GB1 Game wont start (loading) after server restart

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DeathMachineGunner, Apr 7, 2014.

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  1. Is this happening again like a few days. Server just restarted and I cant log in... anyone else got the problem
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  2. I have to congratulate Bigpoint once again on screwing their game up, its not like I want to play the game, but well they do a Server Restart and everyone on my TS cant even log in now.
  3. same here we gonna miss sb again
  4. OMG this game is ajoke, all this money you have and this happens once again,
    you restart the server to kick us all of again.
  5. nope, we should be used to this by now spartacus mate. BP u need to sort this, you're screwing us and urselves over.
  6. Server restart or server shut down
  7. The Game has FLOPPED! looool
  8. maybe a voucher is in order this time BP after all this is twice now
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  9. They should give us 20k uri and 1000 spins cause I can make 10k uri and 500 spins per sb 2 sbs gone now
  10. Sky-Chase

    Sky-Chase User

    AGAIN -.-
  11. Bigpoint, sort darkorbit out. You get enough money and still haven't fixed this game.
    Twice now on GB1 I can't get on -_-
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  12. Time we all got it and the funny part is it was after server restart :O
  13. Lol, this is stupid, always GB1 that is buggy
  14. I say we deserve some sort of compensation now.... 20k uri 1k gg spins and 5k rsb ?
  15. wow,awesome.amezing total far out...if the ppl i worked for found i was this reliable they'd employ someone else with a better machine and driver...golden rule if its not broke dont mess with it
  16. Unlimited uri :p, jks, atleast 1k gg spins and around 50k uri :)
  17. haha least ya cant pop our base this time
  18. nixy1

    nixy1 User

    This is outrageous that twice in as many weeks you have done a server reset which has killed the server game page, last time round you did not even offer us an explanation until the next day. Taking this into account will you have the grace to keep us the gamers who are the ones responsible for the game still being about upto date with what is going on and not just leave us sat waiting for an answer. Secondly we best get compensated for base mods etc as how on earth are we supposed to protect and build up time on our base shields when we can't get on to the game.
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  19. *MOONGLOW*

    *MOONGLOW* User

    atleast they waited to get everyones mhh cash yesterday :/
  20. as i said on other thread "YOU KNOW WHAT you stupid dumb ass game developers and tech staff dont know anything i could run this game alot better than you no scrap that my 6 year old could, if this carries on my 210 a week will be going somewhere else sort it give us compensation and not that stupid hon or ep boosters something worth our while and also GET some better STAFF jeesus christ"


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