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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Apr 12, 2023.

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  1. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Galactic Strife Event. Please be thoughtful in your comments here and feel free to create new posts in the appropriate areas for your questions or event discussions.

    As usual, off topic posts will be removed from this thread.

    Thank you,
  2. GRAMPSx6

    GRAMPSx6 User

    so what about PvE?? The battle pass only rewards PvP, and totally disregards people who dont do that.

    i feel this is unfair as not all players do PvP.

    I hope you guys consider this point.
  3. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    So we have yet another event that caters to only 1 TZ, seems those playing GLOBAL servers all need to live in a single TZ or be at a disadvantage. Good design that... How about giving frenzy bonuses to those who don't want to stay up until 2am, or as in my case - have a job and can't play between 9.30am and 11.30am.
    NB; I'm in a clan with 48 members, 6 of those live in the server TZ. 42 of us are at a disadvantage during these type of events.
    It's a GLOBAL server - People from ALL parts of the world..

    Getting killed in a 3vs1 fight. The lone player loses the most while all 3 attackers are rewarded. Yep this is sooooo fair.
    Ever think of trying to encourage Player VS Player PVP instead of rewarding Group vs Player.

    Moving people randomly every 30 mins is not a bad idea, until you notice they are only being moved 30 seconds or so away from the group they are in - 30 minute shuffle - Land at new position - click approach - re-join group in under 30 seconds.. Total waste.
    If you're going to move people randomly, move them to different maps - Encourage Player vs Player content instead of the usual Group vs Player.

    I have a decent account but can't fight 3 or 4 vs one and expect to win. You are punishing solo Player vs Player and rewarding Group vs Player.
    Here's an idea - If you attack in a group vs a solo player - NO-ONE gets or loses rewards.

    PVP - Player vs Player. It isn't called PlayerS vs Player.
  4. For people complaining about this being a PVP event.....this is the only PVP event DO has to offer as the rest are PVE. One PVP event out of many won't hurt anybody.

    For people complaining about fighting solo vs's tough but part of the game. I'd rather fight solo myself but figured I'd join a clan just to have a fighting chance. They said they changed the way reputation points are earned so maybe they changed it to prevent solo pilots losing a bunch of points from losing a fight against a group a ships.

    Curious to see how the reshuffling in the maps works. Don't think the speed buff and de-buffs are a good idea and aren't necessary but we'll see how it affects gameplay. This is the 2nd best event DO has and look forward to enjoying it
  5. this PvP event is never fully fleshed out and always has serious problems
    and so it remains...

    TRAINS vs Player
    sometimes they are from your company
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  6. Well the trains are back in maps as I was getting missions last night and watched a horde of ships appear at base and fly in formation off the base. Neat how they are fairly obvious to see IN GAME.
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  7. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Great play on the pve server so you don't get killed with 2 shots and now everyone is glowing red even starting on the home base.
  8. Excessive

    Excessive User

    So about that. Jumped into 4-4 and what did I land in somewhere between the base and the middle of the map - 8 ships all flying together - I didn't even get to see any names before I was back in 1-8

    Thank You DarkOrbit - That 18 seconds was the best event ever and 10 of that was waiting to jump with jump CPU.
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  9. AVIT

    AVIT User

    The cheats and big guys that bot are dominating pvp events that you didnt bann perm ( they get the v=best weapons upgrades by botting 24/7 ), as usual the game team have no idea about this game .
  10. Excessive

    Excessive User

    [non-feedback / flaming removed]

    5 second invul is pointless, just means you die without being able to repair over and over to the same guys when you respawn on the spot.
    Reshuffle is a bust. It respawns you close enough to where you were it is mute. Twice I just flew back to my pet, as it doesn't move when you get reshuffled. Twice reshuffled from bottom right 4-4, both times landed between bottom right and bottom portal and simply went back to where I was in a few seconds.

