[GI] GG cold wave

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _Minon_, Dec 10, 2016.

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  1. -BIGDOG41-

    -BIGDOG41- User

    72859670 US-1
  2. solid eye is there a way i can give my user id for this without putting it in forums i also can not see the bday gate after accepting the mission any help will be appreciated thanks [​IMG]56299501
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  3. Paul69

    Paul69 User

    You're not alone... a lot of players cannot find Gg after accepting mission
  4. Paul69

    Paul69 User

    copied from post already made re - GG ..

    "Hi everyone,

    We know the backpage says this as available now & that there's a faq for you to look for
    This isn't actually available yet, nor is there a faq for you all to look over yet either.

    This is still coming, just not quite yet ;) I'm sure we will have an updated announcement for you when this does actually launch

    Other news: We are aware the cold wave gate isn't showing for everyone & are passing that on as well.

    Happy hunting & thanks for joining us on DO's 10th birthday:)

    Update: The breaking news that said this was available is now offline. Sorry about the confusion! More news on this to come :) "
  5. 39069994 USA (EAST COAST) no gate for me either
  6. no gate for me either
    [​IMG] 38598870 USA East 1
  7. Spurkatu

    Spurkatu User

    47475790 EG3
  8. 33022730 USA (westcoast )sever ty
  9. WyattEarp

    WyattEarp User

    64206525 US East 1
  10. 161549888 Global America 2
  11. ID: 94064776
    Server: USA East Cost 3
  12. rickfr1

    rickfr1 User

    [​IMG] 163614072
    Server: USA West Coast
  13. ramnik

    ramnik User


  14. SunShineZ

    SunShineZ User

    101053729 GE6
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  15. matahari*

    matahari* User

    162365904 GB2
  16. 75265415 GE6
  17. 63788184 ga1
  18. atree

    atree User

    164823926 usa east
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