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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by alien-artifact, Jan 27, 2020.

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  1. So today I purchased an EP double booster (10 hours) and a regular EP booster (10 hours).

    I have a little over 4 hours left on my normal EP booster, but the double booster has expired.

    Is there a rational explanation for this, or is it a DO ripoff?

    I forgot to mention, I bought them one after the other, so at most a minute apart on the transaction side, just a few clicks.
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  2. Maybe u already had the normal one for a couple of hours ?

    Or during those 10 Hours u killed some NPC who drop boosters and got them from there.
    For example the boss and ubers on 4-5 Drop them, and in zeta gates the ubers aswell as the devourer himself too, or in kappa the Cucubicum (and the boss)

    And so on
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    Thanks to ԺäʍØΠⓓⓔⓡĦöĿŁΞ for your detailed answer.

    Does the OP, alien-artifact, have any further questions on this subject?

    Also, I merged you two posts together.

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    Closing as OP is not responsive to Moderator.

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