Galactic Strife November 2019 Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Nov 14, 2019.

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  1. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    You forget that obtaining rinusk and completing QZ requires seprom or a huge amount of time.
  2. [QUOTE The reputation will be calculated like the following:
    • If the player deals 80% of damage to the player that lost, then the reputation gained will only be 80%
    • Only the top 2 damage dealers to the player will get points
    • If any of the damage dealers deals less than 10% of the total damage, the player doesn’t get points.

    The smaller the difference in reputation between you and your opponent, the more reputation you can gain. If the difference in Reputation is too large, it is possible to not gain any points.

    Reputation gain also depends on the amount of damage dealt to the losing opponent. If there is more than one player attacking the losing player, only the top 2 damage dealers will gain Reputation (based on their damage dealt). If you deal too litle damage, it is possible to not gain any Reputation.

    For example:
    • Player A has reputation 920 and Player B has reputation 900 -> the reputation difference is 20
    • If A wins, A will gain 30 reputation and B will lose 30 reputation.
    • Player C has reputation 1000 and Player D has reputation 500 -> reputation difference is 500
    • If C wins, C will gain only 10 reputation (less reputation compared to A's win) and D will lose 10 reputation.
    Please note that numbers mentioned above are only an example to explain the system and are not accurate to the actual reputation awarded.[/QUOTE]

    Assisting kills results in both dmg dealers not getting any points , with the events current state the above formula is irrelevant. As it is still an event centered around 1v1 to actually get any points. This event is still less than advertised just like the last one.
  3. omegalul

    omegalul User

    Insane amount of people pushing this event, and dont get ban/lose their rewards. How are you even thinking any legit player wants to compete in this event when cheaters are not getting punished? You really need to start go manually through at least top10 players in the scoreboard, and if htye have pushed, ban them AND REMOVE THEIR EVENT SCORE. This is ridiculous.
  4. I've seen several people on corners of 4-4 and 4-1,4-2,4-3 maps with their alternate accounts (they actually build that account from ground to top so pushing won't be seen as obvious when using noob accounts) i just didn't want to use my time to record and caught them cheating to earn up galactic strife points to earn the sweet rewards on that event.

    Had fun doing the Objectives on the battlepass since it had ship modules i need for the ships i use often and the insane amount of ammo, but i didn't really participated in the galactic strife since i know people would just cheat their way up, not to mention not a lot of bott- i mean players are online at that moment, even though Drone Damage won't be in effect while the event is still in progress.

    What's wrong is D.O did this knowing that people will cheat, push or ask friends to kill each other without having to put much effort in it to earn points (i know from experience, been on several discord servers and this is what they've been discussing)

    Only a few players that aren't on any social gaming platforms like discords that are doing the event for real and are hunting players on the spot for points, and i do hope they get what they deserve and win the rewards, rather than getting those pushers and bunch of cheaters to win the event.

    All in all, pvp events are going to be abused without proper precaution and anti-cheating methods on D.O's end, without them finding out a way to ban and prevent people from cheating their way into the game i don't think it will be fair for everyone, and every year botters keeps growing and growing and i don't think they know that, 5-3, x-7 maps the lots of them have ships roaming around the map auto locking on bks and lks.

    back to the subject; The event is flawed from the beginning, they should review each player's kills and see if these people really did killed different players and not just a few names showing up on their logs, they need to figure out how to determine the real winners next time around when they commence an event like this in the future.
  5. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Thanks to all for your feedback on the Galactic Strife Event! Your feedback is being reviewed by the team.

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