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Dear forum reader,

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  1. Brexit = exit darkorbit XD
  2. spider89

    spider89 User

    IV not been able to get on the game page since this morning just keeps establishing connection?
  3. 8 hours later.................. and wow support have kept us up to date as per ... usual
  4. 8 years later, and some things never change
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  5. skeggy1

    skeggy1 User

    problems happen in the game. But DO. Just keep us up to date with what is happening.
  6. AVIT

    AVIT User

    is there any news on the discord ...i deleted my discord so cant look .

    i deleted t because the devs their think they are something special ,which they are clearly not !
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  7. What's going on that's GB1 and GB2. ??? According to one what I wrote that this is the cite: "I Was in the rofiik on the stream and one said, is from gb2 and pry it teamed up with the gb1 and now they have technical problems"
  8. Its a load of rubbish cant be this hard to get server up and running again surely ???, or are they trying to close it lol cost sutting exercise with the amount of peeps on GB1 wouldnt surprise me :(
  9. just got in, give it a try
  10. Mod_Toby

    Mod_Toby User


    We know that servers are down, Tech team is not working over the weekends, the reports has been send and as soon as they get to the office they will work on it. I do apologise for the inconvenience and hope the problem get fixed as soon as possible. Stay tuned on our discord servers and forum for any information in this matter.

  11. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    well as compensation goes i think making every bonus box uridium for the day, double gate day ,special gate day and tot doubled should suffice:s
  12. Adiii*

    Adiii* User

    It is more difficult to log in from another country.

    In the past GB server was better, now it is harder to log in and play.
  13. neoonoma

    neoonoma User

    Support team can teach how to not care about the players.
    Moderators... I just wonder why did they even bother applying for a mod position since they never talk, well, besides the bot-like answers.
    Even though this is joke, I've got to say, that the forum starts to die out too, sometimes I get 502 and 504 errors.

    What I found pretty funny was that Baracus said in the recent stream that he will do something special if the server hits 50,000 members. Which is non-sense considering the most populated server on Discord has 32,7k.

    Leaving aside all of that, well, game page tends to be broken frequently at Sundays.

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