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  1. Just wanted to tell everyone that doesn't know how broke DO is, was talking in global chat told another player they were a weak ass nub like this is a pvp game right a little poke to get them to fight as most of the players now a days all are bot's so they don't even talk in chat and well here is my penalty for saying ass.
    System: You have been banned from chat. You can log in again on 2114-03-15 at 7:31 AM.
    [ 91 years of chat ban lmao this is how good their client is now i actually have to send a ticket in to support so that I can basically chat to myself anyways.
    Kinda proof in my eyes that BP is trying to push all legit players from their game no matter how they do it as they seem to want all players to be ok with bot's in the game when it clearly states in the T&C no bot's I am firmly not going to use a bot in such a ridiculous way for such an out dated game and it seems i am always being punished for this.
    Always thought we live in a free society with free speech and i know swears are not allowed but you can say "BAD WORD" with no ban but "ass" yeah that's definitely a real bad swear worth 91 year ban!!! Cheers

    It was cleared up don't know what happened system error or something, can close now.
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    Closing as requested.
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