Gauntlet of Plutus - January Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Jan 12, 2020.

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  1. Zecora

    Zecora User

    I noted that issue on Discord as well. The fact some people got to do it an additional time if they were awake during the night makes the competitive play for those with work or school already redundant. I already suggested on Discord that it would be a lot better to just go ahead, restart this event, give everyone a compensation of 30k CC-C and 1 NPC nuke, and start it again at server restart with 100% drop chance at the end of the gate.

    That way, stuff is equalized, and everyone has something from it.
  2. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    lol I know it's funny and they make ya think your getting a deal.
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  3. I know I am an Idiot for doing so, but there you go: (Watch in 1080p, otherwise it looks bad, no clue why)

    Thats me, on my Beginnger Account.
    8 Iris, 16 LF-4 (rest LF-3), 11 Research-Points (No Alien Hunter, No Shield Mechanics, No Electro-optics, Not maxed Ship Hull II, etc), only moth as Drone-Formation (apart from the credits ones), etc..
    Basically like i said only a little stronger than the "old FE"
    Time on the Gate 1:53:50 even while dying twice.

    I know, noone cares about it, but I hope that some people who think they can't do it, maybe give it a try. It really is not that hard!

    It's fun :)
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  4. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Ok, I completed the gate on Tuesday around this time.
    Just went to do it for today (Wednesday) and it is telling me i can't do it again for 22 hours.

    You have already completed this Gate. You can try again in 22 hours and 43 minutes.
    Yes I did finish the gate, 26 hours ago.

    Seems we have some who got to do it twice in one day and now me who only gets to do it every 2 days.
  5. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I suppose the biggest question is if it was worth it completing the gate in terms of ammo / uri gain...
  6. I got over 12k pib ammo in 2 gates at end rewards that is expensive and very good ammo
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  7. Please delete this event.

    Hate it.
  8. evansnow

    evansnow User

    there is good ammo and uri to be had in this event.
  9. untill now , i had about 35k pib ammo from completing it .
    ok , i had an extra gate because i was awake the first night , but on the other side ... i didn't get any points that first day because i finished in 1hour 15 seconds :p
    great event ! and for those whining about missing a gate , ge over it , and try taking advantage in future events
  10. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Event is almost over and ranking is still not working so nobody knows on what position they are. BP as usuall do nothing about those, who are in advantage with one more gate than the others. Looking forward to see, how they gonna take care of it. I am betting on "They will do nothing and just reward them" because they couldn't care less. Just like with boters, scripters and other cheaters and unfair advantage takers.

    Chaotic_Screech that the dumbest opinion you could write. Do you also bot and use all the scripts available?
  11. please don't accuse players for botting ! but btw , i never used any bot or script and never will ! it's mostly botters who complain , because their bot can't see when event starts , real people can ..
  12. Hope everyone has the same issues as i do when doing any gate on the weekends, myself i was doing quite good i think in ranking for plutus till i went to do Sundays gate and i entered only to lag so long that my pet had already sent aliens to the corner before i could even move my ship. Along with disconnecting twice and dying to warhead cause of lag.
    Well i can say this is the second time i tried this event and both times had days of great lag where it was almost impossible to complete the gate in a timely manner.
    This effects me being able to compete in event's like these and it's not my pc or my internet bp can say clear your cache all they want but i have been playing since early 2012 and last 2 years DO is greatly been going downhill!!!
    For this any event for now on that is timed I will not be wasting my time for it.
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  13. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Nobody accused you. I just asked you, since you love taking advantages in game. That is where I was going with it.

    Ppl complain because they want to be in TOP 100, they couldn't care less about some useless ammo, that they can buy with uridium.
    Everybody knew it starts that day, but nobody knew they will screw the start.
  14. They did not screw the start...
    Where do you see a time that sais a specific moment for the event to start ?

    If you take a look at this:
    There was a specific time mentioned for the Event to start. The Gauntlet didnt have that mention, so it was obvious and 100% clear it would start at 0:00:01 on the 14th of january.


    If you read the FAQ you knew, the Event-Gate would reset on Server-Reset.

    It is not the fault of BP, if some people don't read the Announcment and the FAQ correctly.

    Noone had an "unfair advantage" over the other. Because:
    Everyone had these exact same Information, everyone could have entered the Gate twice on the first day.

    Just because some people did not read correctly (or not at all) or assumed things that weren't real doesn't make it the fault of BP! It's those player's fault.
  15. Kyro

    Kyro User

    Specific start times for events aren't always posted, nor have such events always started at 00:00 - "actual new" events especially tend start later in day. (if it was really obvious, then obviously wouldn't be as many complaining about this)

    The fact is the FAQ(/anywhere) did not go out of it's way to make it clear by just stating say: The event gate can be done once per day*, except from the first day - where it can be done twice. Due to event start time is a few hours before server restart.

    At least then it would of made it clear/transparent, but tough luck if you aren't able to get on during those first few hours(which makes it seem like an oversight/lack of thought or care).

    *Especially that bit, really makes me think this was a oversight. Trying to assume people would figure this mess out is a bad idea and if actually try to say "should of understood it" is even worse.
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  16. Dramborleg

    Dramborleg User

    ^ well said, completely agree, and thank you
  17. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    I know I'll pass on this event if it comes again not worth time or ammo. Been skipping alot of events this days, because they are waste of ammo give very bad rewards and then the big one "They are boring and no fun" why do something that's not fun it is a game that I play for fun while killing some time. Bring back " The Attack of the killer pets" this was the best event they ever gave us.
  18. memrix

    memrix User

    Looks like we got an attorney over here, here to jam the technicalities down our throats
  19. glad this stupid event is over, game was freezing every 2-3 seconds for about 3-5 seconds. it is smooth playing now event is over and tehir reply for issue is that its not their fault and that something else could be causing it. evidence goes against their explanations.

    forgot to include how the technical issues caused by this event made the pirate box farming and sunday double gates impossible to do so this event that was unplayable made other events unplayable.
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  20. From what I know it has always been that way.
    When no times are given they start at 0:00 of the day mentioned (that how it always was in the past).
    And for some time now, some events tend to start at different times (if so, then alwasy at 10 am LST) and if that is the case, it is always mentioned.

    The newest event follows that pattern again aswell, it has a time mentioned and its 10 am again.
    There are only 2 options, if you have a time, go with it.
    If you don't have a time, its the old way and the event starts at 0:00
    So I really do not get why so many people missed this... Especially if they are playing for some time already.

    I do agree with you, it really looks like they just completely forgot about the possibility to enter twice on the first day of the event due to the fact that the Server-Reset is not at 0:00 but at 5:30.
    Also, the fact that they missed such an obivous and easy to spot mistake really make me question why it wasnt solved imediately.

    But even so, I stand by my statement, everyone had the same information so everyone could have entered twice.

    Not an attorney, just someone who can pay attention when reading something and who can put 1 and 1 together.
    The "technicalities" is just the way it has always been (like I said already a little above).
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