    I'm curious, when you make changes to supposedly improve game play - Are they actually tested - It seems they aren't.
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  11. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    So to those who may be interested - Reshuffle every 30 minutes doesn't do anything if you move during the 5 second count down.

    So basically if you are moving when Reshuffle happens - It won't affect you

    I wonder if it could be considered an "exploit", or is it just poor design..

    5 second Invul after dying - Doesn't stop anyone locking you and doesn't give enough time to get away to try and repair. Basically it's a watse of time.

    Change for the sake of change doesn't mean anything if it is serves no purpose.
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  12. well another event for the bottrs, no surprise there, why dont you just man up and ban them perm, because at the minute they just ignore you.. and a pvp event when there using is just a joke!
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  13. Bot's no cheaters yes when the player is invisible but the pet isn't and keeps shooting you lmao don't think BP can control anyone from hacking the game so many bugs and cheats running and they just ignore all of them.
  14. TELEPORTING from 5-3 to 4-4 an exact the same point every time right in the center of the map this is horrible

    shuffling randromize point BLA BLA BLA
  15. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Really not sure "Reshuffle" was well thought out before being added - It does nothing but help you live a few seconds longer. Reshuffle happens, ship locks remain - the same 3 or 4 Pusat+ land on you before you can blink - dead again.

    Ok so I managed to find 3 other clan members who were also keen to try out the event - We all jumped in together (via a portal), landed at random spots and died before we even managed to group up in the map - Interestingly, we all died to the same 3 Pusat+ but on different parts of the map within a few seconds of each other.

    You SERIOUSLY need to rethink rewarding "group vs player" kills for this event.

    I'm by no means one of the strongest ships on the server but will fight anyone 1v1 win or lose - but trying to fight 3 or 4 ships alone is pointless, moreso when you lose points dying to a group and at least 3 of them are being rewarded for killing a solo player.
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  16. ! ! !in this particular event the CLAN BASES must be forbiden on PvP maps
    to give any imposible chances to every one to join in battle even solo players or PvE players
    and NICKNAMES and clans are not shown on these MAPs

    like the old day's JACKPOT BATTLES tousend of ship on map's and when shffling are done shuffle not only the position of players and shuffle the map to ...

    only for regular ship Plus variants must be not included in this
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  17. OMG this event is nothing but botted ships with double boosted from botting with shared accounts all login with multiple accounts, maybe not a train but 8vs 1 and the one player looses any points to that is ridiculous.

    Maybe BP should stop allowing multiple clients to be open at the same time i mean just keep clicking the client when you want to open it and it opens multiples anyone can build and bot their own multiple accounts and login to all of them all on the same PC and this has been allowed for a long time just how do they think the trains were made.

    Seriously if you don't want to run the game properly just sell it and give it away cause the client sucks the way it is atm.

    Also got killed in 4-4 when i relogged it was right back to a portal where of course the same group that killed me was there waiting and killed me instantly like no protection good god the game isn't even worth playing unless you want to run a bunch of cheats.

    Same player on my server from 3rd place to 13th place are all noob accounts made 3 years ago all chief lieutenant all same name with numbers from 11-17 yeah nothing wrong here if BP would actually manage the game but they won't and if this player is caught they will get to keep everything anyways the game and this event are a joke!!!

    But hey got to keep the cheaters and bot's happy they might want to sell some more accounts so they can spend more money on the game BP likes that.
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  18. 150000000/50000000

    Any player damage missions left but no players on pvp maps. Any player damage missions must be included in all maps.
  19. AVIT

    AVIT User

    why dont the game team listen to people complaints about botters ,,, we are not making things uP !!

    mindfire is never there again or strokelight ,and invokes near impossible to get anything much ..all because of the botters .....event is waste of time even trying
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  20. compie

    compie User

    just traded 20 fighting pass codes for DMG-X10 module. it states that its especially suitable for Orcus and Centurion, but doesn't fit Centurion !
    waister 20 passes :(
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