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  1. So, I've known my GG spins were trash, from the get go, but lets be real here, I Avg 80k-90k sometimes 100k uri on Zetas, with Premium, Rebate, and the % off on GG spin on weekends. Everyone else I talk to? 45k... Anyone see the problem here? What the hell is wrong with my account? I've had issues where I've dealt less damage than others with the same exact upgrades, equipment, and boosts, my GG spins are god damn awful... Whats wrong with this account? No way my life luck is that bad, if so I need to rethink a lot.

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  2. Well i know that's what it cost me, we all know how all those players get them so cheap is to spin 1 at a time not 100.
    Just another difference from a legit player to a non legit(I won't say the word). Enjoy
  3. I literally wasted my time to do single spins since everyone says it's so much better, and It literally made me no difference.
  4. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Your lucky to be able to do gates, what with freeze frame lag and game crashing I have no chance of doing a gate.
  5. **Scarab**

    **Scarab** User

    dont believe everything people tell you, and yes the cheats even have a gate spinner,,,,,,,,,,,.
  6. They're just including the gate rebate. Zeta gives up to nearly 50k uri back, with an average of 1700 required to build, thats 93,500 uri to build with up to 50k back for a net cost of 43,500, or as everyone else you talk to says, "45k". As for spinning 2 at a time, it does work, but the idea behind it is that a multiplier is a repeat gate part, and a multiplier on a multiplier is a new gate part, multiplied. What this means is that spinning 1 a time is not even necessary until the very end of building the gate, since as you begin building the gate there will be very few multipliers as all the parts are not repeats.

    The reasoning behind spinning 1 at a time and 2x multiplier is that you're averaging the odds so you don't spend a 6x multi on x2 or other nonessentials which is where you get these gates that cost an extra 100k just to finish, as well as not overinvesting in a finished gate. Allowing multis to build can yield cheaper gates than average, but also more expensive. Using x2 when it pops up simply averages the experience to be much more reliable.
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  7. I know DO has it's issues, but that sounds like your PC or net TBH, been there so.

    I'm aware bots have a GG spinner, knew that long ago when someone told me lol.

    A clan member had less than me to work with for gates, we both had Premium, Rebate, and were spinning while GG % was active. I had 1.8mil Uridium, and 11,000+ GG spins, been saving for about 2 and a half weeks, he bought 1 mil uri, and he did more gates than me, and still had over 500k left and I ran out with about 20 gates. In the past when I just would park in pally and let pet collect, I would spend about 2,500 spins per Zeta, once built a Kappa with 4,000... Actually, after my return to the game, I blew 300k uri on a kappa with prem/rebate. I know back in the day too DO got flamed for the GG spin rate being so bad, and was suspected of the suggested numbers being false and the players were intentionally being screwed, I believe there were even tests run by dedicated players that proved it too.
  8. FooJubz

    FooJubz User

    All ima tell you is I've done 10's of thousands of gates over the years, and I've never had an instance of sinking anywhere near 200k uri on a kappa, much less 300k. There's a method to the madness, I suggest you use it.
  9. I've made several thousands, tens of thousands of gates over the past decade and a half of playing the game. Didn't come even close to 300k on a kappa spinning appropriately and that was before discount existed either.
  10. I do it in multiples of 10 and I find that offers me the best balance. However I had over 700 extra energy once and it still cost me close to 100k uri with all applicable discounts to build a Delta.(so what was up with that?) On a good day, I think the best I ever did was approx. 70-80k for a Delta.
    At risk of sounding naïve I attributed it to the randomness nature of the spin and dumb luck but , the cynic in me says this game is rigged. I have yet to do any higher multiples because I prefer to choose at which multiplier I want to activate it. Sometimes it will take more uri to get the last piece than it took to get there.
    I do consider the possibilities of different algorisms being substituted to change the statistical probabilities or odds of rewards. Hopefully none of that is true and it is just dumb luck.
  11. **Scarab**

    **Scarab** User

    the best and most efficient way to spin gates (unless yer cheating ) is to spin 100 until you reach just over 50% of the gate parts, then do them in multiples of 5. and of course use the ship with the least amount of hp, so you dont get nanohull, parts...
  12. Just use a ship with full nanohull, doesn’t matter how much it has as long as it’s full. Although of course a pnut vs a goli is easier to fill initially, the difference in cost is a joke unless you’re for some reason losing the nanohull

    Don’t assign more to it than there is.. ofc going above a 2x at a time will yield a significant difference in cost, either way. I swear people need to figure out how chance works.
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  13. Like I said , hopefully it's just randomness and dumb luck.
    When you say "a significant difference in cost" , do you mean higher or lower?
    And the ships I use have full nanohulls.

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