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  1. too bad, I can't get out of epsilon for two days now :(
  2. Write Support Ticket
  3. does it make sense to write to support
  4. Yes You want your Account on file that this issue has happened to You

    if you do nothing, nothing will get fixed for you
  5. Support contacted 2 days ago.
    But even then, still not fixed.
    I'm wondering how many lightning years it's gonna take, for them to fix that ^^
  6. Obviously, as with all Dark Orbit, it will take quite a while to get fixed. What I was suggesting to (*D*E*M*O*N*) was instead of doing nothing and not writing a Support Ticket, when they do get to fixing it they will know he was affected instead of not knowing his account got taken for a ride, as with everyone else who got nothing after they did their Sync on Thursday.

    I find it funny that they do a Sync for the creation of a Spectrum Plus ship and some Back Ground Work that it Breaks the main things that people play this game for, The Gates. And I'm surprised that with this Issue being known since Thursday, that SO Many People continued to attempt doing Double Gate Rewards on Sunday. With the knowledge of most Gates broken except for A/B/G and Hades, they should have done them instead.
  7. are the gates working now ?
  8. Grandpa_II

    Grandpa_II User

    just did delta and got them
  9. Yeah they say they fixed the rewards and activated double rewards again till tomorrow but there isn't any double rewards, "Surprise".
  10. Still waiting on my gate and rinusk reward from delta
  11. jump in gate and it actually completes it m8 and todays reward, did to me bout 1 hour ago :)
  12. But i want the 3k rinusk i built the gate for lol
  13. I'm still waiting on my Rewards from Last Thursdays DELTA and 10,000 Seprom. I provided screen shots of my gate to Support at the time of Completion of my Game Page Log, as well as the Gate Pop up Page showing the Reward of that Gate for the Day. Support told me that those screenshots were Very Helpful to them and they passed it on to the Dev's.

    So I'm seeing Mixed messaging about todays Gate Results,.. some saying their getting their Rewards, Some Not.
    So I will wait for about 6 hours from now to see.
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  14. Dunno what to believe these days. I complete Epsilon (19.12) and after last wave, it took 18 hours to get *** outta there, and no daily reward, which was DMG-T02. Others reward ok. What reason is that, no Daily rewards after game-inside bug? If its named prize of a day, what is reason when it denied, they will get informations of that time duration, noup any doubt for that. And only reason ever when i complete that Epsi, was daily reward, otherwise it should have waited until the weekend, now its gone. I feel cheated for DO. And DO himself bans people for cheating? What kind of ban should darkorbit get for this scam? I took also screen shot this issue but maybe ill wait what DO tell to you IRON-THRONE. In log files reportin ends of when last convict went bit world
  15. Build another gate with the compensation that was given of 2500 ee "DOGALAXY" Cheers
  16. Norman,
    Did you send those screen shots to Support after they answered your ticket? I personally have not received Last Thursday's Seprom Reward, but then again.. I am still waiting for a Reply from Support on that, I need clarification from them that IF I go back in that Delta, it will end at the Last Wave. Always cover yourself with screen shots for proof.

    When I hear something back from them, I will let let you know

    (I would also like to say that in my last Post Above, that I don't appreciate "My Welcoming a Senior Person Back" had to be Edited Out!)
    I'm Adding comment to the Person who actually FIXED this Issue!
  17. i jump in and got the rewardes it worked
  18. Yes! I did a Epsilon Last night and got the Rewards and the Sep.

    I am just waiting for confirmation from Support that if I jump into my Delta from last Thursday which I didn't get the reward, it will Pick up from the Last Wave and give the Rewards and Reward from Last Thursday.

    are you talking about a Gate you did already and it gave you the rewards from the last wave?

    and was this a gate you did on the weekend or one that you did last week for a Special Reward during the week?

    Unfortunately, the broken Delta Gate from last Thursday for 10,000 Seprom did not Pay Out the Sep. Good thing is I got Double Rewards.
    There will be other Sep Gates, so not going to Cry over spilt milk on this one.

    Has anyone else get Rewards from their Special Gate rewards Gate that didn't work on Thursday, but completed today? I would definately like to know

    what day did you do the Gate?
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  19. o ya yes u r right just hor,ep,uri, ammo , no bonus i think thursday it had bonus hor i think or sunday
  20. In my case for the Delta Gate I did on Thursday ( When the No Rewards Issue Started) The Special Reward for me was 10,000 Seprom.

    I got a email from Support letting me know that all I had to do was jump in the gate, and I would get the Rewards. BUT,... I did not get the 10,000 Sep! I did get Double Rewards, tho' so it isn't anything to Balk at, even tho I did provide a number of screen shots showing what the Reward of the day was, they could have been given to the Dev's and possibly they could have given me it, but I'm not going to complain.

    I do have to wonder why my numerous Post are all of a sudden being Condensed like the one above! They were Separate answers
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