Galaxy Gate Percentages

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Okapi32, Feb 19, 2014.

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  1. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I took advantage of the test server being open to do a quick test on something that many users feel they are being lied to about, GG percentages.

    A few things about the test:
    • Multipliers count as 1 galaxy gate part
    • Parts acquired from multipliers count as only 1, not 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.

    I have only tested 5 accounts at the moment.

    The 1st account tested Delta. It had 100,000 Uridium and 2 extra energy, 1002 spins in total. This account got 133 galaxy gate parts resulting in a drop rate of 13.273%.

    The 2nd account tested Zeta. It had 100,000 Uridium and 6 extra energy, 1006 spins in total. This account got 109 galaxy gate parts resulting in a drop rate of 10.538%.

    The 3rd account tested Kappa. It had 110,000 Uridium and 2 extra energy, 1102 spins in total. This account got 143 galaxy gate parts resulting in a drop rate of 12.976%.

    The 4th account tested Alpha, Beta and Gamma. It had 100,000 Uridium and 3 extra energy, 1003 spins in total. This account got 140 galaxy gate parts resulting in a drop rate of 13.958%.

    The 5th account tested Epsilon. It had 100,000 Uridium and 2 extra energy, 1002 spins in total. This account got 126 galaxy gate parts resulting in a drop rate of 12.575%.

    Between the 5 accounts the average is 12.664%.
    Please bare in mind anomalies can occur. I will hopefully have time to test Zeta 3 more times to get a better average for that gate.

    Video evidence of the first 3 tests; the last 2 will be uploaded later:
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  2. what would happen if we tested this on a real server?
  3. try testing alfa beta gamma and if u can, epsilon

    i will do it now
  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Added it to the first post, I'll upload video evidence of those two tests later on when I have time.
  6. i tested Z
    had 100.000 uri & 3 gg spins
    when i got a muliplier use it immediately (always x2 ... not x3 or more)
    got 88/111 this is 8.8% if i am correct

    why just 8.8% for me ? did something wrong ??? is there a trick for more percentance ?
  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Multiples count as GG parts, you can't just look at it as 88/111. You need to include every multiplier you get as a GG part.

    A few things about the test:
  8. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    It's all good ^^ I'm going to do a few more tests on Zeta myself later to make sure the result wasn't just an anomaly.
  9. thx.. that's kind of weird I did a test on my accounts and I usually get around 11.576%
  10. my logs so far for my gates:
    SpinsPartsAmmoRepLogMisslesXenoHPMinesMultiplierGates Done
    1953165199080495820322888858000252118Ax2, 45/48 B, 55/82 G
    2155169220480545921563295936000271133A x2, B x2, 56/82 G
    2336108243620773021623707991000287202A, B, G
    2594116277424791921583764112000027122234/34 A, 48/48 B
  11. W
    WOW STATS !!!!!!
    WELL DONE my friend - well done:):)
  12. I will tell you something really interesting that everyone would think about.....
    first let me show you something that has to be crystal clear before a start:
    1 Multipliers = 1 part right? is that clear? ok...
    if at the beginning you get 10 parts out of 50-80 spins... my question is:
    why when you have 110 parts lets say from kappa.. why dont we get 10 multipliers instead? Did the % probability decreased? it should NOT decrease... it should be the same and give us the same number of multipliers at 100 parts as it gave it to us when we had 0 parts. Why? because the % should be the SAME! which is not... you are still getting 13% that means that out of the 120 parts you should have that 13% giving you either the multipliers you deserve or the gate parts..... correct me if im wrong...
    but the probability should not decrease at all..
    and just to make sure, if you have 110 out of 120, you are not getting that 13% on 10 parts, why? because you are getting multipliers, (multipliers= parts that you already own) meaning that you still getting that same amount of gate parts, but as multipliers.
    Havent you got really close to 115 and you trow 100 spins and out of that hundred you get 5 multiplayers instead of 10 ?.... this is something BP should look at!.
    NOW something else.....
    it has been proven that when you use uridium to build a gate you get more parts and build it with way less uridum...
    I have used around 2000 spins to build one kappa,
    and i have use 120k to build a kappa i have tried this many many times... and it is the truth... BP is cheating on us.....

  13. my friend
    i need some expalations
    lets take Z for example since i do Z a lot these days
    u got Z parts with 1429 / 1642 / .. even with 2200 spins
    does this huge variation in total spins amount has do do with something u did ?
    if so plz tell us what helps to get less spins consumption
  14. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    You have to count multipliers as GG parts since that is what they are, just GG parts you already have but they still count. He didn't get the same amount of Z parts in all of them, he got different amount of multipliers too.

    Did you count parts gained from multipliers used as just 1 part? For instance if you used a x6 multiplier and got 6 pieces that technically counts as just 1 part in this test since you had a 13% chance of getting a galaxy gate part from that spin but the multiplier turned it into 6 parts.

    Just asking because your spread is massive; on Epsilon alone you have a spread of 10%. The first Epsilon you built had a 22.902% drop rate whilst the third had 12.945%, according to your results.
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  15. All spins were done 10 at a time, when a X2,3,4,5 came up I switched to 1 spin and spun with the multiplier then back to 10 spins at a time, it seems to work the best for me spinning gates this way. I have been lucky on some and not so lucky on others, i even got a 15% drop on a zeta doing this. All gates were built with mostly pally, very little uri was spent on gates.
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  16. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Ah ok, I'm guessing you counted every gate part received from multiplier then, for instance if you used a x4 multiplier and got 4 gate parts than that would have been included in your results as just 4 parts towards your gate.
  17. seems to me that this variation on how many gg spins need for 11 gg parts is uncontroled
    i have read in other posts that spin 1 at a time works best for them .. some others say 100 at once .... i will try and see (will take long time for this)
    thanks for ur information my friend
  18. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Interesting :eek:

    I just went to the old forum to look at =[sputnik]= 1 bill spin simulator, to see what the 3 sigma results were to see if the above Epsilon results fit in the normal distribution, and have found that,
    the 3 sigma data has been removed from =[sputnik]= thread. I wonder why that was done.:rolleyes:

    I will see what normal distribution data I can find from other threads and spreadsheets I have.


    It is not possible to work out the exact gate part yield from prometheis2000[ITGS] tabulated data as It does not show how many gate part were gain from using the multipliers.

    If we take this data:-


    There was 834 spins used 99 parts and 92 multiplier.

    If none of the multipliers yielded gate parts the total number of part from 834 spins would be 99+92 = 191

    If every used multiplier yielded gate parts the total number of part from 834 spins would be 99

    So the actual gate part yield for this result is anywhere between
    22.9% and 11.87%

    This data:-


    Is between 269 from 2078 spins and 99 from 2078 spins, so the yield is between 12.9% and 4.8%


    Hi Okapi32

    From the extensive data collection I did on gate yield (over 50k spins), the one notable variable that seem to show a significant difference ( with a notable increase in yield )was the yield from the first 2 or 3 gate for gate that had not been previously done. I saw this effect on 3 gate that I started doing for the first time during the data collection.
    But without starting a new account and repeating the work I was not able to repeat this to see if it was significant.

    From over 50k spins I hit an average yield of around 11.5% with the 11.5% also being centered within a fairly normal distribution of results, with a few high outlier results which were from first 2-3 gates as mentioned above.
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  19. *Boots*

    *Boots* User

    I guess 13% is out the door.. anyone get 'over' 13%?? I saw a few 'under' but none over..

    Looks like BP needs money... or a chance for you to give up the cash:)

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