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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Mar 21, 2019.

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  1. Pikey

    Pikey User

    it may surprise you to learn, not everybody on this game has full promethus lasers and double boosters.
    take all that stuff off and try it with just lf4's and the game is a drag.
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  2. Nice event but not very well thought out as anyone with c-cc ammo has basically won straightaway! If you dont have c-cc ammo then not much point even bothering to try and get in top 100.
    In the future would it not be a better idea to give everyone the same ship and same ammo so all events are fair? At least this way EVERYBODY can participate at an even level, even new starters can take part in ubfe events.
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  3. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    well obviosly your someone special then bonnie and no ,majority of players are not ufe ,most players only have 1 or 2 promethuis lasers not everyone has a gold barclaycard
  4. ÇîŁMŴ

    ÇîŁMŴ User

    "The reward package contains the chance to get a lot of valuable items" quoted from the FAQ.
    well today i did it for the fifth time and guess what? i got NOTHING from the reward package.
    FAQ don't say there is a chance of getting nothing.

    And btw, considering that some people spend real money on this event, i think DO should give percentuage of the chance of getting the rewards, including the chance of getting 5milion of uri because most of the player are doing this shit*y gate only for this phrase ( e.g. Enhanced LF4, Laser ammunition, Rockets, Mines, as well as the chance to get one of the new Nobilis ship designs. Additionally: For the luckiest of all - there’s the chance to hit a jackpot of 5,000,000 Uridium!).

    you know just to be professional sometime.

    p.s: i appreciate that you are now giving PIB as rewards
  5. This is why it is called an event and there is a ranking.

    Example: if in a race my opponent has more physical resistance than me, is the fault of those who make the race or mine who have not trained enough?
  6. Kante.

    Kante. User

    The new NPC in the gate really look like the purple plastic toys my 3 years old niece play with.
  7. I did the gate again today and found the boss wave much more manageable due to the nerf of the warheads.
    I am pleased with this change and would like to think there are many like me who feel the same.
  8. anduril

    anduril User

    I tried the gate today after the nerf. It is easier, but I am not pleased at all. This is a complete waste of time and ammo. I'm done with it. But, I hope you have fun :)


    I wonder if the developers, and others, look at what pilots are accomplishing now and basing their decisions on that, not realizing that those pilots may be violating the TOS. That said, I did better in this Plutus with my small level 21 ship than I did in my level 25+ ship. I find that also curious. Things are strange in DO and I don't get it at all. Perhaps I'm just too old and slow to keep up in here anymore. Dunno.

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  9. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Gotta luv DO.
    "You can find the CC-D laser ammo at a -45% discount in the shop now."

    Go buy enough to complete the gate you will spend more URI than you can hope to recoup even with premium and rebate. Do Developers think we are all stupid?

    You could have at least priced it so that not only those who bot millions of URI per week could use it.

    DO management just don't get it - Those who you design these "events" for are totally the wrong target group. Focus on those who haven't already used every exploit and cheat available in their efforts to bully, harass and drive away honest players.
    All you are doing is making honest players (the few left) ask themselves - Why not cheat, it seems to be the only way to get ahead.
  10. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Fun gate but doing in 60 min is a joke for most. Also didn't like the fact that, knowing most couldn't do it in 60 min. they still gave us no way to jump to home base, so we could use the head, get a coffee maybe sell some cargo. Like I said fun gate but only made for the top few players. Better then the last event, we got more then one ship to shoot.
  11. I'll be honest,
    I cannot do the last boss because the rockets and mines destroy your ship, too difficult and I gave up on my 4th gate.

    (CC Ammo, Tech items, X4, RSB, Boostered & sepped).

    Verdict= FAIL
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  12. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    Seeing what sort of equipment/ammo is needed to these latest events, I can see that in a couple of years grinding I'll finally be able to participate in one.

    Unless of course I dump a couple thousand $ and buy my way in. Even then, doesn't sound like the rewards are worth the effort or money.

    As noted by others, it would be nice to have an event geared toward lower level, less geared players so they (we) can enjoy some other aspects of the game and perhaps even get some better equipment and such.

    USA 2
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  13. I use only LCB, completing the gate wastes a lot of time and effort. Collecting bonus boxes is still by far better.
  14. gg bad foir few 60 minutes,for reward 35.000 uridium?No spartano,hercules,no prometeus,no lf4 hp,no new shield good,no reward good.
  15. Paul69

    Paul69 User

    Why is there nothing in the rankings for this event.... and 60 minutes... no chance.. now done 7 and best I did was get to the final wave at 62 minutes. they need to move the time limit to more like 90 minutes to give as many as possible a chance to grab some of the real goodies. Otherwise it a BUY your way in event only.
  16. Kante.

    Kante. User

    Sorry to disappoint you, but money is the only way. Bit Point do it for money, not charity. Every time players who play hours daily are close to catch up there come new laser, ammo, etc. You may buy for uri 10% booster, but for $ you get 50% booster. Even if you gave up your school, or job, you not gonna make enough by playing. Not to mention grinding 9 to 5 npc at DO for years is no more fun then going to work.
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  17. I'm there with you in feeling like the Gauntlet of Plutus Event is not conducive for the lower end player in terms of time spent, resources expended versus the return reward. Sure, albeit, there's a shot at 5 million Uridium (Probably less than half of one percent) and a 35% chance at a ship design but... that's a pretty big "If" in my opinion. You see people talking about running the gate numerous times (While being 90% UFE) and still not getting a ship design. They're saying they blast 200k+ rounds of x4 (which is the only way you're doing it in under an hour, I don't care what anybody says. Get outta here with that "I did it in an hour with x1" junk). I'd like to not have to spend lots of actual money buying ammo in the shop or spending lots of time and money building gates and doing them for that ammo just to shoot it all in an event that makes you feel robbed after getting to beacon phase and faceplanting 5 times.
    That or... don't do the Event. There's always that option too, right?

    Whatever happened to Bonus Box events? Few and far between? Or is it that they don't fit the money making model?
  18. i do most of gate with x1 and do it in 3 hours :D
  19. I appreciate the efforts made to make the gate/event better. It’s nice. My only complaint would be:

    The random rewards at the end of the gate, these shouldn’t be random (excluding the 5 million uri, for obvious reasons.)

    The “random” rewards should be made a separate progression tab, where upon filling the bar you can pick a reward of your choice - currently, a lot of people I think are disappointed at getting no reward (self-explanatory), a bad reward (10k Xenomit), or a useless reward (design for ship not owned/with no intention of owning).
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  20. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Sorry to say but the elitist few this and other events are designed for don't mind "random" rewards as they can afford to do it daily with the best ammo etc (most have botted their way to the top so have more of everything than they could ever use).
    As for the rest of us, DO has time and again made it more than obvious, WE DON"T MATTER.,.
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