[GI] Icys in the winter event

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Star*Fire, Dec 3, 2015.

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  1. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    I see that icys are the event mission today. That is if you play
    06:30 pm - 10:30 pm
    well some of us have jobs and can't be around at those times.
    it's the same thing as Spaceball and other things that this game offers. It seams that if you wish to play this game the times above are the norm. I can never be on at those times. So I and I'll bet many others will be left ot of completing these mission. Because they are geared at the folks who play at these times, the rest of us "Oh well" you loose it seams. They wish all of us to use real money but make it hard to play in events because they didn't think or maybe care that we play at other times. "Guess what" We play the game when it fits in our lifes we don't ajust our lifes for the game. So wish to make more money take better care of your customers run things so everyone can use them not just a few. I would suggest that when having an event run things like this hourly that gives us all a chance.
  2. Well somehow I agree with that. actually not every person on a server has the same time with the server. for example, the ICY event is actually happening in 06:30 pm - 10:30 pm server time but in my time it's 10:30 am - 2:30 pm but I have school from 7am - 4pm . so how can i do this quest? well i can't say that i have to ditch a class just to play the game. LOL
  3. Devy

    Devy User

    I totally agree with both. If you ask me personally, I won't be able to do some of those quests (although I am at home that time, but hey, we all have some work to do) and I would like the Ice Meteoroids event to last whole day. That's how everyone would be able to complete the quests, and also, we might be able to get some nice amount of uri and credits from the Icy's. Is that so bad? :(
  4. Poorly thought out event yet again :(
    To have a quest that can only be completed by players who can be on the server during a specific narrow time frame is both unfair and unreasonable.
    Perhaps one of the team would have the manners to please explain the reasoning behind this decision. For players like myself who wont be able to be on, it is demoralising that so little thought is put into making the game fun and accessible for all.
    On the same subject a big thanks to DO for making us lower level players feel not wanted and discriminated against, maybe Rick Dekard himself can explain the reason why at level 14 I only get one quest today, the kill icy one whereas other players only a little higher get two, both this one and a damage icy meteroid one. So we only have the chance of earning half the reward of other players. Why can we not have both and be left to decide whether we can complete the quest or not.
    One minute we are being told they are trying to think of ways to repopulate the servers and retain players, but the actions are the opposite they just say, we dont think about you, you are not important to us.
    Again poorly thought out implementation of an event.
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  5. Do should come up something that can benefit the player and them also.
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  6. Lam-ang

    Lam-ang User

    oh yea..... yes as in yes... as far as my knowledge will serve me right they say that events are in random but honestly it is not there fix if you have been monitoring it...
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  7. Devy

    Devy User

    Really this?? :eek: I am shocked, really. Even if you are lvl 14, you can still kill Ice Meteoroids.. They are group NPC. :confused:
  8. VampireCat

    VampireCat User

    I agree with you entirely.

    However there is another issue here that Rick Dekard and his team really should have put some thought into. Not only are the icys needed for quest only on for a short time today, when like many I will be at work, but they are also on at exactly the same time tomorrow so will be at work then too. This will mean that tomorrow and Saturday and probably on consecutive days after i will not be able to do the new days quests as I will still have these ones outstanding to complete first.
    So well done on ensuring that you frustrate your players attempts to play and enjoy the game. While we are out earning cash, some of which is spent on DO, we are at the same time being stopped from playing the Winter events which others can.
    This complete lack of thought is inexcusable, as producer Rick Dekard is responsible ultimately for this farce, the simple question is, what is he going to do about it, and quickly and as a bonus question, when is he going to ensure that this kind of issue does not reoccurr?
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  9. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    You don't have to complete the quest each day, you can wait a couple days, complete the quest and still get all the others afterwards.

    You have 27 more days to damage / kill Icy, if you cannot do it today then I'm sure the NPC will be on quite a lot this month so you will have plenty of chances to complete it later.

