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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by JediThorson, Sep 10, 2020.

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  1. Just a quick heads up all, assuming you by some chance haven't seen it yet.

    What ever resource the flower boxes are giving is in your hanger resources list. But its name does not show, only a odd long line of data, the same as you get in game.

    items _resource _collectable _flower-token _description

    Somebody goofed, and forgot to write up the proper files. That, or they simply haven't gotten round to it yet.
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  2. Goofed? I guess for BP and DO devs, testing new code and features *before* you push to production is just too hard, lol
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  3. the assembly is also missing anything associated with these new boxes
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  4. oh well... they had to come off with something new so they wouldn't have to fix things that do affect the game... just stuff that always manages to be hidden.... trial and error.

    The emotes and sprays show up clear enough, but, when it comes to something that might be a touch useful, the item/name gets hidden under a coded title.
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  5. I have noticed the same Coldheart. I have at this point boxed up almost 4k of that whatever special new stuff that supposed to work in the new whatever new stuff in the assembly lol.
  6. Klak06

    Klak06 User

    I picked up some sprays (knockout, heart, like). What are they?
  7. Just stupid, and useless little things that act like beacons, show emotes in space. Totally worthless, I use then as soon as I get them, just to get rid of them.
  8. soon all ammo will be gone , and dark orbit will start an emoticon war :)
  9. xDANx

    xDANx User

    can't pick em up as the download isn't available for Mac
  10. So, does a knock out spray beat a cool bunny?:rolleyes:
  11. Can I upgrade my emotes to LVL 16?:cool:
  12. why can't we craft emotes in the assembly ;)
  13. No, they ust stupid little signs, just like the ones on our phone.

    Or did you know that and were making a Joke?
  14. No clue really, I think the only reason they put them in the game was to stop us from amassing good stuff from bonus boxes and the like. Just to make us buy it with uri, or real money.
  15. LOL, it's called sarcasm
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  16. UFE = Uber Full Emote
  17. EvilHotDog

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