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  1. just finished a kappa ..left for 30 mins no rewards for completion so what ya going to do about it .. costing me uri for no bonus rewards
  2. Finished a Delta 3 and a half hours ago. No reward,. No Special Reward and the ship is still ON-LINE wasting Boosters!

    We going to get compensated for these running Boosters or what?
  3. finished an epsilon earlier to get 10k seprom rewards finished gate 0 rewards also stuck in the gate got support to kick me from the gate while i was at work come home tried to receive my rewards and all I got was stuck in the gate again.
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  4. Took me 6 hours to get taken out. Now Rewards, No Sep. Left in the Middle of 3-1 and the Delta I did, did not disappear. Also,.. my Boosters were Running the whole 6 hours

    And I wanted to do a Kappa too. Not Now
  5. My ship has been stuck in a kappa gate since 1000am yesterday. I even tried going to the rad zone to blow up but I'm not taking any damage. This is a whole new level of nonsense.
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  6. finished kappa gate and got stuck on the gate without taking any reward ...
  7. i still stuck in epsilon since 2pm yesterday, no rewards either but my gate still showing up on map, my phoenix stuck in there as managed to warp my goli+ out...
  8. Contact Support to get your ship removed. As to the Rewards, they said that up to the Dev's. I sent screen shots of End of Gate where it says 'Delta Completed' . The Gate Window with the Prize of the Gate for the Day, which was Sep and another picture of the ship in Veteran Formation on my G- Champion so I get that X-tra Honor bump from the Gate/

    Has Anyone also noticed that the Gate they completed is still on the Map and did not go away?
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  9. USAGeneral

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    "We apologize for the inconvenience caused" - this will be your compensation.. It's not much, but it's served from the heart :DDDD
  10. .....................................................
    Yes...I had support move my ship out of my kappa. I thought I could jump back in to collect the reward. Now I am stuck again.
  11. Rfc4633

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    Post REPOST: Update


    After today's sync, there was a problem assigning rewards from galactic gates. The problem is already in the high priority solution.


    Our CZ/SK team decided to test everything so we can help you before the fix.
    We found that the problem affects only four gates so far. Delta, Kappa, Epsilon and Zeta. The final reward will not be awarded in these gates and you will remain stuck here.
    (Other gates are working normally for now, including the Hades group gate.)

    We already have advice for that stuck . (thanks to the unknown player who gave us his suggestions)

    If you get stuck in the gate, just stand and wait for the notification (Connection lost)

    Click Logout and the game window will disappear. Then just click on any ship on the main page in the hangar and change the ship.
    Then all you have to do is log into the game and in the game you will change the ship via warp to the ship with which you got stuck in the galactic gate.
    This can partially solve the problem. ;)

    PS: Don't worry, the gate will stay at your base, so you won't lose the final reward. We have to wait for a fix. :)
  12. Question now is who want's to chance the new event for frost designs this weekend XD.
  13. The above post from Rfc4633 isn't exactly true. I never got a connection Lost message come up. I had to write Support and after 6 hours, My Ship was taken out to the X-1 Map in the Middle of the Map. All that while, my Boosters were running for 6 Hours.

    Also, when I did get off the Gate Page by 'X-ing' Out of the Page, I was unable to Change hangers or Warp into another Ship in my Hanger.

    Support is handling the Issue, but what you should have done is Take Screenshots of the completed gate in your Game-Page Log,.. with pictures of what Special Reward you would have received, and what drone formation you were in at the end so when they do fix the rewards you would get the proper EP and Honor.
    The Issue with the Dev's is When they will compensate the missing Rewards, Items and Boosters

    Contact them again to get out. I was tempted to do the same,.. but wouldn't
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  14. buletchooo

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    Can we do something about this, it's still an ongoing issues and it's Double GG day? On top of that your server keeps crashing every hour, this is ridicilous.
  15. pilepile

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    I finished Delta gate today, but there are no results, nor can I exit Delta gate. When will this problem be solved? My ID 95989046
  16. slayer1316

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    okay so I'm not the only one, zata finished, says complete and no rewards, gate still on map, cant make more gates, if i jump in it says wave 30 then complete and kicks me out but nothing happens, cant build another gate either,
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  17. OK,.. your Gates are NOT completed because you didn't get the Last Rewards. Write a Ticket and make it know your account is affected by this so you can get this finished rewards.

    Everybody got to get in a line for this to make sure you get what's due to you
  18. xKinesis

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    Same here. zeta not giving me the rewards and still says its on map etc. emailed support over a day ago but no reply yet grr. deary me
  19. Had sent support a message because my zeta gate rewards never went through. Support response is that they cant do anything and that we're just supposed to wait for the game devs to come up with a fix. Also there is no set time on when said fix is going to patched. And also they cant give the rewards - only the devs can.
  20. Same reply I got. I find it odd that it started right after this..

    Hello Space Pilots,

    We will have a sync with a server restart this week on Thursday at 10 am CET to do some background work.

    Your DarkOrbit Team

    Malaikat, Tuesday at 9:32 PM

    I think Malaikat Should be at this Desk Monday Morning and go thru all our Tickets and Fixing this

    btw, Clearing the Cache does nothing

    More info of what started Thursday when this started.....

    DISCLAIMER!: I am not in any way Flaming Malaikat,.. but this issue directly happened after these Events were done on the Servers
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