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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Mar 21, 2019.

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  1. I have finished this gate twice. I will not say it's "easy " like some people like to boast. But , there is a trick to it in my book
    .Full shields on ship , both configs. as many PD lf4's on drones and PET that you have plus any other enhanced lasers.
    Before you kill the last turret , allow repair so you have as much shields to run to beacons as possible . Bring that last last turrets HP as low as you can before rep.Once they are gone you can rep. and go after Plutus. Beware of of those Warheads , they do 350,000 damage. Use kami and singularity as often as possible and be patient.This is not the "fastest way but it works for me. Repair often and live.I used "Ring "formation with X4 and Promerium.

    Forgot to mention I only use X4 ammo in Final Phase. And I only had one booster each for shields , HP and damage.
    Don't buy in to all the hype. You can finish this gate if you are patient .I wouldn't waste my seprom on this .
    I am not happy with the rewards but that doesn't seem to matter.I just did it for a change of pace.
    I approached this gate like any other and and approached the final phase like I was trying to take down a Battle Station.
    One last thing . I think it's sweet that the developers allowed their children to design the ships . How else would you get purple blobs to chase you. It felt like I was the only live action character in a cartoon. And the names . I'm gonna have to Google them to see if they have any meaning . I mean SERIOUSLY, Kod Kod, who thought that up? Oh yes , the children! I got one for ya . how about "Boom Boom Laga Laga" great name for an enemy alien , right? Okay , anyway, I'm all out of sarcasm for now. Good luck with event if you decide to participate.
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  2. I watched that vid . Looked like a Bot to me.
  3. I do it in less time or about the same time and i don't use energy leech or moth just drill, good video for those who could use some help. I am thinking the top 100 will still have some low numbers
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  4. Kante.

    Kante. User

    Did you finished under 1 hour?
  5. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    It doesn't matter at this point, if you haven't done it in under an hour every day you aren't getting into the top 100 so no point wasting good ammo for a "chance" [very very small chance] at something decent at the end.
  6. Except the chance for lf4 or 5 mil uri slim but still a chance also the pib ammo is 100% also know someone today who got cc-c ammo
  7. Nope , not even close. But I did finish it. It's not about the "BIG PRIZE" for me or setting any speed records.The first time was to prove to myself that I could do it and the second time was to prove the first time wasn't some lucky fluke.I do agree that it's a huge expenditure of ammo but, it is what it is. I will usually give any new event a try and if I don't like it I won't participate the next time it comes up.Simple.
    I guess the main reason it took a long time was because the first time I tried I died so quickly that I changed both my configs. to max shields on ship no seprom and didn't use X4 ammo until final map. I'm not concerned with getting into the top 100.Just a different facet to this game and now it's time to move on.
  8. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    I too know of someone who got CC-C ammo, after 8 days of doing the gate.
    Personally I'd rather have increased URI rewards from the gate than PIB ammo - While PIB is nice, I'd rather have the option of buying it IF I want it, not get it as the only reward for wasting thousands of rounds of premium ammo and Sep/Promi.

    Even the rewards for progression points are "chance", I ended up with 4 NPC Nukes, which are pretty useless aside from using 1 in the event gate to save a bit of ammo/time.

    I would be interested to see in black and white what the "Chance" of getting the 5 million URI is - Across 3 servers i know a lot of people, not one has got it or knows anyone who has.
    It feels like DO set the chance so low [on a virtual item that cost them nothing but a piece of code] they would not have to pay out.,.

    On a whole as an almost UFE (don't know what constitutes UFE anymore) with 22 Promi lasers the rest HP's, who spends what i can afford but mainly grinds (without automation) for URI to do gates etc - This event bites.,.
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  9. Gotta be honest fellas but I don't think the maximum UFEs like myself even like this gate or gets anything out of it lol
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  10. Yes because in a game with cubikons, Kristallon, Kristallin, sibelonit, sibelon, Lordakium, demeaner, protegit, Devolarium, lordakians, saimon, devourers, scorchers, melters, infernals and so on KOD KOD is really just too much smh these millenials
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  11. Sadly the Plutus event will be won by a player who doesn't get lag or disconnect from the gate as this has happened many many times to me and when reconnecting have to wait to kamikazee the aliens cause they are invisible now so basically the event would have been ok but there is no way they can guarantee you won't disconnect or have lag during the gate so there is also no way they can guarantee it being fair to all.
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  12. Here's what the names come from:

    Cote Lo: Juan Manuel Cotelo (actor) 7 July 1966 (age 52) Madrid, Spain
    Kodkod: The kodkod, also known as guiña, is the smallest feline in the Americas.
    Aura Dun Jig: aura of a giga from french, or "will have a giga" in Italy hopefully sooner or latera gigabit connection
    Lac Lion: Lac De Lion 6 Pit Meadow, Falmouth TR11 4SF, United Kingdom
    Natal Nap: flight from Natal (Brazil) to Naples, or Christmas Day in Hungarian
  13. do you get more chance at a decent reward if you kill all the warheads,, i just kill the ship on the last bit
  14. Huh. Very interesting. TY . Nice to know it has some basis in reality.
  15. just another gate same old recycled gameplay filled with high hp aliens. not noob friendly either. not worth trying again though definitely didn't finish under an hour. the last wave was the only fun one just because it was something new gameplay wise.
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  16. any one have any idea when will give the reward for top 100 plutus gauntlet and how we can understand if we are there in top 100
  17. olleH

    olleH User

    The rewards have been booked/will be booked, when players log in on the map after the event has ended..

    You can look up your ranking when clicking on "hall of fame", "events" and then "gauntlet of plutus"..
  18. The only challenge to the gate was when first doing the boss fight at the end, then after you understand the mechanics its a cake walk and can be completed very fast provided the server isnt trying to kick you out, which was an issue for me as my internet was not dipping it was the server. But this is also an event for specific players that are UFE and have millions of uri to use on ammo on top of already having infinite ammo. Granted the ammo sale was a slight buffer to the amount of ammunition used but the event was not well rounded at all. But my biggest issue was the constant lag in the gate its self that made it more of an annoyance.

    And of course its one of those where you have to get top spots for a decent payout otherwise its a waste of time. What happened to the "Fair play" "balanced" plans that we all heard about?
  19. Pikey

    Pikey User

    fair play balanced events, only applies to the botr's,
    everybody else, tough.
    another event where the cheats win, pathetic.
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