Gauntlet of Plutus - January Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Jan 12, 2020.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please take a few moments to provide us with your constructive feedback for the Gauntlet of Plutus event this month.

  2. **Owl**

    **Owl** User

    whats the point?, you never change anything, all you seem concerned with is protecting the cheats.
  3. jukime

    jukime User

    That is one of great event,i got my hecate for free last year, i`m excited...
  4. That last wave really gets my adrenaline hitting the roof, the pure focus you need to finish that wave smoothly is insane. I enjoyed this event much more than previous ones.
  5. memrix

    memrix User

    make it sure we can escape the damn gate, i have studying to do, i can't waste 2 hours in 1 go
  6. omegalul

    omegalul User

    "-The Gauntlet of Plutus can be completed once per day and the entry is free."

    What a lie, the nerds who have time to play all nights have already completed the gate twice today. No point even trying the event score anymore. 0/10
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2020
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  7. memrix

    memrix User

    is there a list of all the waves? because it seems to be endless
  8. adamofo1

    adamofo1 User

    rubbish a ammo sink ..waist of time ..ammo and booster time ..and takes too long
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  9. The last wave is bugged.

    When i try to defeat plutus mines do spawn right under me dealing 100k dmg and giving a emp effect. I died 4 times now and at this point and I see no point in doing this event. The last try I did get the mine damage without moving......

    Make the mines more visible and dont let them spawn right under me! BS event.
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  10. F.Prefect

    F.Prefect User

    I agree, i have 2 lives left but there is no way to get to safety to build up shields or HP
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  11. mnjerry1

    mnjerry1 User

    Gauntlet of Plutus Event - January
    That Event starts 9hour ago.. But so many ppl did it 2 times but i read in faq once per day.. But they now ahead 1 gate before us its not fair .. Give us one more gate entry or fix it pls.. Its point event they have good advantage now
    -The Gauntlet of Plutus can be completed once per day and the entry is free.
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  12. did the gate in under 70 minutes using x3 and prom updates , also last wave is a peace of cake once you know how .

    those mines are not your concern , the warheads are ... try focussing on killing them , and them only when you get to the circles
  13. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Really no exit after you finish a wave. Not everyone lives on this game or flys autos in gates. how about a real good event like bring back the attack of the killer pets. most events these day suck.
  14. This is not a bug, it is intended.

    They usually dont spawn right underneath you but really close next to you, you have to fly around them. Stoping is deadly, slow reaction can be deadly too.


    It's not endless.
    It's 4 Big waves (where you have to jump through the gate) which are divided in 8 spawn-waves (npc's spawn onto the map).
    And of course the 5th Wave, which is the boss.

    An exact list of the waves, doesn't exist yet (at least not as far as i know). But I'm sure someone will make one. :)


    As soon as you get all 8 Generators deactivated, all mines will despawn and you can heal back up.
    Also, it's recomended to use Solace, Hammerclaw or Aegis, those ships can heal themselves at any time.


    I needed 2h on an old FE Account, i don't think that's long at all.
    My Main can do it in 36 Minutes, and i know for a fact that i can shave off another 10-15 Minutes just by buying Boosters, Using CC-C and RSB Ammo instead of only x4 and by using Cyborg instead of Solace.
    The Gate isn't long at all.

    Some advice for beginners:
    1. Use Solace/Hammerclaw/Aegis.
    Yes those ships dont have max DMG output, but you can heal at any time and dying is nearly impossible with them.

    2. Use Kami-Gear.
    If you dont have much good ammo, use your Kami Gear to kill the Waves faster.

    3. Save your good ammo for the Boss wave!
    All other waves can easily be cleared with x1 or x2 ammo and use of Kami.
    The boss however spawns warheads himself and has the turrets which spawn Warheads too, it's a "must do" to kill those warheads as fast as possible. And you need good ammo to do so effectively, because if you get hit by them, they will most likely one-shot you (350k DMG!!)

    4. Do not panic at the Turret-phase!
    It's important not to panic!
    If you first shoot the turret 1 normal rocket and 1 Warhead will spawn, kill the warhead as fast as possible! The normal Rocket can be ignored.
    The turret spawns 1 Warhead for every 4 Normal rockets!

    So your first shot onto the turret =
    1 normal rocket (the first one!! Important!) and 1 Warhead
    After around 5-10 seconds comes the 2nd normal rocket, jut ignore it, they do 6k dmg nothing to worry (especially when using Solace/Hammerclaw/Aegis)
    after 5-10 sec comesthe 3rd normal rocket (same thing again ignore it)
    after another 5-10 sec comes the 4th one together with a warhead! fly backwards, log the warhead and kill it.

    during the spawnings of the normal rockets u shoot the turret until it dies.

    Basically said: count in your head up to either 20 or 40 (you have to chekc that on first try, i cant remember the exact spawntime), fly backwards and kill the warhead, then fly back to the turet and shoot it while counting again.

    5. Keep your eyes open during the 8 generators-phase!
    The mines spawn near you, but you are not imediately in the range of explosion.
    So keep your eyes open, fly around the mines if you see them and do not stop!
    If you stop they start spawning in detonation-range and will explode as soon as they spawn!

    6. Configs:
    I will give you the configs i used to clear the Gate. Maybe they can help you:

    Ship: Solace (Speed Module and the 5% DMG Module*)

    Config 1 (DMG):

    Generators: 12 Speed, 3 Shield ***
    Laser: Full LF-4
    Full Laser (Prometheus**)
    Full Havoc

    Config 2 (Speed)

    Generators: 15 Speed
    Laser: 14 Prometheus** +1 LF-4
    7 Drohnen Full Shield
    3 Drohnen Prometheus**
    Full Havoc (Dont have Hercules :D)

    * Both modules are not necessary
    ** The 20 Prometheus Laser (I dont have more) are not necessary!! Full LF-4 or enhanced LF-4 are more than sufficient!!
    ** Also: Full LF-3 works fine too, but u need x4 Ammo for the Warheads then otherwise you lack DMG!

    *** The DMG config is fast too because it is way easier to escape enemie attacks that way. And even if you get hit, as a Solace you can heal anyway so the low shield is not a problem

    I did the Gate on my Beginner-Account aswell (that account has only 8 iris, 14 LF-4 (rest LF-3), only moth as drone formation, and so on).
    It's basically an old FE account but a little stronger due to the 14 LF-4 with those exact configs.

    Took me 2h to finish with x2/x4 ammo and kami use.

    I hope this will help at least some of you guys.
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  15. Thnx for the explanation :) It helps alot
  16. im2eood

    im2eood User

    less then 20 min is the gate - max dmg - seprom and more
    but this thet many plears make 2 gates is wrong for me ,i hope they remuve score before morning restart from 1st gate
  17. yet again another event for the cheats, set yer bot up and go to ' work/school' whatever
    and surprise, surprise who gets all the rewards again.
    this game is just constantly giving out rewards for cheating.
    and anybody that tells you they did it in an FE ship are liars (2 hours pft right)
  18. Well, believe it or not, I did it.
    I am not a liar.
  19. Well two of my clanmates were somehow able to finish two gates in one day which gave them superior position pushing for rank 1.. No point for us even trying now because we all are basically at the same level where only few points can be obtained via superior clicks and average dps... Is this gonna be solved or are we gonna randomly choose people to win 2,5 mil uri via random duo-day gates?
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  20. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Love this event, jump in, waste ammo upgrades and boosters all for a 65% chance of NOT getting a reward on completion.

    Could it get any better.,.
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