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  1. Santaman

    Santaman User

    Hi, I have free codes for you
    kod1: 13YEARSDO -1 Month Premium, 20,000 UCB-100 ammunition, 10,000 RSB-75 ammunition, 50 green keys
    kod2: DODIRILISPAKETI -10,000 Uri 1 Goliath 5 LF-3 7,500 MCB-50 500 PLT_3030 250 UBR-100 10 keys 50 gg energy
    kod3: PEPEGA -10,000 uri
    to do solance design from diary calendar
    Enjoy Christmas :) and play without investments.
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  2. Mod-Rogue

    Mod-Rogue User

    closing thread not a necessary thread
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