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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Omega, Apr 13, 2014.

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  1. Omega

    Omega User

    an admin told me that the galaxy gate chance is 13% per spin .. which I don't believe .but anyway .. even if it was .I'm getting way more xenomit and believe it or not more log files . so what the hell is going on . can someone . please actually check it on a regular server .. not on a test server .but on regular server .. I;m getting between 8.255% and 11.433%...
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  2. Dude, I have horrible chances for gate parts. Over 5k energy(took me months to finish logging) my average is 12% parts(9% of which were multipliers) and 14% xenomit. Drives me nuts. It's not just me who has noticed that gates are taking longer to build than they used to.
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  3. Omega

    Omega User

    I know .. the % is not right ...there's a whole thread about this .. they just don't care .. an admin said is 13% per spin ..which I don't believe .but still if it was .why am I getting more xeno and even logfiles .
  4. I don't about others but took me more then one month to get last part of gamma and that is sad.
  5. Yep. My friend had one more piece for beta, used 1.2k EE and almost built his A gate again...still no beta.
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  6. Omega

    Omega User

    what the hell!!! why am I getting so much xenomit ..I need again 2 more beta parts and after 60 k uri all I'm getting is stupid worthless xenomit . what the hell
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  7. The Percentage is right. Multiplier = Gate piece. Its 13% chance to find "a" gate piece, not 13% chance to find the piece you need.
  8. Omega

    Omega User

    like I said before .. either way I should not been getting more xenomit and log files and rep vouchers .. its retarded . and it use to no be like this .and the admin said is 13% per spin . so I have 13% chance every spin of getting one gate part .another one said its 13% out of 100 .they don't even know what they are talking about ..
  9. Out of 100 spins, Statistics will be around 13%. Its an average. Sure, out of 100, 9% may be Parts, maybe 20% at some other times. You may get completely unlucky and get none as it could be 13% out of 1000 spins and the first 100 spins get you nothing.

    I used to get alot of extra HP and ALOT of ammo. I get 1 part or Multiplier every 10 spins. There were cases I gotten 5 parts in a row. I always use my x2 or x3 multiplier. IT all depends on luck and chance, not facts.
  10. The facts are that some people have been logging their results and many do not come out with the same averages that BP projects on the gate parts(yes, including multipliers as that is a gate part) I had noticed almost a year back that gates suddenly were taking me longer to build than previously. Not sure if anyone noticed that, but you go on the old forum and look up how cheap people were building gates before. I had seen people that were building the lambda for 400 EE. That's certainly not happening anymore. Not sure what happened but something changed with the gates and now they take longer to build than they used to in 2013.
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  11. What have you got against xenomit?
    It's the best thing on darkorbit
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  12. Omega

    Omega User

    the think is .there is another post where all the players have done calculations I came up with 7.4% to 9.6% )close to 7 and 10% .never got 13% . never the chances suck .they need to be fixed
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  13. The chances of getting gate part does seem to be less likely than it has been in the past. Bearing in mind that % is like statistics, statistics prove only one thing, statistics mean nothing. Dark Orbit has become a game of `CHANCE` !!
  14. I agree that it seems you get less gate parts than before.

    I have also noticed that if I build gates with urid, I get them built quicker & hit more multipliers than if I used GG spins.

    My last 5 kappas cost me over 13,000 GG spins whereas my 5 kappas before that cost me just under 950k urid (equivalent to 10,000 spins as I have premium).

    Maybe this is a coincidence - but I don't believe in coincidences as far as this game is concerned.
  15. boys
    13% is valid .. but refer to gg part - no NEW gg part
    actually percentance for me for NEW gg part is about 7-7,4% whitch depents from how u use multiplier (always in x2 gives better stats)
  16. If you belive 13% is valid go on your merry way and build loads of gg with your 13%;).

    If that's the case try building 1 alpha for around 30k uri like you used to in the past and then say its 13% :).
  17. u didnt read my message my friend
    plz read it again and i wait you here to discuss it
  18. Omega

    Omega User

    ur talking about multipliers also . we already took that into consideration .. so no ur wrong the chance is nowhere close to 13% ,,, I have data to prove it wrong . me and a lot of other players
  19. actually talking about multipliers is for no meaning for me

    i do care ONLY about how many NEW gg parts i get vs gg spins i spent in order to complete my gate
    so i have counted 3-4 times the percentance of gg spins i need to get my goal
    so this 7-7,4% i am refered to is 100% valid cause i have checked it

    the 13% that refer to total of gg parts & multipliers i get vs gg spins i spend is not something to need to find out either support so i sayed that is valid cause OKAPI and so more players did this verification.
  20. Yep, all you need is xenomit...go away airhead.
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