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  1. how you miss out you done yours last year as i on main but on noob acc i still have it lolbut dont think ill do it nothin ranked up on it
  2. i know lol
  3. Most of us used up our ice rockets, now people have an earlier advantage of ice rockets stocked up because they did the gate a year later, which with it being technically done, but people now going into it because of a bug, they are gaining an advantage and abusing it.
  4. I am a VRU and I only have my Hades Gate available on my x-1 map so I don't know what is up with that.

    According to the FAQ I just read (from last year) the gates were supposed to appear but not be able to enter till the 11th. But as I do not have them available I do not understand why some have already done them.
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  5. Last years cold gate has appeared to some who did not complete it last year, however, as touched upon by RickDekard, this appears to be a scheduling miscommunication. Last years gate will be closed off to those who can see it and the quest removed so that the storyline in this year's event works.

    This years event, Cold Wave 2015, will continue as planned. :)

    Kind regards

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  6. There is a slight problem though - some people have already completed the gate and thus received its rewards such as uridium,honor etc but most of all - freeze rockets
    How will that be taken care of? As it stands now they have a clear advantage over those of us who do not have the gate available

  7. The R-IC3 rockets were available to all for free in yesterdays advent calendar, so this should not cause an issue in itself. I also know of players who have stocks of them left over from last years event.

    As for the rewards, these are not additional rewards as the gate was only showing to those who did not complete it last year, so those who have completed it when it showed in error this year haven't got anything extra, they've just had a chance to catch up with those who have done it.

    The dev team are reviewing the situation and should they feel there is an issue with balance and fairness, they will take action.
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  8. The rockets issued this year for completing the gate from last year should be the same NERFED rockets not the original 5 second rocket where we die while frozen.
  9. VampireCat

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    so will the rockets I have left over from last year be nerfed?
  10. As far as I am aware all R-IC3 rockets will take on the new attributes as detailed by Astraea.

  11. The real problem is that there are players like me who have returned not long ago (in my case 4 months ago) from a long break, and have not been able to get all the freeze rockets during last year's event....I'd like to also state that while it is true that we all had the chance to receive some of those rockets upon opening the first door on the advent calendar, they were only 20 whilst the gate grants 300 of them - a massive difference

    Point being - those that are able to complete the gate now are benefitting as opposed to those of us who were not able to do the gate last year
  12. IF you received them LAST year then I would say NO, IF you received them this year then I say YES. But then if you still have the old ones into next year then they all get NERFED to the NEW rocket, to keep it FAIR to all players, you obviously do not use them often enough to feel the PAIN of not having the ORIGINAL FREEZE period.
  13. that's 20 ice rockets to 300, clearly disadvantageous on our part. Ours get blown right away either securing a win, or making sure we don't die, they on the other hand, have way more then us, and we will remain out numbered on that until the new cold wave gate comes out. The disadvantage is clear as day, and those who abused the bug should be dealt with. It's within the rules, so follow or get rid of the rule, and we all know if such a rule were demolished, this game would fall apart even more to a state of no return.
  14. Relax, its not like your going to use the whole 20 in a fight with the reload time of the rockets 120 seconds.
  15. They stop the other player for 2 seconds.... the cooldown should be placed at ten (10) seconds to make them useful. Otherwise just let them put a shape on the opponent.... no big deal.
  16. SauronL

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    I dont like that ice rockets are going to be 15x more expensive than before and im pretty sure 98% of players wont like that. And i think that cooldown is a little bit longer, but this rocket was never important part in pvp -> except kami + ice in arenas or 1v1s. Usually it was last chance while running or catching a player. But still nut if used against you in 5v1
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  17. Apparently somone still had the quest on them. or data that caused the gate to open for them
  18. I think only people who didn't finish the gate last year can do it now, so really ppl like me, who finished last years gate, have already gotten those rewards, so its not extra rewards, just late coming ones. It's true, that opportunity should be closed now, but really its not anything we didn't get last year when we finished it.

    As for this years gate....we wait and see ...
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  19. You will have an oppertunity and will be in 3-1 maps as 2014 was But all quests has to be done.
  20. Bakjam

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    Well it's good that everyone who couldn't finish the gate last year (for wathever reason) gets another chance (even though it introduces more ICE rockets). Well I guess it's only fair...

    Now they have more, but at the beginning of this year, you had more. In fact they had 0 and you 300 if you did complete the gate last year. Seems fair to me that they have an advantage now. Besides, 300 is nothing, the more you have the more you use. Everyone runs out eventually. The main problem is that they will be in store again... so that people can stack again... xd

    I'm still not happy with the new ICE rockets though, the main problem was spamming from multiple people, especially with the pusat, it wil be verry hard to escape multiple players now... The pusat can catch up with you after you fired EMP to get rid of your other enemies, then pusat just throws ICE rocket and you are dead..., for 300 uri instead of 20 but still better than 500....
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