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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Sep 13, 2022.

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  1. Boring…
    Cheaters in total control of the event, unplayable once again.
    No event will be playable and enjoyable until the developers dare to push a button.
    Trains hitting 2 million in a split sec.
    Oh I flew by a train = 1 shot dead.
    It’s just outright ridiculous at this point and yet the developers choose to not make a comment about this. The game generally is a mess right now with all the braindead updates and additions that they’ve made over the course of the last years. Despite the game being completely out of whack they still decide push payment packages more than ever despite the game’s current horrible state. Disgraceful…
    And by the way please make a separate tab for your 1000 payment packages so I won’t have to scroll for half a minute everytime I don’t want to buy something for real money in the extras tab. A lot of the times I just want to buy a cpu for credits or uridium and I should never have to scroll that much!
    The pvp aspect of the game is being so ridiculously cheated on nowadays that there really is no reason to play. Yes it’s that bad. I have in pure honesty never been this unhappy and unsatisfied with the game. This game is worse than ever and it’s not the game I once grew up with and got to know when I first started playing. I barely recognize it. This is not DarkOrbit. This is not the game that I once used to love so much. It has lost it’s soul and what made it so awesome back in the day.
    They should spin back & revert the game to when it was great and in a better state and not stupid and ridiculous like it is now the game is nothing but a big joke and mess these days, real embarrassing keep letting the cheaters cheat for many years to come because that seems to be the todays version of the game!
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  2. Yeah, I can't do a whole lot for this event, even if my clan gets together, all the players you'd see in PvP don't get active till Prime and they all cheat anyways. The one night we had 5+ Trains run us down with another dozen players using auto. They need to stop releasing BPs that are hard to complete for those who don't want to cheat. Stop releasing events that only reward the cheaters. And they also need to DRASTICALLY Balance the game. Pusat+ Is absolutely OP, its that and Cit+ dominating game. And these clowns made a FEVER BONUS towards Pusat+, can't do a damn thing without several Pusat+ ships auto'ing me and or running pusat+ trains.
  3. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    A quick question.
    Reputation per kill - Is that what the ranking for reputation per kill is based on, or is it calculated some other way?
    I so far have 512 Reputation per kill but am not in the rankings, although there is 2 players with 513 and 1 with 511 that are.

    So how is "reputation per kill" calculated for the event ranking?
  4. I don't even see how you can tell who's in the rankings, we see nothing on my server, or at least in my clan.
  5. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Can see who's where (top 100) through Hall of Fame, usually.
    It is actually showing a top 100 but I'm not there, even though I have enough points to be.

    FYI; You're ranked 75 for reputaion.
  6. Oh yeah, I totally forgot you could look at those.

    46[​IMG]º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º[​IMG]2022-09-26 03:34:10[​IMG]1337

    Not bad for barely participating and not cheating at that, all the top points are trains and autos.
  7. So i guess cheaters are ok as long as us legit players can still compete, just wondering where all this stops like why are we playing legit when all cheaters are gaining ranks and upgrades way faster than we are and not getting ban? Where is fair play? Or some think it's fair?
    How about BP just give everyone all upgrades free uri and as much ammo as we want and let us play(this is what the bot's have why not us?). Going to count the minutes before my post is deleted as most are for speaking the truth!!!
  8. Yeah I get comments removed all the time for mentioning the use of tools, even though they're on topic to the threads. They should just stop releasing PvP events/passes. Only the cheats win. And even pve ranked events, cheats still win.
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  9. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Been getting posts removed for so long, I hardly notice anymore.
    As for "cheats win", I sat in 4-3 yesterday watching as a bunch of players from clans that are allied ""helping"" a guy who "was" ranked 30 something to top 10 on the server.
    Funny watching a guy win every ""fight"" he has but never move OR even use emp's, X4, leach, etc - You know, all the things you need when Pvping.
  10. Damn, I must be doing it wrong when I'm running into all these totally not trains, if I do nothing, they will "help" me get rank on the event.
  11. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    are you playing the right game? lol

  12. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Well that depends, IF like I saw the "not trains" are friends of yours and just sit there while you pop them - Then yes, it will help you get rank for the event.
    Saw the same thing last night, 6 Cit+ being popped by a Pusat+. Now either the pusat was very lucky and all the Citadels lost conncetion at exactly the same time OR they were helping the Pusat get rank points for the event. 24 kills the Pusat took off them and not one of them fired a shot in defence.

    Kinda expected that DO would so richly reward those who exploit poor game mechanics during events.
    While the few legit players left wonder why they bother.
  13. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    hat's off to legit legit players.

    why we are still here is a mystery. some subliminal messaging i expect.

    have fun out there

  14. I was close to 1500 points, which was my goal, but got slapped down below where I started today, below 1300, literally ran into a stack of 6-7 trains, but you know what, DO doesn't care. I've been a legit player in this game for years, why should they care about any veteran whos put in the work to be something better. The events Trash, all PvP events are trash anymore, trains have ruined it, just turn everything PvE, remove ranking, make it all participation trophies, everybody is a winner, cause otherwise, it's all cheats. Nothing like dying to some braindead clown who is using every tool his mom and dad could buy him so he could win in a dead game.
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