gb1 cant log in

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by xKinesis, Dec 1, 2023.

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  1. xKinesis

    xKinesis User

    Came back to the game after years.. managed to play a bit earlier but now it just says establishing connection. Is this a server issue or something im doing wrong ?
  2. skeggy1

    skeggy1 User

    Unreal wkend here and again we cannot log in what a joke DO. and the DO team are going to keep quite and hope no one will notice,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. xKinesis

    xKinesis User

    ahhh now I remember why I left the game haha. funny that its the helix hour too as if critical server issues are gonna make me wanna give them my money lol
  4. happens alot every single days, and been happening for months
  5. Happens to me too. But only on my Ge7 account not on the other servers
  6. xKinesis

    xKinesis User

    yeah same I tried on a different server and it loaded fine but gb1 doesn't. I've lost 4 ufe (in relation to their era) accs and restarted this game about 4 different times now since 2009 and I'm NOT doing it again on another server lol
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