[GI] GG cold wave

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _Minon_, Dec 10, 2016.

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  1. Megapixer

    Megapixer User

    92838496 GE1

    You completed the Easy gate already this event, I can't guarantee if you'll get to do it again.
    The hard gate shows as being open in your map right now-SE
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  2. 74676216 us3 east
  3. LAZAR

    LAZAR User

    [​IMG] 24124682

    Global europe 1

    Got the mission but gates does not appear for me...
  4. .-3D-.²

    .-3D-.² User

    46524195 us2
  5. _Minon_

    _Minon_ User

    [​IMG] 82649728 GE7
  6. Amen-Raa

    Amen-Raa User

    26779271 GBI
  7. hsaid

    hsaid User

  8. $inner

    $inner User

  9. kitty66

    kitty66 User

    16548148 GB1

    Please check your UserID, that one isn't turning an account up-SE
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  10. BluePsycho

    BluePsycho User

    165976636 GB2
  11. murdoc01

    murdoc01 User

    ID 82526388 GB1
  12. 81452178 USA3(us4) Gibe me tha gate baws
  13. BakaSeng

    BakaSeng User

    61493929 us3
  14. arminas12

    arminas12 User

    64940006 us1 :)
  16. SaphyraHUN

    SaphyraHUN User

    97001706 GB2
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