GB1 droneless, petless nostromo update

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  1. the DO computer continues to live in some weird probabilty world

    my droneless, petless, Big Boy account got another lf4 from a booty box yesterday

    he's now got 4, the same as nosti, and he's only got 130,000,000 Ep

    he's also got several zeus parts where my main, after many years of trying, has still got none. Had to save up a million plus uri to buy the zeus for my main

  2. CURVY

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    Hey sk, 'twas always fun floating around in HALO for a while with you and the others :p didn't know about this endeavor! but i could have sworn i saw you in a spearhead 2 days ago? :p
  3. hi curvy

    my spearhead is my fav ship on my main at the moment. i do all my gates in it. saves laser SEP (got 9.5 mill at the moment). just load up the shields (2 x 700k) and kami everything. every now and then i switch to my venom with a gunship config 1 (no engines, shields on ship, all lasers on drones and all demon drones) to use up some SEP

    even went hunting in it the other day. put almost all lasers and all demon drones on config 1. that hits quite hard

  4. for those of you wondering if nosti will attempt the permafrost gate..

    of course he will :)

    completed it a couple of times in my main to get the feel of it

    nosti has just finished map 9 but i've run out of time this weekend so do map 10 next weekend

    some hairy moments, especially when my PC lagged with the swarms of saimons and lickle sibs

    i used good ammo for the map 6 UFO and did it in about 30 minutes

    Always take out the sabs first. get em to a corner well away from the big guys and use good ammo to pop 'em quick. and this is important, keep moving, they don't seem to fire their lasers if you keep moving, even when your'e 'slow'ed. i used the mini map to get nosti moving towards another corner while i popped the sabs

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    Man,is this whole thread a troll?The objective way of speaking about yourself can get pretty annoying xD


  7. Its a shame when players don't recognize true accomplishments.
  8. CURVY

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    Then go somewhere else lol, i find this thread interesting :p

    Good work on the gate sk, i've done 6 of them and it takes time when i'm hitting 25k x2, i can imagine your pain in a nostromo!
  9. done...

    no lives lost

    took about 90 minutes to do last map. there were some fun moments with map waves spawning almost together

    got enough proxium from the gate to assemble 20 booty keys. saving those for lf4 day

    got 450k X4 now

    put nosti back into hibernation now until the next gate or tunnel of terror re-appearing at halloween. this is the time when he transfers 1400 PROM once a day and uses the credits for 3030s and boosters on auction

  10. so...

    31 booty keys...

    saturday was lf4 day...


    2 lf3, 1 BO2 and a piece of the apis drone

    the DO computer random number generator hates nosti. it's official :(:(:(:(

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  11. thanks to the plaque nosti now has a full complement of 7 * lf4s and one of those is a paritydrill :)
    now got 450k X4
    nosti's config 1 speed of 504 is just enuff to outrun the little green bugs when hunting boss mordons and boss sibs in 3-3 and 3-4
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  12. inevitable...

    now nosti gets an lf4 on lf4 day

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  13. vortex of terror was only on for 2 weekends and with other commitments i didn't have the time to attempt it. i did do a couple of the easy levels to get some ammo boxes but the rest of my available time was spent on my main. those 15 uber bks took my main 2 hours - flying across the pack kamiing, venoming, x4ing, uber-100ing, etc. for those who want to know 800k shields is just enuff to survive a pass
    also, i need a new PC. 11 frames a second when there's loadsa npcs on the map is no joke :)
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  14. This thread is a nice change from some of the other ones.
    Nice hearing about some of your endeavours sk.
  15. well vortex of terror has come around again. as usual i'm short of spare time but this time i thought i'd give nosti a turn instead of my main

    nosti has 6 of those snazy souped up lf4s from events and login bonus

    some highlights so far
    . his config 1 speed of 504 justs outruns the ufonits
    . his config 2 speed of 408 just outruns the melters
    . 30 melters on my sceen at the same time gives me 5 fps
    . had to concede 3 lives so far when i ran out of time on waves
    . the big group (15) of ubersibs takes all nostis shields and most of his hit points with one hit. it meant they took longer cos i had to standoff a fair bit

    i learnt 1 new trick. when dragging ubersibs you move ahead of the pack and wait until your lasers fire one salve then retreat. it suddenly occurred to me to use some of nostis 50k of rsb. it fires effectively at the same rate but hits 50% harder than the x4 i was using. duh why didnt i think of that before

    i'll see how much time i have next weekend cos tomorrow is mummys day of course. so no flying, unless you count the M6

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  16. saturday morning gone. took 3 hours to do some uber sbs and 20 ubersibs. next wave was swarm of ufoints and a ufo so had to concede another life as i didn't have time. sob

    1 life left

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  17. locked wifie in the kitchen to get some more time

    ufo done. mega streuner done

    vortex of terror completed

    received an alien protocol X for nosti's pet. hmm problem there lol

    1 life left. phew

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  18. Sapphire

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    Rip that as well. Did nosti receive how much ammo in altogether from the gate?
  19. another year another vortex of terror for nosti to try
    survived the 30 melters (3 fps wasn't funny)
    battered away at the 15 ubersibs (took 10 minutes for each one)
    so after about 10 hours i was sure i was near the end...
    .. and then DO drops another 15 ubersibs on me
    i haven't got another 2.5 hours this year
    so, sob, i failed to complete the 2018 halloween vortex of terror in nosti
    hopefully next year i can continue from the 15 ubersibs wave

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  20. I hope they give you your wish. Keep up the good work.
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