places were allocated among themselves - Pushing rules obviously weren't enforced for this latest "lets reward the cheats" event from the world renowned (for being terribly bad) Dev at DO.

    OP32 - If this is the best you can do - Best to do nothing.,.

    It really isn't hard to work out why DO and BP are a laughing stock among gaming communities.
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  6. They're a laughing stock because they took a good game and quite frankly pissed all over it. The LF-4 release is directly when this game started going downhill, and they just kept going. In the end, they traded a good game for money, now very few even want to play this game so they just bot incase one day it becomes good again. It's sad really, because I use to love this game, I even went from GB1 to GE1 just to get a more active server, but in the end, I don't know if it was even worth all the money I spent.

    This event is another classic example of reward the pushers, cheats and people who won't 1v1 anyone they know they cannot destroy (hence the amount of fast ships, so they can escape, sadly, I don't like playing like that because it's boring).

    They just keep ignoring the community and making these pointless events to try and get money and make people active, but when the only people playing the event are the 5% of the player base wants to PvP in a primarily fast running ship to avoid losing points, no one is going to login for it. The plus side is I saw so many new ships, but all the average FE or semi-UFE ships were logged off pretty much for the entire event.

    What now Bigpoint? Time for another pointless event?

    I really do think the best word for this game right now is only one, and that word is "scam". I feel bad because I'm so harsh to this game, but honestly they deserve it.
  7. Lost~Soul

    Lost~Soul User

    no spartans are still best.
    by the point I killed 3 enemies with a difference of 20 points, got zero !!
    well done dev team, another flop!
  8. Rawlinson

    Rawlinson User

    Hooray its over i can now carry on playing the game.
  9. Sagturius

    Sagturius User

    Maybe I didn't pay close enough attention, but i don't think i experienced all that you guys are complaining about. I got points when i expected to get points. I think there were a lot of positives. I did not see as many botters in the battle maps during this event. I dont like the the event protects botters once they fall to a certain level for getting popped all the time.
  10. All the zombies were in lower maps, upper maps and black light maps.
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