    The NPC are not going to be on for long periods of time each day because it messes with the games economy over the course of a month, so that is why they are only on for a few hours but are likely to be repeated a lot during the event.

    The times of 6:30pm - 10:30pm are very reasonable, where the majority of players will be able to catch the event, if you are in a situation where you won't be able to kill them during that time on a certain day then just wait for another day.
  10. They dont even need to be killed , just damaged, something I can easily do, but like the icys being on at the same time each day, just exhibits a lack of thought and attention to detail :(
  11. Well it will be good if the ICY event can be done on different time slots since the server time and my time kinda conflicts. can't do it if the event is on 6:30pm - 10:30pm server time daily and always.
  12. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I would imagine that is the time slot that is most convenient to the majority of players, not exactly fair to ask it to be moved so it will then be an inconvenience for the majority and just please a few.
    On GB2 we have quite a lot of players from latin america, the most equivalent convenient time for them would be around 3am or 4am server time, which is obviously not very good for the majority of GB2 players.
  13. VampireCat

    VampireCat User

    And if as over the next couple of days the icys are on at that same time, those of us that work regular shifts, will never get to do them. And if other following quests require npcs that are only on at specific times, then there is no guarantee that they will sequence in a way that over next 27 days you will be able to do them all. The simple solution would be to be able to move on to the next days quest without having to do these first. 4 hours out of 24 is not a reasonable timeframe. in a game that has people logging in over the whole 24 hour period.
    Commonsense suggests that there should be a decent chance of completing a days quest on the day it appears. With these quests that for many is not going to be the case. I understand why ICYS cannot be on at all times, what i dont understand is why those planning the event did not consider this prior to the event, especially after the ham fisted launch of the Kuiper gate.
    This will be my 8th xmas on the game and for the last 7 it ha been fun, this lack of thought could possibly ruin this year.
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  14. As stated in the FAQ for the event, this is a rinse and repeat of last years event. That said, I remember there being some days where the icy was out all day. Of course last year it got so messed up they ran all the event missions twice. :p What Okapi says is true, you can skip over some of the missions and get the ones you can do when you play, then come back when others are possible to be done.

    On the level issue, while it is true the Meteoroid is a group NPC, some players go at it alone, and at lower levels, you may not last long enough to hit it a volley and move away. Players wills attack something the first time they see it, whether they can do it or not. Why force the hand?

    This thread is a rinse and repeat of last years complaints. Get what you can when you can. Some of us got screwed out of missions last year because we leveled up during the event to 20.
  15. VampireCat

    VampireCat User

    So by your own admission it is possible that a significant number of players will not be able to complete the quests. That is just unacceptable. In that case any quest that required players to be on at specific times is impractical and should not have been included in the event. Would have been so simple, and woohoo, no upset players who cannot do the quests. Like I said thought and attention to detail.
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  16. VampireCat

    VampireCat User

    Last year the Icys were on all day so no problem no matter when you could get on. And NO you cannot skip a mission to the next one, so you get stuck.
  17. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    This is getting stupid.

    If you are not going to be able to do the NPC today because of irregular working hours / other commitments then wait for the weekend. If you cannot do them on the weekend then sorry but at what point do you think this game has to personally ask you for your free time schedule and work the event around that.

    We are only on day 3 of the event and you are acting like this is the end, the entire event is over for you because you can't do an NPC / quest today because you don't work normal hours that the vast majority of players do.
  18. They were not on all day everytime. It was about a week or so until that happened and then it still was not everytime, which sucked for my work schedule and will suck for it this year as well. If you can't skip one, you can still catch up at some point.
  19. then i can't do this quest^ can't help it. hehe
  20. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Disagree . We work that means sometime 5 to 6 days a week at those times were unable. To treat us fairly it needs to be on at all times of the day. not all day but rotated so we all get a chance. I on the other hand do not take days off unless I have something to do. I work everyday I can. So not only do I work a shift but will take all the overtime I can get. So no I play in the morning so if it happens in the evening I have been excluded.

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