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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, May 12, 2020.

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  1. PVP is the idea behind it.
    They have limited the event to the battle maps, if you don't want to participate, dont go onto those maps and you will be fine.
    It's only natural for friends and clanmembers to support each other in fights.

    The only bad thing about this event are the autolocking cheaters but thats not BP's fault, it's the fault of the idiots (sry but no other word caan describe those ppl) who use these cheats.
  2. what about the top clans that are cheating there way to the top then hitting you for 400-500k dmg in 1 shot because im damn sure im nowere near that kind of dmg i mean can barely touch 100k with rsb nvm 500k xD i literally just got 2 shot from 1 ship and there was two of them hes in the top 10 and pretty much every battle pass mission requires you to go on them maps....so there basically just bringing battle pass to bots and top alliances....
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  3. So, I completed 21/26 objectives. Bought the battle pass and am moderately pleased with most of the rewards.
    Still do not think sprays and emotes should be included ANYWHERE in this game.

    Retiarus ship ; Took it out for it's maiden voyage and I was a bit disappointed with it's rate of fire. I know it still hits the same as any other ship with equal slots and weapons. Aesthetically , it seems a little lack luster. I would have given it a higher rate of fire , similar to a "mini gun " or the type of weapon used on the A-10 Warthog. Semantics , yes but , visually more fun.
    I also would have placed purple indicators of Prometheus on all three prongs.
    Since the ship is slower than most used nowadays and has less shields and no ship modules yet available I feel using it ,at my level, is a disadvantage.
    And can anyone please elaborate when it says "a huge destructive burst of damage"
    How much damage does the burst do when fully charged. I have the damage counter turned off in settings and even if I didn't it would be distracting to see what it does during the middle of a battle. I looked in FAQS and could not find any numbers .

    Overall the event helped me achieve my objective , by earning a good amt. of ABR,s for upgrades.

    I'll fly the new ship for a little while and see how it does in PvP . However , since I get popped in much stronger well equipped ships I think it's days are numbered and doomed to be moth balled.
  4. I finished the objectives, not going to purchase the BP cause they raised it as matter in fact i quit the game for good. I am not a bot user and i am not going to put hundreds in every month just to keep up with the new equipment when they allow bot's to gain everything for free and they gain way faster than a legit player. BP is ok with the bot's they can have them i am out after 8 years of playing and yet i like the game but it's just that a game not an investment like BP thinks. Cheers hope you all either bot or have lots of money to pay to play a broken game.
  5. I definitely understand your point of view. I also spend little or no money on this game anymore. Occasionally , when I want to build a GG I will buy some uri during Helix . I no longer worry about the leader board because it doesn't mean anything anymore. I still play because I'm trying to upgrade my weapons and shields. After that , who knows?
    Also , I don't spend as much time per night playing either. I'd rather watch a good movie . I have increased my survive ability against real players and bots are easy kills .So I think I'll hang in there for a bit until I decide otherwise. DO doesn't really care if real players leave because they make all their money off the botters. As long as they allow it , the cheating botters and third party program users will spend money to dominate the game and somehow feel empowered and have a false sense of pride and accomplishment . Since drones don't take damage anymore , I don't even care if I get popped .I just repair and keep playing. Since I started playing there were always dominant clans and enemy players who preyed on the weaker players , that's just the way it's always been. Now they just have a green light to cheat also. Maybe if I win a battle or two against players who I know are cheating it will make me feel like I beat them at their own game . Or at the very least make them feel stupid for doing what they do and still losing.
    Hope you see this reply before you stop checking your watched threads so you know there are others here who feel exactly the same way you do.
    Take care.:)
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    DO can hang on to cheaters and the top players who have money to spend. The whole game is eroded, more resources are removed and new players will not be long lasting. I remembered when the chat moderator was available in the chat and it was a completely different life. They were also out on the game maps etc. Who has a chance to get somewhere in certain events? Who gets so high and gets rewards?
    Not just some players who should be ashamed, I think.
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