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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Jul 17, 2020.

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  1. a few possible fixes are :
    *remove news-window from ingame
    *as soon as the red and blue keys where available , lag got instantly worse so don't put them ingame during events
    *less small daily actions ( mhh , boostersale , mindfire, etc ...) these actions used to be rare and it helped the gameplay.
    *remove all sprays and emotes ( nobody uses them , neither did anyopne asked for darkorbit to be an emoticon-wargame)
    *buy a decent server :)
  2. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    hes right about the emoticons not seen one since they first come out
  3. As for the "easy" gate. I'm lvl 16, though not FE. entered the gate on 3-1, popped in less than 2 minutes, never even managed to take out a single npc.

    So much for "easy".
  4. Current event started. Not quite as advertised .
    Completed objectives were saved but , all objectives pertaining to taking or giving damage were reset to "0"

    Appears , any unfinished objectives were reset to "0"
    DO stated progress would be saved .
    Did not happen.Not completely.
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  5. very true i am lvl 12 not fe i got all lf-3 and i got to wave 3 i had to run from every monster and i got killed at wave 3 and is there a way for me to get the HP-A01 with out doing the Gauntlet of plutus i need it but can not get the cosmic class c ammo
  6. It's the little things that count.
    TDO finally listened to some of us in regards to event availability .
    Since I live in a different time zone , it was difficult for me to play last time.
    Now it opens at a reasonable hour, so I can play even during the work week and not only on my day off.
    On the last Plutus event , the gate didn't open until 0400 my time.
    So , thx for that .
  7. the rewards are terrible all that firing and stuff in the higher gate to get a battle repair bots they needs to be atleast one reward box every way or 2 and the plutus doesnt drop a box atleast i didnt get one which is disappointing as it takes me like 20 miniutes with x4 to handle the plutus i only hit for 44k with x4 with seprom so its very difficuilt to do the boss i love a good challenge but the rewards are p### poor
  8. Some people play mostly to get the rewards at the end.Which if you won top prize would be worth it. I however don't play to beat any records . I play for the objective rewards and whatever I get from the gate.(which has been mostly ammo)The ABR is what I am mostly interested in, to continue upgrading weapons and shields. The only reason I used X4 ammo was because it makes the Seprom go farther.
    Since I ran out of Sep... now I use X3/1021's/Hellstorm .

    If I may make a suggestion , considering I don't know anything about your configurations. I would go with all shields on drones and all speed on ship.(both configurations)
    It may take longer to finish but , you might have a better chance of finishing this way.
    You can out run anything with max speed and have time to repair before they catch up.
    It's not an ideal solution but if you haven't already , you might want to consider it.
    Oh , and if you can keep from getting popped , I would let them run into the corner, (I prefer upper left ) because coordinates 3/3 seems to be a sweet spot for most NPC's , where you can shoot them yet you're out of their range. Just remember if you DO let them run and you get popped, they all come back when you re-enter the gate. This is all basic info that you should already know.
    Please don't be insulted by my suggestions. Just trying to help.
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  9. Thanks for the advice, next time I have the chance I'll give it ago. Never considered that to be honest.
  10. YW. Let me know if it works for you. At the very least make sure you have at least one configuration that's all speed and shields.
    My config.#1 is all lasers on drones and ship .All shields on ship (no speed gens.) Config. #2 is all shields on drones and all speed on ship.
    This way I have the dual benefit of fire power on #1 and defense on #2.
    But of course I think I may be in a better position to do it that way.
    I will be checking forum on a daily basis in case you have any questions .
    Good Luck !
  11. Well, it worked, thanks for the advice. Got quite far through it. At least until I got popped cause of lag. But, after 3 hours, still not done, in the end, let my self get popped, just to finish. Will try again later, maybe.
  12. Okay then. I wish you the best of luck.
  13. When will the pet gear be added to our accounts?
  14. Now that the event is over , is there any info regarding the stats and winners of the top prizes. And how are winners notified? Log book/messages?
  15. How many cheaters finished in the top 50 receiving all the best rewards given that they will have stolen 30+ level 16 Prometheus lasers enabling them to do the gate in the fastest times!
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