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Dear forum reader,

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  1. tuff

    tuff User

    Clueless... I'm surprised those that work at bigpoint even know how to get out of bed
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  2. .*D-B.

    .*D-B. User

    but there is always a problem with this server


    i cant play for mobile -_- i have pc repairing and my brother is on pc he is working -_-
  4. Game map still won't load, maybe after lunch it will work again.
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  5. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    It's Sunday and GB1 and GB2 are down same old story.
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  6. StuUK

    StuUK User

    Not just me then - GB2. Sigh.
  7. Hello Space Pilots,

    Aliens everywhere are trying to take over our server. Our team of repair robots are working hard to fix the problem and get the server up an running shortly.

    when you click on someones profile.
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  8. forum works
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  9. kitty66

    kitty66 User

    at least it does other servers are fine
  10. same here :(
  11. white hart if the gremlins from gb1 was running this game ie gref the best clan that was ever made tohelp players i bet your wages and hudson hawks retirement funds it would be up and running we ave no naughties and no problems really is about time we phoned them in outer space and asked them to fix it .i actually think gremlins are the best ever players and most helpful in any of the universe.i cryed when they left and will cry when they return :))

    zynaps i bet you there fix it for mhh then it go laggy then loads wont get on again there masters at this lol >>>forums work xxx.

    forums work bids work u can even buy uri and make gates but you cannot play game wooo i love this game haha
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  12. explains why i cant log in then... sighh
  13. .*D-B.

    .*D-B. User

    it will never work
  14. ramnik

    ramnik User

    Same for me :S


    reipar the game omg u want money but when we want play we cant -_-
  16. BSYO

    BSYO User

    gb2 game error ???
  17. hades anyone ? LOLZ !!
  18. AVIT

    AVIT User

    LOL they sold the code again ..
  19. skeggy1

    skeggy1 User

    anyone doing pirates lol
  20. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    since we all cant log on game page today(sunday) will they rerun double gates day on mon ?