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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Jul 13, 2022.

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  1. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Please post your constructive feedback for the Gauntlet of Plutus Event here.
  2. This isn't Spaceball feedback thread, you can do one in speaker's corner if you feel like it.

    Pretty solid event, gives decent rewards. Only thing that annoys me is that to do all battle pass missions I have to use 25k RCB-140 if I want to get all the rewards. Also destroying 12 Plutus is a bit high, this means you have to do the gate almost every day.

    The NPC that spawn when you shoot a turret are pretty pointless, you can just ignore them and proceed to shooting Plutus, not worth it to destroy them.

    ALSO you just gave Mimesis max 107% evasion during fever hours, is this intentional? 65% (base when ability used) +25% (fever bonus) + 5% (star formation) + 12% (pilot bio) = 107% evasion (without any modules). Basically for those who don't know this means you are invincible when using the ability as long as you have shield power
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  3. the formula is wrong
    even with 3 modules it will never be 100%
  4. When they patched it last time they lowered the evasion during ability from 80 -> 65% so then you couldn't get 100% anymore. But now Mimesis was added to fever ships and they get 25% more evasion in BL gate which makes it possible.

    Or do you mean there is a hard max cap for evasion?
  5. each new condition is applied to the remainder of the previous one
    last time was 30;)
  6. Oh Ok so they have chanced the formula used for calculation? Good to know
  7. mimesis with 3 modules was tested on our server
    if you add all the % you get 104
    but still there were hits, so the usual addition will be wrong
    I did not calculate the exact formula, but no one could achieve 100%
    maybe these 25% will still give 100%
  8. Try it now with the 25% boost :D But if you weren't able to reach 100% I think there might be a capped max evasion % like 80 or 90%.

    Edit: found some people talking that after the patch you can have 97% evasion without the fever effect so it may be possible to get 100% evasion now with the fever. Can't test myself since I don't have enough pilot points or modules for evasion
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  9. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Too easy in either mode:eek:, need harder modes E.g: Easy-Normal-Hard-Epic-Legendary :D
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  10. if I may join the discussion,
    I think that evasion can exceed the maximum of 100%, and the reason I think so is that there are ships that are counter to mimesis. Let's take Orcus for a start, after they reduced his skill to double his modules, he remains a pretty strong ship (in the hangar I have a module for 27% hit chance for lasers which is quite strong against mimesis 1.75x27%~~ 47% ...
    the other example is also good and this is the HOLO ship that swaps the modules, you remember right?
  11. Firaxia

    Firaxia User

    It would be good to have a way to exit the gate and come back to it later (within a 24 hour period) - or simply stop where you are. Not everyone has time to sit and do this for hours on end. Also, sometimes players may simply not wish to proceed any further. Being stuck in this gate is not good. I don't see why we should have to be popped to 'escape'.

    Additionally, I think it would be good to have a way of keeping scores for those doing the 'easy' gate as well as the 'normal' one. I don't know who decided to call the 'easy' gate - easy - but it's not easy for lower level players and those taking part in it should have recognition for it same as those doing the 'normal' level. I'm sure two leaderboards could be made.

    The event is, however, rather enjoyable and it's nice to have a different gate to do.
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  12. the normal gate can be done in under 15 minutes if easy is taking you hours then your ship isn't ready for events like this. Cheers
  13. Firaxia

    Firaxia User

    This 'easy' gate is in the x-1 map which in itself implies it's for lower level players who may not have top level equipment. Where does it tell you how to know if you're ship is 'ready'? To my knowledge, the only way to find out is to try the event out. If what you say is true and it's only for 'ready' ships - whatever that means - then that just reinforces what I've said about needing a way to exit the gate other than being popped.
  14. Ready would imply not taking hours to do a gate, that would imply very low equipment.
    Even easy isn't for starter ships with no competing ammo so if it's an event for speed this would imply best ammo needed not like x1.Cheers
  15. Firaxia

    Firaxia User

    I'm sorry but this makes no sense. Nowhere have I seen anything that says we should be doing these gates in a certain amount of time or with a certain spec to be 'ready'. This makes me think this is just your opinion based on what you're capable of doing.

    How can we know how long a gate will take unless we try it? I'm thinking you must be a well established player, maybe you've forgotten what it's like to first start out and not know everything. Or to be a returning player getting used to new systems etc. I'm quite pleased I got right to the end of this gate even if - in your view - it took hours because my ship isn't ready. And yes, I did use x1 because I can't afford to keep using resources to purchase the good stuff. This makes me think I did better than I thought as I did get to the end. If I could do that using only x1 - despite the time it took - that tells me my ship is more than ready thank you.

    But my original post was about an exit in the gate for those who feel they can't, or don't want to progress any further. Nothing you have said makes me think that I was wrong to make that suggestion.
  16. I think there is an way to exit the gate without dying, if I'm not wrong all gates will kick you out in 5 minutes if you don't proceed through the portal
  17. All I am saying is if you have to use x1 then there are far more more important things to be working on to build your ship but as you said to each their own I was just offering my opinion.
  18. Firaxia

    Firaxia User

    Please forgive me for being cranky! I think I misunderstood you. I thought you were saying that if I was using x1 I shouldn't be attempting this event at all. I actually enjoyed it even though it did take a long time! Apologies for the crossed wires. :)

    Doh!! I never even thought of that! Thank you!

    I will now go back in my corner and sit quietly!
  19. Plutus gives pretty bad rewards, I have only gotten PIB-100 ammo from it and once an magmadrill
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  20. That just sounds like terrible luck, I make 20k uri each run I think, and I get rsb, rcb (got like 20k) uber rockets, cerebrum, mods (Got a 20% berserk mod). Like, it's one of the best events in the game hands down.
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