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  1. Which receiver is best for finding tetrathrin or overall good way to obtain that material?
  2. TL;DR: H-05 is the best. R-05 can drop it too but there's a lower chance for you to get Tetrathrin once again.


    H-05 can give you UCB-100, Tetrathrin, Kyhalon, Bifenon, Solidus, Triskelion Alloy, Neptune Alloy, Hydra Alloy, Isochronate and Permit.
    R-05 can give you Mucosum, Scrap, Solidus, Tetrathrin, Kyhalon, Bifenon, Triskelion Alloy, Neptune Alloy, Hydra Alloy, Log-Disk, Isochronate, Indoctrine Oil, Axion Beam Regulator, Jump Voucher, P.E.T. Fuel, Permit and Diametrion.

    H-05 has less rewards to pick from, which means you have a higher chance to get Tetrathrin twice.
    R-05 can drop Tetrathrin, but you have a lower chance to get Tetrathrin once again.

    The rewards may be randomised, but it depends on the amount of rewards you can get from them. These do take a factor into this.
  3. I am not sure about this
    h-05 is more expensive but it gives let say approximately the "same" AMOUNTS like r-05. You pay 5000 more uri because h-05 requires 9 hours and at the other hand r-05 - 12 hours.
    Of course r-05 gives combination of more rewards but it doesn't make a big difference when we talk about the AMOUNT of permits, diametrion and alloys.
    In my case I spend 250 k uridium to open the all 5 slots and you can craft the materials much faster
    You dont even need to spend your uri on the expensive ones... I mostly but from 200 000 credits and 2000 uri
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  4. We're only talking about Tetrathrin. Probably Permits would be great as an additional reward, but that only makes H-05 still better, cus it has less rewards to randomly pick from, when compared to the entire

    Sure, H-05 will cost more later on, cus it comes back earlier than R-05, but that can also be considered as a plus, since you'd want to get Tetrathrin as fast as possible. It's an investment that you'd want to make, since time is worth a lot more than this.

    Diametrion and other things aren't taken into this as we're only interested in Tetrathrin. Sure they might be good, but they're not important to this discussion. However, I do agree with the fact that R-01 and R-02 can be useful for getting Tetrathrin, but they're not as efficient as something that gives you more. Let's not forget that the rewards are randomised and you'd probably get only mucosum, scrap, solidus, some alloys and that's all. They still have an advantage of them returning faster; R-01 in 3 hours and R-02 in 6 hours, they save Permits but that's about it. You might aswell roll for R-05 retrievers.

    If you want a higher chance for Tetrathrin, you might actually consider using H-03 retrievers, as these don't give any alloys whatsoever, making them EVEN better and CHEAPER to send, but you'll have to wait 5 hours. You'll also receive a lower amount of tetrathrin, but the odds of getting it are higher, so you choose which path you'd like to take. It is still an investment and it really depends on your experience.

    Since we don't have the official amounts, we can only assume that H-05 is good if you want to get good amounts of Tetrathrin and that H-03 is good if you want to have a higher chance of getting Tetrathrin. R-01 and R-02 are great permit-less options, but you won't have that great of a chance of getting Tetrathrin, let alone the quantity wouldn't be great either.

    I'm also not sure about this, just beg the devs to release the amounts of each drop we can get, the min and the max, so we can see which is best.

    sorry for the wall of text btw kekw
  5. Thank you to both for your insight. I decided to try both the H and R sets of retrievers and was able to gather a small pool of info. For each run I dedicated 5 retrievers to the same one. Each time I collected a retriever I took a picture and added the numbers after each run for each item. After repeating the same process for H3, H4, H5, R4 and R5, I gathered the following.....

    Solidus 55
    Isochronate 37
    Permit 2
    Bifenon 5
    Kyhalon 1
    Tetrathrin 2
    Ucb-100 14 (not thousand just 14 with no following zeros)

    Solidus 34
    Isochronate 82
    Bifenon 35
    Kyhalon 6
    Hydra 12
    Neptune 12
    Triskellion 16

    Solidus 277
    Isochronate 123
    Permit 1
    Kyhalon 8
    Hydra 22
    Neptune 26
    Triskellion 30

    Solidus 202
    Isochronate 59
    Permit 1
    Ep 250k
    Diametrion 35
    Axion Beam Regulator 46
    Scrap 43
    Mucosum 53
    Log Disk 18
    Jump Voucher 1
    Hydra 19
    Neptune 9
    Triskellion 19

    Solidus 500
    Isochronate 59
    Ep 500k
    Diametrion 56
    Axion Beam Regulator 61
    Kyhalon 9
    Tetrathrin 34
    Log Disk 28
    Jump Voucher 1
    Hydra 25

    The main purpose of this is to obtain the Hydra rocket launcher. I assumed I would have enough alloys way before having sufficient tetrathrin which is why I was only asking about tetra. I took a long break from game and upon coming back for a month now, I think I realized that every month is a new battle pass which I can use keys to obtain tetra relatively fast and now my priority from retrievers would be hydra alloy.

    Going based off this small sample size I think H5 is more expensive because you get a decent amount of every alloy whereas with R5 you get a decent amount of only 1 alloy. If I wasn't short on uri and permits I would roll with H5 but as that's not the case I'm going to stick with R2 and by the time I have enough alloy I should have enough tetrathrin. Cheers
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  6. Interesting. Thought that H-05 would still have an use, considering its' low pool of rewards, but seems like R-05 remains great. Thanks for the research! I will consider this piece of data (even if it's not concrete amounts of information).

    I'll try to conclude some more research on these, maybe when I get more permits though, as I'm low on it from using it on R-05 retrievers for more scrap and things like that.

    I think OP's problem is solved, it would be nice to ask OP if he's done with this thread.
  7. I will just say something about the time..
    You pay 5k more uri to buy h-05 for appox the same amount as r-05. You say time is the most important but you are wrong.
    I say this because you usually have more Prime coupons than permits. That means every time when you buy h-05 or r-05 you click the quick delivery and you receive the rewords in no time.
    you still prefer to pay 5k more uridium the save time ?
  8. Wow, I never knew what prime coupons were for till you said something. I just sent a retriever and I clicked on it and it shows me I have 59 prime coupons. Would you happen to know if the price for instant delivery on any retriever is 1 prime coupon?
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  9. It's 1 for all retriever types. There would be no reason to have a higher price for other retriever types. Maybe they can introduce some credit fee for 02, 03, 04 and 05. Any other questions left?
  10. Awesome and nope, you guys helped with everything I was curious about. Thread can be closed.
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    Thanks for helping the OP.

    Does the OP have any further questions on this?

  12. Thanks for reassuring and no further questions
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    Closing as no further questions.
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