GB1 Game wont start (loading) after server restart

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by DeathMachineGunner, Apr 7, 2014.

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  1. How about we ask another servers manager to come :) they doing a better job

  2. think i got more chance of having a normal day and gettin a 1 mil job digging the queens drive out then compensation from a 2 bit outfit like bigpoint
  3. Is there anyone on the server this time ?
  4. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ User

    as ive advised others this issue could take a while . try and get some house choors or something done in presses
  5. Oh joy not just me then only just rejoined game after an 18 month hiatus and can't get on!Joke!
  6. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ User

  7. house choors ...thats what i pay someone to do while im at work...good job my machine is reliable id be totaly bored if it broke down
  8. i agree with every word u said walker bud, but abusing em aint gunna help
  9. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ User

    lol m8
  10. who said i was abusing them , just telling it how it is truth hurts sometimes you know .
  11. This is the second time this happened , and on this occasion after the server restarted. What did we get last time 5% boosters for a day that were not useful didn't refund the uri lost. They took a day for that wonder how long they gonna take this time might as well leave the server they bearly work on it. Look at how many people lost boosters, lives in gates, uri for spaceball... Tbh they better give good compensation if they want to get in my good books now
  12. oo ps sorry turnip that was meant for mickeyalexander123
  13. DMG they don't care about getting in good books, they just love mhh, they'll probs put one on to say how sorry they are :mad:
  14. ^^ and ill probs buy lmao :p
  15. They did it after the server restarted it is making me rofl
  16. Your All Sat Here Saying About compo, it only took so long last time due to them having to run diagnostics to find the problem, the server has just reset, there are server admins about, im sure they will have it fixed shortly :)
  17. Omg!!!! 2 times now what joke waste of my time still playing this game omg!!!! 2 times in 2 weeks what joke waste of my time still playing this game
  18. better hope so or they gunna be annoyed with the amount of hate mail they'll get
  19. Mine just keeps coming up with "Connection Lost", click New Connection, just does it again :p.
  20. 2it only took so long last time" 23 hours to you is only so long ... well there is sb today and we are missing it

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