[GI] GG cold wave

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _Minon_, Dec 10, 2016.

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  1. No gate for me either. I've relogged several times and still no gate. 100658645
  2. TONY[SRB]

    TONY[SRB] User

    62501061 USA EAST 3
  3. 163389300 IT3
  4. 165066205 USA East 3
  5. matlakuskc

    matlakuskc User

    162121390 GE4
  6. 6u6kaata

    6u6kaata User

    [​IMG] 99437202 USA East Coast 2 (us3 code)
  7. ID 75323097 Usa West (cost)
  8. usa east 3 [​IMG]74820285
  9. artix92LT

    artix92LT User

    77587860 GE1
  10. el-fin

    el-fin User

    35799664 usa east

    MMO-MEDIC User

    632739 east1
  12. [​IMG]50986975 GB1

    have accepted the quest but gate not showing in 1.4 pls fix it thanks
  13. [​IMG]34877038 Scandinavia 2

  14. brant-1998

    brant-1998 User

    101947170 GB2 .::FăЯGσnἔ::. My cold waves havenot appeared but my quests have please can you guys fix this.


    160672438 GB2
  16. Cozmic_boy

    Cozmic_boy User

    97381240 GB1
  17. 44680938 IT2

    the same error for cold wave
  18. Hello eveyone!

    Thank you for your quick responses and help with the UIDs.
    We are looking into the issue and try to get it resolved ASAP.

    Thank you for your patience and I apologise for the inconvenience. I hope you enjoy the Goliath-X though :)
  19. [​IMG] 96632465
    Server: GB1
  20. 2571461

    Server: DE1 (Germany 1)
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