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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Omega, Apr 13, 2014.

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  1. Sorry but are you serious? i quote you for going off topic and you then quote me back for going off topic for quoting you ? i'm truly sorry but your stupidity has no bounds does it..
  2. Fail, that code isn't from 2010, it isn't even from BP.

    I made that code to show how does it works, it's made by me.

    With that I wanted to show how BP use the 13% of probability to generate RANDOM parts of a gate. With RANDOM parts I mean that you can (and actually you do) get more than 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7 times THE SAME part of the gate
  3. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I am now seriously doubting if you even know what code is.

    I am not trying to suggest that I have the code that show gate part yield is 13% unlike you.

    If you are able to honestly answer a question, with out muddying the waters;
    try this one:

    Is it possible in any way for the server side code to affect the yield for gate parts from the materialiser?
    ( this is not a multiple choice question)
    A. Yes
    B. No

    ( I guess you are going to some how evade this question )

    I'm so glad you are sticking to the debate subject matter.:rolleyes:


    <mode>Okapi32 posts .php code<mode>
    <Okapi32 posts .php code = "limited code">
    <cat id="Okapi32 ignores that facts" percentage="95" />
    <cat id="Okapi32 post irrelevant subject matter" percentage="5" />

    Just encase you have not realised I have only posted part of the code.

    But the code shows Okapi32 either, ignores that facts, or post irrelevant subject matter.

    Or maybe it is the complete code.:rolleyes:

    It is you that Failed;)
    what I was referring to when I mentioned code from 2010 was code from 2010, it had nothing to do with what you had posted.

    If it was not against the forum rule I would repost the GG.php code from 2010 which shows a different yield distribution for A,B,Y that the .php code shows these days.

    I understand what you had done and why, including when you posted the gg .php code and wrote your own code.

    I also understand that is would be possible to get 1000 gate parts in a row, but you would have a better chase of walking around the world 10 times.

    So are you saying you can just make a totally irrelevant post purely aimed at me an I should let you get away with it?
    I guess that make you the stupid one.;)
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  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Would you look at that, you are still avoiding posting any code to prove any of your theories :)

    No Pacman, it is not possible for the server side to effect GG probabilities since it is done with the php that has been posted so many times that you chose to ignore.
    Until you can prove server side code does effect it then it is just your theory.

    However you insist on never posting code to back up your theory, so you are your own downfall here.

    The very first line in your code is wrong LOL.
    I have taken the liberty to highlight what you should have included in your code.


    Erm, if you are declaring this without a /> at the end then this must be a new function so now you code has to look like this:

    <Okapi32_posts_php_code = "limited code">
    <cat id="Okapi32_ignores_that_facts" percentage="95" />
    <cat id="Okapi32_post_irrelevant_subject_matter" percentage="5" />
    <Okapi32_posts_php_code = "limited code" />

    Congratulations on getting every single line of your code wrong.
    Last edited: May 4, 2014
  5. irrelevant? your the one who posted irrelevant crap on here first i was just calling
    you out on it because it seems like you do it to everyone else like now calling me out for calling you out...

    but who can disagree with you. you always post evidence to back up anything you say don't you and clearly no everything about the game are you sure you don't work for bigpoint or the darkorbit team because your make everything else out like you do? : )))))...

    i guess you don't like it do you? then again why would you need to tell me to go back on topic when you went off topic first?


    no one cares about the rubbish you do in real life because this is a game and please keep this game related because no one wants to read about your bs : ))))
  6. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I have said from day one and you have also, we do not have access to the server side code. So why do you keep going down the same avoidance strategy. You would need to hack the server to get that information.

    You should debate that with ImManulaiko as he has show better knowledge and post the opposite.

    There are \ number of ways in which the server side code could affect the gate part yield.

    See above. How sad you keep wasting effort on this muddy water.

    How funny that you pick up on the insignificant parts of a thread rather than the subject matter and key points.

