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    Galaxy Gate FAQ

    The new found galaxies, here you can build 4 gates with uridium or free energy.

    How can I use the new materializer?
    The materializer is similar to the old one:

    You can access the alpha, beta and gamma gates at the top of the gate list; and access Delta Gate beneath that.

    To use the materializer you can click the button:

    You can also do multiple spins at once by clicking the drop down menu:

    You can then choose:
    · 1 Spin
    · 5 Spins
    · 10 Spins
    · 100 Spins

    The updated price of the spins will be displayed on the button; you can then click to use it as normal.

    How do I use the multipliers?
    You can see her that the multiplier that you currently have, you can click the check box to use it on your next spin.

    If you are using 100 energy at once, then it is likely that you will hit the “6 times” multiplier within that spin, in this case the multiplier will automatically be used. On one of the items that is won from the materializer. Please note that if you have an already completed gate on the backpage and receive gate part for it when a multiplier is used, it will result in receiving ammunition or other item instead.
    How can I see how much Extra Energy I have?
    At the top right of the materializer page you can see the Uridium you have, and underneath the amount of extra energy. The cost displayed on the button to use the materializer will adjust automatically to take into account the amount of extra energy that you have.

    Where can I see what I have won?
    You will see items appear in the log, where you can check what you have gotten out of the materialize, In the case of using 100 energy at once, you will see the items grouped together so that you can see the items more clearly.

    Where can I see the probabilities for the materializer?
    You can click the % button next to the gate.
    How can I buy extra lives for a Galaxy Gate?
    Once a gate is set up you can purchase a life for it on the bottom left hand side:
    Can I buy a life after I have lost the 3 Original Lives.
    No, Gate lives must be purchased prior to losing the last gate life. Once you have lost the last life... the gate will be closed.

    How do I set up a completed gate?
    If you do not have a gate on the space map, and you have completed it you can set it up on the bottom right hand side:
    You can venture into these unknown places and receive great rewards.
    Try now and be the best in your galaxy!
    What are the galaxy gates?
    • The galaxy gates are four portals to go to different galaxies and take on the task of killing many waves of different aliens.
    • These gates are Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta.
    What is the purpose of the galaxy gates?Completing galaxy gates affect your rank points and statistics such as aliens killed, honor and experience.

    Gates Available
    Click Gate Name to see more information
    Information to be added​
    • You will also find that when you complete galaxy gates you are given a symbol above your rank for the amount of gates that you have done. These look like the following:

    Below what a Completed gate will look like:

    ALPHA.png BETA.png gamma.png delta.png Epsilon_Gate_zps1161a9e4.png zeta.gif Galaxy_Gate_Kappa_zpse0e37cea.png lambda.png hades 1.png Kronos.png kuiper.gif

    How do I use the galaxy gates?

      • Once you have a galaxy gate set up, they will appear on your home map. Your home map is the map that has the number 1 at the end of the map number.
        • MMO
          • 1-1
        • EIC
          • 2-1
        • VRU
          • 3-1
      • When you get to your home map, close to your base (blue square on your mini-map) you will see that the gate has been set up (that is, if you have set it up). Simply approach the gate, click jump and you will jump into the first wave of the gate (if newly set up) and that is you starting the gate.

      • After each wave of aliens, 2 portals will appear in the center of the map. You can jump out of the gate between waves. by hovering over the normal jump portal (on the right) and pressing the 'J' button. The gate will save your progress ready for the next time you're ready to jump.

    Galaxy Gate- Frequently asked Questions

    What good is the materializer of the galaxy gates?
    With the help of a materializer you can build three new jump gates and enter into unknown galaxies.

    What’s waiting for me in these galaxies?
    If you have built a gate you can jump into a galaxy which is hiding behind it and take up new challenges there. If you master all the challenges of a galaxy, you’ll receive awesome rewards.

    Can I use a gate more than once?
    No if you have used a gate you’ll have to rebuild this gate in order to enter into the galaxy again. The other gates which haven’t been completely built yet will stay the same however.

    Can I return from one of the four galaxies?
    Yes, after killing all of the NPC's in a wave (eg. Streuner) then two jumpgates will appear on the middle of the map. The right takes you to your home map, the left takes you to the next wave of NPC's.

    What happens if I already have a part of the gate?
    If you already have a part of the gate, you’ll be able to keep it. You can collect up to 5 gate parts and use a Multiplier for the materializier.
    Depending on how many gate parts you have, you’ll get the following:​
    • 1 gate part = double the amount
    • 2 gate parts = triple the amount
    • 3 gate parts = four times the amount
    • 4 gate parts = five times the amount
    • 5 gate parts = six times the amount
    If you’ve collected 5 gate parts, you’ll get six times the amount indicated when using the materializer the next time!

    Can I collect more than 5 parts as a multiplier?
    No, if you have 2 each of the 5 parts, these will automatically be used as multipliers the next time you use the materializer.

    What happens if I get a gate part by using a multiplier?
    Then you’ll only get the new parts for the gate. You won’t get double the amount of parts. If you’ve used, for example, a 5-gate-part multiplier and you only need 2 parts for the gate, you’ll get the rest in ammunition or in credits.

    Do I only win gate parts?

    No, in addition to the gate parts you can also win the following:​
    • All types of elite laser ammunition (between 20 -140 rounds)
    • Elite rockets and mines (between 2-12 pieces)
    • A repair credit
    • Xenomit (between 5-7 pieces)
    What happens if my armory is full?
    Then you’ll still get the ammunition. This will be added into your armory anyway – no matter if there is enough room or not.

    Are there any blanks?
    No, every time you materialize you win. If you already have a gate part, you can use it as a multiplier later on.

    How much is one materialization?
    It costs 100 Uridium for one materialization. With each materialization, you’ll either get a gate part or at least a prize worth 100 Uridium or more.
    In addition you can also fight for additional energy so that you don’t have to pay anything to use the materializer.
    (For premium members, it will cost 95 uridium)

    Can I choose when I want to use a repair credit?
    The credit will be used the next time you repair your ship or a drone. You’re not able to choose if you can use this credit or not.

    I am a Premium member; will my credit be used for the repair of my ship anyway?
    Since you can repair your ship for free, no credit will be deducted when you repair it.

    Do I get an LF4 or Havoc every time I finish the gate?

    The Lf4 or the Havoc Design is a random chance - which means it is not guaranteed.

    Are the aliens the same as in the regular gates?
    No, there are new aliens in these gates.

    The Aliens from the Pirate maps are in in the Epsilon, and the Zeta has all New aliens.

    Player Informational section:

    Complete Guide to Delta

    Thank you to: Whitelasers, Radovan8,wrestlemania-BDW(German Server) -Translated By: ĆŘÅŽ¥ŦÖÖÑ[ÉŠ]

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