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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Dec 11, 2013.

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    VESPID User

    The design I'm proposing is such that allows the ship that employs it to gain an evasive maneuvers ability also a boost for any credits gained by hunting aliens.
    This design cannot be used by any ships with more than an adjusted base of 160k Hp.
    The purpose of this idea is to make smaller ships more difficult to hit and to allow them to gain more credits from alien kills.

    The ship gets a 30% evasive maneuvers ability and credit boost.
    The design will be at the suggested price of 40k Uri.
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  2. Thats a half good idea, 5% evasive maneuvers sounds good, but +50% credits more? Thats too much, maybe 5%-10% would be fine..
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  3. So with the 160k bit you are ruling it out for anyone will full hull points on Pilot Bio who fly in golis or vengys? Also the bit requiring speed gens may need modifying a little as its annoying on some servers *cough cough GB2* where everyone runs away when you shoot anyway.. Giving them even more chance to run away will make them keep doing it to waste ammo! Maybe scrap that bit all together and just make it vary depending on what ship you have? Suppose it helps suicide configs but then it helps those time wasting fools that just keep running off port then running back when you shoot! Sounds like a good idea but just needs revising on how the evasive maneuver bit is employed and the credit bit needs lowering to 5-10%.

    Maybe what you mean is: a design for every ship up to but not including the vengy? Such as the bigboy and egg etc as then it would help noobs who HAVE to run away? Maybe this would be good and possibly change evasive to a standard 10% evasive maneuvers when being shot by other players?
  4. Why put a restriction on who can use it, make it for everyone to use but maybe 20% credit boost.
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  5. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    I don't like it, it would make it almost impossible to hit a UFE in a full speed goli.
  6. Minus the evasive addition and keep only the credit boost of maybe 20% and make it available for all users then its a good idea.

    Where it stands its a good idea.
  7. I do not see the need to put a restriction on any idea. My spearhead has more than 160k hp at all times, because I always have the hp booster and I am in the heart formation when using the spearhead. I couldn't even use this design in a bigboy OR nostromo. What is the point? And with 5% evasive maneuvers per engine, that means that a piranha could have 40% evasive maunervers when running just from this design, let alone pilot bio.
    Unlike the rest, I'm fine with a 50% credit boost lol. They're already free so it really doesn't matter to me.

    VESPID User

    Perhaps if I changed it from speed to shield gens would that work?
    Oh and also I'll change the HP dilemma to base instead of adjusted.
    The reason this design isn't available to all ships is because those ships already have more designs than any other or because they would be way too overpowered.
  9. So it's fine to over power smaller ships, but the big ones need to stay as they are and become less useful, as the smaller ships become better and more powerful??
    There is a reason we buy/bid on the big ships. Because they are SUPPOSED to be better.
  10. VESPID

    VESPID User

    That reasoning is flawed, any ship using this tech will not be overpowered in comparison to your big ships even without the current designs available to them.
  11. You keep using the reasoning that because you like the looks of credit ships, they should be made better to suit you. THAT is flawed reasoning. Credit ships should be bad and uridium ones on auction should be better and the uridium ones not on auction(yet) should be even better. Hence the abilities for them.
  12. Yeh i like the sound of it as well and also the 50% does sound a bit too much :p but nice idea altogether though :)
  13. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Alright, 10% credit boost it is.
  14. It's a bio feature - NO from me :mad: Get some log disks.
  15. VESPID

    VESPID User

    It is a needed idea, help develop it.
  16. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    -1 from me.
    2 reasons:
    1) +5% evasion for each shield generator... you know where i'm going with this.
    That means on a citadel which can have a maximum of 20 shield generators there is a 0% chance of hitting the citadel... Unless i'm missing something help me out here somebody. There is already pilot bio upgrades for evasion. Be original in your post.

    2) It seems like a cheap and easy way to earn credits. True the value of credits have dropped chaotically but, such high credit bonuses are unheard of. +5% credit bonus at max in my opinion, but again this is in the pilot bio and if you do the math, the overall credit gain will be huge. I'd say credit bonus is fine but +5% at maximum.

    Concluding: from my perspective, the credit part is half decent but the evasion is a no-no.

    Edit: only noticed the restriction part now. My thoughts on that are...why even bother. If that's the case the only supporters of this idea would be new players and players who are really not good at gaming.
  17. Sociopath

    Sociopath User

    Okay I see what you're trying to do here, help noobs, but this isn't the way to go about doing it. How about this:

    "1/(lvl)", and then changed into a percent, gets added to a player's evasive maneuver ability, and they get that much more of a credit boost.

    Level 5
    20% more evasive-ness and credit boost.

    Level 10
    10% more evasive-ness and credit boost.

    That work for you?
  18. VESPID

    VESPID User

    Wow, excellant. I'll use a similar version of that idea....Thanx.
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  19. Please do not use evasive maneuvers as a bonus for these things. Lasers are already innacurate. You go to shoot someone with pilot bio and level 5 evasive maneuvers, you're missing 40% of your shots. That's not right.
    And the bids are inflated enough.
  20. VESPID

    VESPID User

    This idea is addressing some of the things not right.

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