GB1 droneless, petless nostromo update

Discussion in 'Meet the Players - Who's Who' started by sk.eic.easy.ina.nost, Dec 6, 2015.

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  1. hi all,
    was getting a bit bored with my main so i decided to see how Nosti would do in the BL maps
    after a week of hard work he now has 6 prom lasers (had to throw away 2 mill SEP for first BL quest)
    next quest is 15 attends so that will take a while. Nothing helps your heart rate more than sitting at a BL gate chipping away at an Attend for 10 minutes juist waiting for a bad guy to come through the gate and pop you :)
    when he's got his 7 prom lasers i'll see how far he can get through the eternal gate
  2. these attends are taking a while
    the biggest problem is trying to find one that i can drag back to a gate without getting swamped by abides and steadfasts
    not helped by the fact that nosti can't use the gates to the other BLs as he's only level 19 so abides and steadfasts are bad news
  3. the strokelight farmers must have had a day off :)
    managed to do the last 4 attends (thanks to overkill for help killing the last one)
    waves 1 to 10 done in eternal gate. nothing particularly tricky. waves 11 to 20 tomorrow
  4. waves 11 to 20 done
    it turns out that nostis config 2 speed (408) is slightly faster than the impulses, et al, so he can shoot them while running away :)
    not looking forward to the uber bk in the next set of waves. they take so long and have such a long range
  5. waves 21 to 30 done
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  6. had to wait for a 2 to 3 hour gap in social diary :)
    waves 31 to 40 done
    the prots and icys were fun. shooting at them while dragging using config 2 (speed 408) and then changing to config 1 (speed 504) to run away and rep. repeat endlessly. at speed 408 they were actually overtaking me
    looking at next waves i see an uber anni, 2 uber bks and 8 full strength attends so going to have to allow 3 to 4 hours for that
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  7. any up-dates steve?
  8. hi kiss,
    nothing happening with nosti at the moment except for collecting uri by suicide runs on mindfires and provoking stingers
    got 1.5 mill uri now though :)
  9. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Hmmm, Nostro in Eternal. Never thought to try it in a Nostro, could be fun.
    I have 12% damage, 16% HP and 8% speed. Full lvl 16 proms, lvl 15 BO3's.

    Not the same as no drones no pet but could still be fun.
  10. got bored doing Mimesis gate in my main so thought i'd blow the dust off nosti and give him a go
    took all his engines off both configs and replaced with B03s
    that gave him enuff shield points to survive those explosive blob things
    went in with no EMAA ammo and came out with 28k :)
    it was fun dragging the snipers and markers around until the mob popped 'em for me
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