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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Jul 13, 2022.

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  1. I mean I get good rewards from other boxes like RSB and RCB etc but when you shoot Plutus you get reward box 1 which gives me every time just PIB-100 ammo if you mean that. Seems odd that the final boss gives lesser rewards than the mini bosses. Otherwise I agree that this is a good event but that just annoys me a lot to get same ammo 10 times in a row
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  2. yup i am getting lot's of modules lot's of ammo!

    Pib ammo is some of the best the game has to offer and is very expensive i would consider myself lucky to gain lot's, although winning the 5 mil uri drop would be much better one has to wonder has anyone been lucky enough?
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  3. It is good to have but you really don't need much, considering you only have to shoot someone once with it to slow them down which uses 36 ammo or so, I now have more than 100k of it which will be enough for rest of my life. Would rather take more RCA ammo though. Every time this event is around someone wins the jackpot, 1 for all servers
  4. [​IMG]
    take it) I don't need them))
    this is just a guess
  5. ок
    and on our forum it says "The chances of hitting a jackpot of 5 million uridium are very small!"
    never wrote about one lucky man:(
  6. lassie111

    lassie111 User

    Yes, and it's not even rare (with 20-40% probability maybe you get nothing)
  7. They have a jackpot reward in there.

    Someone got the uri reward last year when I was active.
  8. in all the years I haven't heard of anyone who has won:(

    Screenshot won't open for me

    for 90% of the plutus they gave me only pib
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  9. wow guys they give you another bot special event, and your praising them, ( sic).
    here's an idea fix the quests that don't work and havn't worked for over 3 weeks,
    if it was a payment issue it would be fixed in an hour,,,
    says it all really,
  10. Bots being able to do it or not, it gives good rewards, so why complain? And what quests? Only mission in general I'm aware of that's bugged is the blacklight mission that requires you to put Prome on lasers and it doesn't count.

    I got a lot of RSB. Little tilted RCB doesn't drop enough, nor is it available to buy cause my other ship can't finish the damn BP. Unless I'm missing something.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. That's... Even with the -3% that's really good. Just counter it with a super good HP mod.
  13. which I don't have)
    it would be better to fall on the orcus
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