GG special rewards, please make it clear.

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by lost-cause, Feb 4, 2020.

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  1. lost-cause

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    Recently did a gate on the understanding that the day's special reward was an expo 16 Pusat. Much to my noobish horror, I found after wasting that gate, instead of doing it on double reward day, it was a "design!" Now I can hear everyone giggling and thinking what an idiot but "Pusat" is the name of a ship, right? We all know a diminisher is a Goliath design and that the Lightning is a vengie design. When they are offered as special rewards, they don't say "Diminisher Goliath." If they did, I think we would be entitled to expect a ship with design. So I do feel aggrieved. I did mention this to support and they asked me to post it here, so I have. No it's not April 1st but I do feel a bit of a fool. Please can we have a very clear explanation of what the special rewards actually are? Ta
  2. Since darkorbit exists, to use a design u need the basic ship... Also u can controll in SHOP section SHIPS or DESIGNS... just because u are not smart is not DO fault...For me is a big NOPE.

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