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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by mugRP, Oct 29, 2017.

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  1. mugRP

    mugRP User

    I take it GB1 is down game page not loading


    in GB 2 too i cant login to game client
  3. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    Same problem for me...
  4. Adiii*

    Adiii* User

    I can't log to map
  5. Me too
  6. anyone going to bother fixing this anytime soon?
  7. .*D-B.

    .*D-B. User

    me too
  8. monday it will be fixed , when the boys are back in their office
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  10. murdoc01

    murdoc01 User

    game page broken wont load to let people play plz look at this immediately
  11. slowjohn

    slowjohn User

    We will need a compensation, I have tried to log in from 06:00 AM and nothing so far. My playing time is limited due to children's care. I lost about 10 hades to do.
    Support please think about this. Thanks
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  12. same for me on gb2
  13. Same problem for me too
  14. look at like this game broken they get no money but i bet you a fiver 7pm random mhh it be ok wen comes to casg game will work then wen we spent it break again lol,i have noticed every time event on over 7 years always issues .bet the botters are loving it they get more the honest lose out as normal ..im going out games just a let down again ..ps how the hell weak players meant kill uber sibs in tot ruddy fools
  15. support are out buying donuts and game's mods have retired wealthy........
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  16. donuts dam if thats wat mhh is ill start spending again sod the bots ill spend all my wages to be a donut lolol
  17. Dr.Ruppel

    Dr.Ruppel User

    it took DO ten years to get the time right in GB - and now the clocks have changed - as they do twice a year
    these things confuse the programmers
    they must have really difficult lives coding this game !!
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  18. Bolt

    Bolt User

    Game is too good to ever work properly
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