GB1 droneless, petless nostromo update

Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by sk.eic.easy.ina.nost, Dec 6, 2015.

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  1. no drones. no pet. no premium. no cash spent. no upgrades. boosters from auction
    since achieving his kronos nosti has had to wait a while for a new gate to challenge him
    he missed out on the tunnel of terror (had to do that 3 times in my main to get demon drones)
    the kuiper gate came and now its been defeated
    can we have another harder one please :)
    PS he's got a hades ready to open but obviously he needs a team to go in with

    forgot to mention that he did both the easy and hard birthday (skol) gates last year (2014)
    he also soloed the old LOW gate apart from the Falcon at the end (and lets be honest that was almost impossible for even the strongest ship). that particular escapade took me 7 hours :)
    and to answer the inevitable:-
    1) he has no drones or pet because that is the challenge for me
    2) he has no other hangers and , apart from his birth (a phoenix), has always been a droneless. petless nosti
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  2. =Richie=

    =Richie= User

    SK always nice to see you in the auction mate, richie
  3. Richie, its always nice to outbid a friend :)

    2015 easy & hard cold wave (skol) gate done. took 2.5 hours to do skol :)

    for anyone interested nosti has the following configs

    config 1: 4 x lf4, 3 x lf3, 8 x 7900, 2 x BO2, hellstorm. with auction boosters, SEP and PROM this gives 187k HP, 43.7k shields and a speed of 504
    config 2: 4 x lf4, 3 x lf3, 0 x 7900, 10 x BO2, hellstorm. with auction boosters, SEP and PROM this gives 187k HP, 218.7k shields and a speed of 408

    with auction boosters and SEP he hits about 2k X1

    i often take the BO2s off config 1 (suicide config) for easy, predictable npcs e.g bbks. the extra engines make it easier to circle the npc. config 2 is then used when they run to chase 'em down

    a speed of 504 is enough to outrun any npcs currently in DO, prots, icys, etc (and believe me nosti does a lot of running :) )

    one thing about only having 7 lasers is that he doesn't use a lot of laser ammo. he's currently got 356k X4 :)

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  4. =Richie=

    =Richie= User

    Nice configs mate, i will try not to outbid when i see your's on
  5. another Kappa done and nosti gets a Hercules drone design. grrr. my main needs hercs and gets lf4s and nosti needs lf4s and gets hercs. burger
  6. =Richie=

    =Richie= User

    always the way bud, need hercs and 4's for main, best get gate bashing!!
  7. Im-Too-OP

    Im-Too-OP User

    excellent job always fun to make the game a challenge :)
  8. opened another kappa on discount day with saved up uri
    just did it (took just over 3 hours using x2 (x3 on the boss lords))
    the DO computer has got a sick sense of humour - another herc design. grrr. grrr. and extra grrr
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  9. Stop wanting LF-4's and you will get them but then you need drones to want Herc's so you could always bid on the Iris's in Auction but if you want just ship I guess that would be out of the question also.
  10. anything for a quiet life....

    'Nosti does not want LF4s. Nosti does not want LF4s. etc' :)

  11. Okay so which of these statements is true since one contradicts the other? I responded as you said the "nosti needs lf4s and gets hercs" now you say "Nosti does not want LF4s" guess that since the special rewards are not wanted then you should not be doing the gate wasting your uridium and time getting rewards you do not need, or you just created a thread to waste peoples time as you do not know what you do want.

    It is nice that your are having fun in a game where you are so easily dominated by those that want to attack you, and have no desire to improve the state of your game play but then that is why you have 2 accounts, RIGHT?, one for fun and one to dominate with?
  12. LOL, that is what I do it for. But he is getting farther than me with his nosti. BTW, he does want LF4. He was just going off what you told him.

    I play more with my nosti than my main. Why do you have to hate on the nosti so bad? His is doing a lot of great things with less equipment, like mine with credit equipment.
  13. OLYCAT

    OLYCAT User

    I don't know if I had a brain glitch or a game glitch but I accidentally shot SK whilst in 5-2 the other day. I still feel bad about it now. :( Sorry SK.

  14. no problem Oly

    luckily i was in a good mood or you could have joined...

    User ship typePoints per killKillsTotal points
    :) :)

    nosti was a terror in enemy maps before auto lockers appeared

  15. lost a lot of time on my main and nosti accounts this spring and summer with ruptured appendix

    but haloween is here to make up for it a bit

    nosti resumed his tunnel of terror at about wave 30 and finished the event having completed wave 56. the next wave was the umpteen gazillion melters so i thought that was as good a point as any to stop for this year. highlights this year were the 5 uber lordakiums and the uber kristillon

    nosti now 1.23 billion EP

    main now at 8.96 billion EP

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  16. Good Job. My Credit account is only half as far as your nosti, and I have tried to play a lot. Silly work stays in the way. At any rate, I am glad your able to do the gates. I am still trying to build my first one. I suppose I could box *shudder* but I get to agitated by the thought. Also the pirates don't want to let me pally. Just to be clear, before anyone ask, "I do not want LF4 since it is a uri upgrade item." Herc and Havoks would be nice though. Keep up the good work.
  17. hi PSK

    in my book an lf4 is not a uri upgrade cos i had to earn the few nosti has got the hard way. doing gates.

    and hercs and havocs won't help nosti cos he's got no drones. you made me think - what else has nosti got that is no good to him - and low and behold he has a spectrum design. must have got it from a booty box. i get a booty key every 2 weeks or so from the 'earn credits' quest. he's also got 2 hercs and 1 havoc

  18. I think you are doing great. I like the work you are putting in as you are going against the grain like me only in a different way. You using the LF4 you have been rewarded either through box or gate is great as you have worked your tail off for your style of play. Keep up the good work. My way does not use LF3 or LF4 as they both take uri to upgrade. At the same time, I have been screwed over with the STT2 which cost credits to buy but uri to upgrade. If I do manage to find a LF4, I will probably tuck it into my Citadel which I won for transfers.:oops:
  19. =Richie=

    =Richie= User

    Last herc got Nosti, back to bids mate :)
  20. another Kappa, on a double rewards day, and what do i get. 2 x nothing, no LF4s not even Hercs :(
    nosti now has 418k x4 though
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