Galaxy gates slow spin !

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by Sories, May 1, 2021 at 8:51 AM.

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  1. Sories

    Sories User

    3 weeks past still gg spin slow issue not solved at all.

    what the dev team doing ?

    just simple fix will be solve the problem

    i just wonder is the new policy like this slow spin gates ? will be no more normal spin ?
  2. Yep and its only Saturday! EVERY single week the gg spinner breaks down!
    What would normally take about 30 seconds is now taking upto 5 min just to build 1 gate!
  3. Sories

    Sories User

    There is purpose ofcourse because there is one guy go to colonel to cheif general in eternal gate in 3 days .

    That guy farm eternal gate till wave 700 something this is impossible !!!

    Also darkorbit team keep the gates spin 5 sec to 10 sec because there is something on this thing.

    they not fixed yet because there is protection some users in us server. Like that user up.
  4. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    I fall asleep while spinning, too bad what happening in this game.. must I have to sacrificed my time? yes because I`m already spending much of it... please DO give me a bit of happiness in playing this game... I love you..:p:p:p
  5. Probably they changed into a fail2ban or anti dos system on their Nginx Server. Who drop to many Packets of the same Player. It's maybe the security mechanism whose the problem of the slow clicks / error messages


    DO is always working on fixes,some things take longer than others...things will get fixed though eventually...have faith...

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