    There is code that is not present in the galaxy gate.php that could affect the yield for gate parts.
  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    You thought you were so clever thinking you could write code but got every single line wrong.
    Then you tell me to stop picking up on "insignificant parts"? You posted it Pacman to have a go at me and you failed. You failed hard.
    You told me you could write code, you have shown me you can't.

    I have asked you to provide proof in code that other factors effect gate yield percentages beyond galaxyGate.php and you have refused so many times I have lost count.
  8. Just forget him, forget this thread, forget this game and enjoy life
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  9. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I forgot I was debating with you.:rolleyes:
    So lets just debate the irrelevant parts of that post as you like to do so often.

    The code was never intended to work as code. surprise surprise.

    But if we are arguing over semantics how about </probability>.

    I never aim to have a go at you. I feel sorry for you that you are not able to have enough confidence in yourself to realise that;
    even when I say it so many times.
    If you did, we could actually have a deabte solely on the subject matter of a thread.

    I can write code, but I have never said I was a coder. I can read code and even debug code, but I don't post part code to prove a point.

    It was intended to flippantly point out that the galaxy gate .php does not give all the code that could affect the gate part yield.
    I should have realised that you would pick up on the "insignificant parts" then I would have thought about actually writing code without my Dyslexic content, not that I would have had time to correct any errors as you must be waiting on my every post, the speed you respond...

    I have never refused;
    how sad you have to twist this point so far away from the reality you know.

    WE do not have access to the server side code unless you are going to hack the server and post that.

    I have also lost count of how many time you have asked that, knowing we do not have access to the server side code that could affect the outcome of gate yield.

    I am just pointing out it is possible for server side code to affect the gate yield.

    Why don't we change our debate style aiming at discussing the subject matter.

    Now wouldn't that be a novel idea.

    Ill ask you a few questions that are directly related to ( surprise surprise)
    galaxy gate %.
    Then you ask me relevant question that are directly related to ( surprise surprise) galaxy gate %. Aim at using the least amount of words ( now that will be harder for me;) ):-

    1. Where in the .php code (or so as you don't twist it, any other non server side code) does it store the actual gate parts that an account has already received, or is that in the server side code?
    2. Where is the list of gate parts and other items stored?
    3. Is it possible in any way, that the server side code could change the yield for an account or group of accounts.
    4. Where is the materialiser information stored?

  10. Wow guys, way to ruin a thread. I don't even know what the heck goes into the codes lolz, but I do know that the galaxy gate percent has changed and is off its rocker. No more A gates for 30k uri. I would like them to put the gates back to how they used to be instead of making it even more pay to win/farm your life away.
  11. oh look he has 'Dyslexia' lets feel bad and stop questioning the great pacman because he has it and if we dont he might give some evidence to his remarks/theories then again it might affect his multimillion pound decisions because we all clearly care about that dont we pac man.

    and then again if you say you can code why not write it right in the first place so he cant pull you up on it... unless you cant and then just want to move the subject along by saying it
    wasn't meant to be right because people see your full of crap...

    you claim to have 50,000 data points then post it because many people would like to see this yet you not once have or is that just talk out your ass as well?

    please write an essay because i love reading them : ))))) and also tell us about all the evidence you have that you never use to back up your theories i love hearing that aswell : ))))
  12. Omega

    Omega User

    anyway . can somebody actually test this out .like an admin or someone that has access to the code ? cuz I'm sure its not 13% it was way easier to open the damn gates a few years ago .
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  13. -Corex-

    -Corex- User

    same here, i want proof that is 13%, feels like its 5% i get more log disks (1%) than gate parts, is ridiculous
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  14. Omega

    Omega User

    yeah same I got more xenomit and log files .never mind repair vouchers ...
  15. FORUM MODERATOR: Please do your job. This thread is a verbal argument between 2 players. Delete it. Clean all of the personal attacks out or delete each posting.
  16. .-Raijin-.

    .-Raijin-. User

    Closing as this thread has gotten off topic and to prevent further spam.

    Best regards,
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