Gauntlet of Plutus feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Mar 21, 2019.

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  1. MILU1998

    MILU1998 User

    only 1 question does not bite the runner wavy smaller and not so much so that soon the big npc / little ones will be because it only goes to big ones already who has 120 thousand whiskers mg 290 k of life will not bite ? :/
  2. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Pity you forgot to mention;
    Aside from needing full Promi lasers, Sep and hundreds of thousands of ammo many don't have, you also need near perfect ping and absolutely no lag. 2 things many on most servers don't have.

    Added to that, I noticed you got no reward other than a bit of BL ammo (from progression points I assume) - So used premium hard to obtain ammo and Sep + a bundle of tech items for what, a 20K uri return?

    Really doesn't matter how fast you can do something (unless top 100 on an event board no-one really cares about is important to you) if the better rewards are all based on 'chance'.
    Can complete gate 14 times, so have 14 "chances" of getting more than NPC rewards - Really not worth the time effort and cost for little more than a chance to get a ship skin thousands of others are likely to have. We all know the top 10 at the end of the "event" will be filled with a few elite players, many of whom bot and or bully their way through the game.
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  3. OK, second try was 10 times better than the first 0 lag finished with 1 try over 2000 points made but still not great rewards got 20k A-BL ammo. Not really enough pay out for the ammo used. then did it with my second account and finished it with one ship but is a smaller account never the less the rewards for that gate was nothing so that account 2 times now and nothing for rewards. should be guaranteed something.
  4. cepada19

    cepada19 User

    i finished mine in 20mins but i tried to do my 3rd gate but it wont let me do it. this event is broken..
  5. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    dont get this gate completed all the way up to last turret as soon as ive killed it map changes and i die instantly from mines dont even get chance to lock watever alien is there so i looked at progress and theres no points got all the way to that point and theres no progress points wat is the aim of this gate didnt get anything from the aliens as in drop boxes , what is the point of this gate again,ive wasted untold sep and x4 and other resources to get nothing ,,
  6. For me, this could have been a good event but I am not mr. moneybags nor anything near UFE (that ever escalating definition-whatever t is anymore).

    For anyone below higher FE or into UFE territory without lots of good ammo, etc.... difficult and time consuming. The lag was bad at times which is partly my PC. Took me a couple hours to get to final but lag was a problem. Gave up. Not worth the boosters and ammo.

    My concern is that if content is only targeted to high end players, then what's left for the rest of us? A stripped back version of the gate for less able players (with reduced rewards) would have been nice. That doesn't seem to be possible in this current game environment. Content seems more tilted for the elites with no mind toward the future of the game - emerging players or long-time players who don't spend 10 hours a day or ahem use technological shortcuts to advance. Just one more event where the botters win again.
  7. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    Same old same old big give away for UFE's, the small guys loose out again. The words equal and fair are not part of the DO dev team vocabulary. An easy or hard gate option should have been the way to go with this event with entry into the gate on the x-4 maps.
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  8. 99044045

    99044045 User

    guys please post your SCORE here. and how many gates that you did. :) please
    i did 3 gates 7k score
  9. Waste of time event. Once again just trying to get money from the people willing to spend it instead of trying to improve the game.
  10. based on what I see about damage handed out by npc's even with boosters I couldn't take my best ship into that and survive more than a few shots from npc's. Won't even try it.
    Besides, if it is anything like the original plutus event, I cannot afford the amount of ammo required.
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  11. Stupid gate waist of ammo be warned if you make it thru the turrets and die in the next wave you must repeat the tirrets.
    Stupid to not reset it the gate at the circle round after the turret rond.
    Do not do or approach. I am double boosted using top kik ammo and formations and it hits you 500k
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  12. Full havoc, double dmg boosted, 22 prometheus, hectate, moth+drill, and did the gate in just under a hour with suicide config and promi 3x--dodging all the warheads and using PET repair and battle rep bot to stay alive, and using ring to fly across the mines to beacons. Finished the gate two times currently.

    Only reason I am doing this gate is to get the seprom and 20k RSB when its time to reset my chart, after that I am done with this gate. This event prior to this was way better--these rewards are just aren't worth my time, I can make more uridium and conserve more ammo shooting Cubes.

    Better luck next time BP
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  13. Do something about warheads, 500k damage is way too much and will pop you instantly when weakened by mines
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  14. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    I always though the idea behind events was to give rewards upon completion, DO seems to be good at making it up as they go. All rewards are "chance" and sadly you have a far greater chance of no reward than you do getting one.

    OP32, I'm afraid you are just out of touch, you and your "team" have spent this year introducing some what could have been really kool interesting content. Instead you designed it for possibly the narrowest focus group in the game (worldwide), that being the top 50 players on each server. No consideration for the majority of players across servers is a mistake, who do you think spends more on gaming - The already established top players OR those coming up behind them (you know, the group ignored with current game design)?

    One thing has become pretty clear over the last few months - If OP32 is working on a game as a Dev, his idea of "fair play" is only for the top players so it won't be worth investing in for others.
  15. this gate is ok,until you get to the final,from then on IT SUCKS!!!the final fight is so totaly over the top,way beyond normal. again DO managed to produce an event for the paying players. still wonder why I ever came back...
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  16. As far as toughness it is tough but not impossible i have a lvl 20 account no upgraded equipment but full of prom lasers and other assorted hp and parity and i finished the gate 2 times and died from lag 1st day and both times i finished i only
    got some of the rewards from the points nothing from finishing. Also i just used pumpkin ammo from the shop.
  17. lag got me killd last wave wen plutus had like 200k hp left :v was runnin frm it then all of a sudden stopped moving n 4 warheads killd me yall need to do sumthin bout this lag already its been how long n it seems 2 be gettin worse if anything
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  18. Yesterday, I finished the Gate in under an hour and the box on the game page said my progress points was 479.
    Today I did it 10 minutes faster and the box says my progress points was 0!

    I lost connection today during the gate and it was momentary, no deaths during the gate. Did that loss of connection effect my progress points in today's gate?
  19. evansnow

    evansnow User

    had fun doing gate, good uri rewards, last part was tough but was able to finish the gate.
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