[GI] It's now been 24 hours and the game is still unplayable.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Star*Fire, May 10, 2016.

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  1. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    as of 6:30 am PST on west coast server the lag is just as bad as it was two seconds after the starting of this new assembly thing. It's now been 24 hours and the game is still unplayable. funny thing is it acted the exact same way in the test server.
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  2. i was hoping it'd be sorted by now, i've logged off until it's fixed
  3. Peo0pl3GA5

    Peo0pl3GA5 User

    time to buy boxing doubler as its a disaster killing cubikon
  4. I didnt have this much trouble on the TEST ... I think they still have some rogue historical-code on the main servers
    I think they should reset it all and roll-back to before april 1st... then try to start again with only 1 update at a time... we have several rolling around atm and that would be complicated for Stephen Hawkins let alone DO :p

    there are even comments about boxing and the return... Not that I am judging :rolleyes:
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  5. better read the feedback thread;
    as they are saying the doubler is not working either.

    Also this thread will be closed and referred to that thread as everyone started in the last 24 hours have been closed as soon as a mod saw it and referred to that thread.
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  6. Peo0pl3GA5

    Peo0pl3GA5 User

    lol you know what i mean i wont be bxing but my ship will be lol
    i guess do want us to do that
    it a win for me as i started cubing and i know all about boxing lol
    6 month of boxing teaches alot and now im ufe so if this contnuing my computer is up and running for 6-12 hour boxing
    if you know what i mean lol
  7. Peo0pl3GA5

    Peo0pl3GA5 User

    for doubler i dont care about lag only need to move ship, as long shipp not dead
    my pet will be working fine if i am boxing, i will not die that what matter in boxing
  8. Don't worry guys. It's our bad. Don't forget to restart your browser every 5 minutes.
  9. not only the lag but the payoput has been changed some ppl think... enjoy you boxing, however you achieve 6-12 hours :p
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  10. Don't worry, they're doing all they can to fix it. But as they have already said, the problem is not related to the assembly system so it wont help rolling back to before it was implemented.
  11. Also P.E.T 10's AI Protocols are not working
  12. Funny it is not related, but it happened at the same time. You increase program parameters with NEW software, increase the actions performed, and run more programs in the background, then tell us the problem is not related. Make me laugh, your equipment is not modern enough to handle the upgrade and thus the upgrade did not cause the problem. Maybe we should have thought about the effects of the Update before loading it onto the LIVE servers. Oh well they could not even be bothered with giving us a Beta Test of the completed system before going live with it on ALL servers, what did they expect?
  13. RavenMadd

    RavenMadd User

    Where can I buy scrap? If it is in the shop, I cannot find it.
  14. It has not been added yet they have too many other problems to deal with to add something else to the mix.
  15. RavenMadd

    RavenMadd User

  16. I feel we still are suffering from redundant and historical script... Fools day 'Turn Game to Retromode' is still available... talk about redundant!! since April 1st was 5 weeks ago... or was that upgrade more than a Joke as I suggested on the 2nd of April after they didnt roll it back and the Pets still seemed to be suffering even without the joke Pixelation...
    They have made reference to the superfluous coding, in 'Twitch', that has built up over the years and the effect that it can have on upgrades now...
    Can someone guarantee that the Test server is an effective 'copy' of the servercode in daily use, or are there minor differences? Thus when Beta goes live on a different version of the game than the Beta was tested upon that the Test has a place as a test when it cannot be representative of a live Event such as now...??

    I am not making accusations but someone has to play Devils Advocate here (from the mouths of Fools... :p)and search amongst the wealth of experience and knowledge we have as community members
    I am now testing with chat closed in settings... been ok so far... but when I reintroduced Lag returned... retesting... THANKYOU the friend who suggested it!!

    with chat closed in settings lag is noticeably reduced.. so sad for the chat monsters :pNOTE the change in drone forms when logged off is really annoying

    EDIT OK revert to relogging every 5 minutes :p everything turned to low setting and chat out still died to a USib... cant see for lag

    EDIT chat is reinstating when I relog :p but when it is deselected I am not really having problems

    final EDIT now :(...
    Chat closed helps but still lag returns with a vengeance after a few minutes... relog and have no chat seems to help... maybe a way forward :p
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  17. http://www.bigpoint.com/darkorbit/b...ay-09-2016-feedback.114234/page-6#post-891501

  18. finally found the solution to the lag...just log off ! boom no lag
  19. Dynabi

    Dynabi User

    You sir are brilliant.
  20. Torno

    Torno User

    non stop lag... hour ago got lagged out... took 45 min for back window to load... game window stuck half way loading.... BUG

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