Galaxy Gate Percentages

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Okapi32, Feb 19, 2014.

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    100 spins again a total of 9 parts..and like I said only happens when it's close to completion this happened 4 times in a row.. I worked it out and it came to 9.954%

    again 9 parts in total ..nice

    7 parts now ..even better :D :|

    now 6 its getting better every time

    edit 3/14/14 (Happy Pie Day)
    9 gate parts again in total again ..guess what . this is on a different account tried on a couple accounts .. the percentage for galaxy gates is actually really low .. 9.455%

    can a mod freaking answer and check the [Removed] probabilities .again same problem but not I;m getting 5 per 100 spins and like I said before when the gate is almost opened .. 9 more for gamma again 2 more for alfa again and 8 for beta .. and guess what 5 per 100 spins even 4 .rarely 9 mostly 7 parts or multiplies per 100 spins and also 700 spins and not one single parts for alfa beta and gama. but of course I got multipliers .. like I said mostly 7 per 100 spins .. can u check it many times do I have to post here just so u guys can check the damn probabilities
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  2. Better chances or I riot!